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  1. drainsmith

    Character Folios

    @DerDelphi That should already be fixed. Make sure you redownload them.
  2. drainsmith

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    @RowSkin No, I don't have any of that data in a spreadsheet.
  3. drainsmith

    Character Folios

    Nah, I couldn't take the pay cut.
  4. drainsmith

    Character Folios

    I built the GenCon pre-gen characters into character folios in the style of the SWRPG starter sets. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x6fxdpfdqwomhdp/AACJqUun185Yplls-flxxhuna?dl=0
  5. drainsmith

    New form fillable character sheet with auto-calculation

    That is not my sheet. Also, @Tedrion has already done this work with my sheet. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A0CfDZbeohiM4gFkAjjhCPQ_DmTmss9r
  6. drainsmith

    DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need

    Ah, dang. I always forget something. The .ai files are in the CRB vector folder now.
  7. I left a surprise for you guys in my dropbox. Make sure you view by list.
  8. drainsmith

    The Expanse (v0.0.1)

    Yeah, the more I worked on Sol System 2088 the more I thought that I should just make it The Expanse instead. I also knew there would be a lot to scavenge from SotB. Now that its out I can start work on this again. In fact, the only things that are really unique in here are the Martian archetype (Belter is just Loonie tweaked a tiny bit), careers (which are stupid easy to make), and a handful of simple talents.
  9. drainsmith

    The Expanse (v0.0.1)

    Beginning of setting for The Expanse. Fully usable mechanically. Archetypes, careers, and talents are all available. Not a whole lot of custom talents at this time. Mostly CRB and SotB. I scavenged a few from my Something Strange setting. The biggest parts left would be full custom graphics, other layout work, and ship stats. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kn2jfxv5ltvo8x4/The Expanse (Genesys) v0.0.1.pdf?dl=0
  10. Here is how New Angeles overlays present day Ecuador. This let's us see where there are rivers and how some of the district boundaries were formed. It also shows how the island of Puna is no longer an island and how the sprawl connected it to the mainland. We can also see how a lot of the districts got their names from the towns and cities that were once there. Also, it shows how the Chakana and Base de Cayambe districts are probably at a much higher elevation as they are built on the mountains that lead up to the Root and the volcano it was built on.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dgugol8swckp8a/SomethingStrangeSetting v1.7.0.pdf?dl=0 Werewolves and Vampires now have a 1 higher Crit Rating for their unarmed attacks. Additional language added to Werewolf and Vampire talents. Razor claws talent now lowers crit rating by 1 instead of adding advantage.
  12. drainsmith

    DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need

    All the SVGs are already in the share under Vector Images.
  13. drainsmith

    DrainSmith's GM Screens

    I've expanded my Combat Summary to include a whole slew of other useful tables and summaries. Including: Spending symbols in encounters, Critical Hit table, Medicine quick reference, Environmental effects, Vehicle quick reference, and more. In the near future, I'll be doing a Shadow of the Beanstalk themed one with the Network Encounter summary included. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3he117jhjllpds/DrainSmith's GM Screen v1.2.1.pdf?dl=0
  14. drainsmith

    mystery/horror one-shot: Mummy's Boy

    This fits so perfectly into my Something Strange modern horror setting. If anyone plays this adventure and wants a full setting to go along with it then, of course, recommend using my setting.
  15. drainsmith

    Is there a vehicle combat cheat sheet?

    Just completed my GM screens. Last page has vehicle stuff. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5cysgmffec25pg/DrainSmith's GM Screen v1.2.0.pdf