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  1. drainsmith

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    There's a good bunch of Android novels and novellas as well.
  2. drainsmith

    The Sol System 2088: A hard sci-fi setting

    Damned OneDrive. The link seems to change when I update the file. I'm in the middle of adding a bunch of new content, so there are some empty sections. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgc9ZsM9-4utTldDVkA
  3. drainsmith

    Android: Official Genesys System

    No. I assure you every site that has anything remotely to do with Android and Genesys will be blasting it. If you don't see it then we don't know.
  4. drainsmith

    Learning about Android

    @HorusArisen Free Fall. You can then do Strange Flesh or, if you want to stick to publication order, do Identity Trilogy then Strange Flesh. The novellas can be read at any time. Do a novella between novels or save them all for last. Depends on when you can get which books.
  5. drainsmith

    Learning about Android

    The novels and novellas are great. Free Fall is great for getting a good idea of how the Beanstalk works. Strange Flesh is a lot about clones. The Identity Trilogy goes into depth with bioroids, moon colonies, and Martian war. The novellas are more from the "runner" perspective.
  6. Updated. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgfsamycAkiUEJuQ2zg Fixed some more typos, added a bit of missing data, and an appendix with a list of all the unique Abilities.
  7. drainsmith

    Fallout Genesys Hack

    You do you and keep doing whatever you want, but honestly we don't really need a third Fallout setting for Genesys. DarthGM's and Paul Haakonsen's probably cover everything we need. Each of those could use more details, but we as a community don't need yet another way of doing Fallout.
  8. drainsmith

    Publishing modules

    @Cantriped Oh, I'm sorry. I was not aware of that adventure. I had just assumed it was the Haunted City adventure. You are completely right.
  9. drainsmith

    Enemy Tracking Sheets

    You might find my Adversaries Anthology useful: All of the currently published adversaries. It is laid out such that none of the span pages so that you could print just the ones you need easily.
  10. drainsmith

    Publishing modules

    @AnomalousAuthor The adventure on DTRPG is published by FFG. As far as I know, FFG will hire freelance writers for 3rd party content like this. When they are looking they will have an email link available on the bottom of this page: https://www.asmodeena.com/en/careers/
  11. drainsmith

    Something Strange - a modern horror setting (updated)

    Updated. New version has a bunch more vampire talents. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgfpCWHwtmi6EwL451A
  12. @Watercolour Dragon https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UK0C6H7N0k8uCVtjQ5sSOiD4eRoG4onR That should be it
  13. drainsmith

    Something Strange - a modern horror setting (updated)

    Yeah, I still have work to do. Fae Blood needs love too.
  14. drainsmith

    Something Strange - a modern horror setting (updated)

    @pansophy Thank you! That is very nice to hear. I'm glad you like it.
  15. drainsmith

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    Oh, I won't be there. Too far (I'm in Texas) and too short notice for me.