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    Kind of the other way around. Genesys is generic-ified version of Star Wars. You will not find the Genesys logo on any Star Wars RPG product.
  2. drainsmith


    We will never know the specific arrangements of any agreement between FFG and any other company. These kinds of things are so very rarely published by any company. Also, so far our three data points for Genesys settings are all IP that FFG 100% owns. This is not an accident or a coincidence. While it is possible that FFG could put out an RPG for Marvel in the future, the probability of it being Genesys is vanishingly low.
  3. @DarthZorg Is right. But crediting @BrashFink in my Thanks section doesn't cost me anything. My next update will include your name.
  4. @BrashFink Honestly, I had absolutely no idea this was yours. We had this pinned in the discord server from another user for so long. I'll take it out right away. So very sorry about that.
  5. Besides the one on the FFG site, it didn't until now.
  6. Now on the Genesys Foundry! This is an updated version from the old one that was once available. The differences are minor, so if you don't really want to spend the $9.99 I completely understand. But I do think I was able to add in some neat stuff that makes it worth the buy even if you already have the free version. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284413/Something-Strange-Genesys-Modern-Horror-Setting
  7. This is my adventure. You may have seen early drafts of it floating around where I took the concept of the Infiltration board game and turned it into a full adventure. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284401/Brain-Drain-Android-Genesys-Adventure You should also check out Sterling Hershey's adventure. Sterling is a prolific writer for Star Wars RPGs going back to the 80s. He only does quality stuff. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284403/Power-Play-An-Android-MiniCampaign
  8. The Sticky World of Lovecraft Copyright https://lovecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Copyright_status_of_works_by_H._P._Lovecraft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._P._Lovecraft https://www.aetherial.net/lovecraft/arkham.html https://www.chaosium.com/fan-use-and-licensing-q-a/ This is probably why we won't see FFG do a Genesys Arkham setting. It is just easier not to rather than try to navigate these waters.
  9. drainsmith


    Because we knew about it ahead of time. 😉
  10. I already have a template for Affinity Publisher in my dropbox. Once the graphics are swapped out with the ones from this, you should have everything you need.
  11. @Nytwyng There is a lot of stuff that is usable by other programs. I made an effort during the testing to make sure that it wasn't Adobe only.
  12. In the FFG In-Flight we just learned about a few amazing things. First, a new supplement book, the Expanded Player's Guide, which will include vehicle creation rules and other stuff. Releasing at the end of the year. Secondly, the next sourcebook is going to be Keyforge with a target release if Q2 2020. Lastly, Genesys Foundry which lets us sell our original Genesys content in DriveThru RPG, launching tomorrow.
  13. There is a CRB template for AP in there also. I might get around to converting everything to AP, but probably not since it is a lot of work.
  14. It is created with InDesign and the source file is available in there in the InDesign folder.
  15. GenCon! GenCon starts this Wednesday evening and is kicked-off for our purposes by the FFG In Flight Report. I'll be there along with a bunch of other folk in the group. There will be a live stream of the In Flight from FFG on their YouTube and Twitch channels. I will also be doing a live stream on the Facebook group afterward to discuss any relevant Genesys info that might be released. Genesys Meetup Also, reminder that the GenCon Genesys meetup is happening Friday night at around 8pm in the Block Party. I'll be wearing a t-shirt with the Genesys RPG Community logo on the back. Once I know exactly where I'll be hanging out I'll post those details. I'll be wearing that t-shirt Wednesday and Friday all day, so come say hello if you see me. Don't worry, I got two of them so I won't smell too bad.
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