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  1. @Watercolour Dragon https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UK0C6H7N0k8uCVtjQ5sSOiD4eRoG4onR That should be it
  2. drainsmith

    Something Strange - a modern horror setting

    Yeah, I still have work to do. Fae Blood needs love too.
  3. drainsmith

    Something Strange - a modern horror setting

    @pansophy Thank you! That is very nice to hear. I'm glad you like it.
  4. drainsmith

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    Oh, I won't be there. Too far (I'm in Texas) and too short notice for me.
  5. drainsmith

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    Anyone in the PA area may interested in attending PAX unplugged this year as FFG will be running the Android adventure there. http://unplugged.paxsite.com/
  6. @Watercolour Dragon I don't remember which version that is linked above, but I've done some fixes since then. Try this one: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgdQeikpQBKRgEl_ODA Also, here is my fonts folder share: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgc5qgasyzaj7XB_qFA You'll need Bolton, Adobe Garamond Pro, and the GenesysGlyphsAndDice.tff The cover is one image I created in Photoshop. @Korlall had made a user friendly version template version, but I'm not sure exactly where he has it posted. Perhaps check his post history.
  7. I believe this to be in a fully usable state. You should be able to use this to run a modern horror campaign. However, I'd still love to get some feedback. I've made a good handful of talents here for some supernatural PCs and I would like balancing opinions. I'd also love ideas on more talents that anyone may have that fits into this. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgeoM1VYGU_6-i8vjsw
  8. drainsmith

    Discord Dev Chat

    We are going to be recording it, but we haven't gotten explicit word from FFG yet about being able to release it. It is very likely, but we can't say with 100% certainty.
  9. drainsmith

    Dices, dices, dices, ...

    No one but FFG is authorized to produce these dice. The symbols are protected copyright.
  10. drainsmith

    Can Ensnare be used to shut down Casters?

    Immobilized says that the character cannot perform maneuvers. Concentration is a maneuver. So, just like an Ensnared character cannot aim or manage gear, they cannot concentrate. It does not shutdown a caster, but certainly makes things difficult for them just like all other characters. This is probably on purpose. So rather than the caster just completely ignoring a status effect they must deal with it just like everyone else. The concentration maneuver maintains a spell's effect for one additional round until the end of the character's next turn. Actions and maneuvers can be performed in any order. So the caster is able to deal with this problem by spending their action to do whatever is appropriate. If that is successful, they can get expend a maneuver to extend their spell, if not then the spell's effect will end at the end of the caster's turn. If they choose not to deal with the Ensnare they could instead cast their concentration spell again. The previous one will stop at the end of the current turn and the new one will stay active until the caster's next turn.
  11. drainsmith

    Android: Official Genesys System

    @Thanatos I am running that exact kind of game right now. It is stupid easy to do. Every necessary is in the core rule book. After 6 months into the game am I only now just starting to dip into Realms of Terrinoth for additional talent ideas.
  12. drainsmith

    Android: Official Genesys System

    FYI, we already have a Facebook group for discussion of this if you want to discuss over there as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndroidShadowOfTheBeanstalk/
  13. New version. Updated link above and provided here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgeoN3YyCeMvKMaG8rA Fixed a few typos and added in the adversaries from the RoT "The Haunted City" adventure.
  14. *Was made with InDesign.
  15. Oh, I forgot about that. Yes, I will do that soon.