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  1. Hey, messaged you on Facebook too. We still playing today or should we try another time?
  2. Hey, I resent that- I grew up in the middle of that 'tedious' zone! NYS is the most beautiful state in the nation, you heard it here first.
  3. I have a couple friends here in the city who are interested in learning, we've played a couple casual games. I can see if one of them would be up for a more tournament-style game. My goal is to become a competitive player.
  4. People think that the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls are right next to each other, too- just like on the license plate. I mean, if you're willing to make the 6 hour trip, we could play...
  5. What do you mean run a game? Like moderate?
  6. Yeah, that's me. Thanks for adding me. I'd love to play whenever you guys get together.
  7. Not sure if this type of post is welcome here. I came from /r/StarWarsArmada, they said that people check this more often than over there. Just like the title says, I'm looking for the elusive Buffalo Armada player base. I bought the core set a couple months ago and have since gotten every imperial expansion. I'm tired of building fleets and just staring at the models, I want to play! I'm unclear on some elements of the game and would love to learn to play properly. Thanks for your time, admirals
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