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  1. This is a good way to structure this. Thanks for the link! Hope you have a comfy chair, cause this might turn into an essay. A lot of this is summarized, but you'd get the full intent when reading the doc. The first goal is that we're going to give GMs and Players a setting that is highly inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars and Shadowrun - giving a flexible lens to whatever story the GM wants to tell with the players - as well as giving players the same ability. To do this, we take the idea of star ship bridge battles from Star Trek, with a Federation that is highly authoritative. That's why there's alternative rules to vehicles, as now the players can act like a bridge crew. Okay, we got that out of the way so how is this giving a feel like Star Wars? Well, there's going to be magic in the system. I choose Dark Energy as a ninja-mystical warrior of the stars - which give off a little Jedi vibes - but if the Jedi were more ninja like and less wizard like. We got this whole Dark Energy thing instead of the Force, okay, starwars check. Now I've mentioned Shadowrun. I didn't really take a lot of mechanical ideas from here, but I did take the idea of the game to be about heists, dealing with morally grey things, and exploring the themes of businesses. Remember that big federation? Let's rename it to the Alliance to help give a Starwars vibe, make it either good or bad. Then instead of mega corps, let's go ahead and make 7 crippling and decaying stellar empires in conflict with the Alliance who will be hiring Space Ventures. Let's go ahead and fill in some gaps, give some conspiracy theories and purposes behind the conspirators and now we got a tinfoil hat stew brewing bro. So to recap, we got points of conflict and purposes for stories to be told and adventures to be had. We have familiar, yet fresh, tropes layered in the setting. If a player wants to play a space pirate, runaway princess, smuggler, mercenary, lawyer, ninja or cybernetic junkie we have a setting to accommodate that. Let's move on to another goal. So whats's the game here? We talking big gun fights? We talking political intrigue? What's the purpose? The answer is YEE-HAW!!! Space Ventures takes complete advantage of Genesys's narrative dice system. It is able to handle intrigue, it is able to handle combat, it is here to handle what ever mess the Space Ventures wonder into. With the setting, Space Ventures get hired to do whatever job that can't be legally done or would otherwise take way too much red tape to do. That in itself is open ended, and can lead to interesting scenarios. In exchange of payment, the players will perform a contract. On these missions, further narrative elements are introduced - such as a greater conspiracy afoot, or introduction of an ally or something morally grey. Let's more onto another goal. Alright, we have motivations for NPCs and PCs. We have things and reasons to move the plot along. So we're going to have to accommodate some interesting game play here. Mainly, let's really tackle a few sub-systems to better equip players and GMs alike to handle situations, encourage characters, build plot and have some fun. Let's start off with Cyberware, Rigging, Drones and the staggering Gearporn collection I've made. I really wanted to equip players and give players a feeling of having magical weapons, but not have a vibe of magic. The answer? Future gear of course. Players can craft, sell, trade, and install all kinds of things in the setting. I gave players more control to repair, create and maintain their stuff. Why? Cause it's going to break. Poverty is a good tool for motivation. Players can really dedicate XP, their share of the loot, and invest in their characters with these sub-systems of Space Ventures. Hacking, Cyberware, Software and Malware. Computer things. Android does a great job of virtual reality hacking and has some exciting content. Space Ventures was released prior to Android. Space Venture hacking is about the tension of being caught. It's about the tension of being trapped in a virtual reality while your friends try to gun down a laser katana wielding cyberfreak rocketing his way to you, the hacker, so he can hack the hacker. You fight progress bars, bad architecture and overall bad administration of data. Space Venture technology is futuristic, but painfully realistic. This is why most of the hacking actions is about decreasing the amount of time to alter or hack data. Alright one concept I want to finish up on. Space Ventures is like a business. It is so as a tool to motivate and bond the group together. This really motivates and encourages team play, narrative backgrounds and well, stories among the players. In the campaigns and play tests, each session had some memorable moment because we come to the table and feeling of fellowship happens. The crew buys a ship together, customizes it, and then goes out on missions to further customize it, their gear, and get better. They get into political messes, find their way into conspiracies and do the job to get paid. With that being said, an ugly reality of owning businesses is being sued. Space Venture Trials is a quick sub system that is thrown out there to inspire "quests" to defend themselves in a crooked court of law. Well, I think that really wraps it up. I hope that this setting and it's subsystems bring some joy to your group out there. With a little creativity, and imagination, fun is waiting for you and your friends. Thanks
  2. Ahoy Friends, I'm sharing my living document setting, called Space Ventures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U3iGxjkD7bOC5jtawKtc7BbCrmTDS151GoPpZE0xrXQ/edit?usp=sharing This setting was inspired by some of the best Science Fiction, Science Fantasy and Space Operas out there. The intent of this setting is to give GMs the freedom to craft wonderful heists, introduce comical villains stuck in bureaucracies, and tell some pretty good stories while the players create memorable moments and characters as they try to get rich. The intent of the mechanics is to spring board any Genesys homebrewers out there. This has been around for two years or so, and have seen many different play tests and two campaigns. What this has alternative rules for... Cyberware Options, such as An attachment system for certain pieces of cyberware. Cyberware that alters the Silhouette of the character. Drone rules. Ammunition Rules Hacking rules Not so much about defeating access levels, but finding your way in complex and inefficient architecture Software as an attachment to computers, while having the ability to install Malware Piloting rules Treating Piloting as spell like and Vehicles with spell-like abilities Handling the scale between personnel and vehicles in context of Gundam-like suits Cloaking mechanics Lawsuit mechanics Sensors / Barriers A bit more in-depth look of crafting and repairing items. Psionics as Faces / Support Ninja space wizards Have fun and be free my friends.
  3. It is no longer active, I was viewing the logs and it didn't look like this was used. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Where have they shut down third parties?
  5. I'll be honest, don't know how to get an export to your CS. Can you PM me a model schema? I'd love to make integration easier!
  6. Just a follow up on where the project is on this, I'm in the works of developing ability to create settings to share them and make characters for that particular setting. Here's what is on the docket to be available: Actually have a domain name, lol. Have a user account, but can use a google, facebook or amazon account instead of signing up for yet another service. Did this so you can share and save your data about your setting. Creation of races, with the abilities Copy from the core rule book and adjust them on the fly. [New Feature] Dictate if a race gives skill freebees, career freebees or choices from skills. Creation of items Recommend pricing. Specify if weapons are 2 handed or not. Item Attachment. Item Qualities. import from creating your own [new] Lets you customize if the item modifies a trait, such as encumbrance or strain or even a skill at the cost of nothing or another trait. [New Feature] This means you can create your own cybernetics gear or things that are like the Core Rulebook's steampunk Amplimotive Armor Creation of skills for your setting, lets you remove Core Rulebook skills or add to it. Creation of talents Allowing to have specific set of skills turn into a career skill. [New Feature] Allowing to have specific traits being immediately modified upon taking the talent. [New Feature] Allowing to have specific traits being modified upon meeting a condition, such as wearing armor or using a 2 handed weapon. [New Feature] Character creation while importing your own setting or a Core Rulebook setting. Everything will be exportable as a JSON so you can import it to who ever else's super sweet generator or Roll20's API. Be able to create NPCs based with the talents and items you've created or are available for your setting / genre. My questions to the community are the following Am I missing something you'd like to see? Would you use it? I'm pretty sure this would cost me per month, but I'm a-okay with that as I'm doing this to learn more about development and volunteer to help other creative people get their works out the door.
  7. Just wanted to say I made these interactive and searchable on my generator, and a major thank you guys for doing a lot of work with this. I can not express how amazing you guys are.
  8. Here's my thread about the thing. I don't want to take away from this product though, so if you want to chat about the thing I made just do it there. But to answer your question, I'm a terrible promoter.
  9. I love your Arm Chair Tourist talent name. I can't comment on the validity of the tiering, it looks okay to me....I might do once an encounter because it's already specific. I'm not a veteran in the narrative system though, so if the movement is saying session specific then go with the movement. If you're reaching for talent creation and helping out more specifications, try looking at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outline_of_academic_disciplines For example, in my own setting I decided to take the above to branch out the knowledge skill into four different skills.I did this for how magic works, so you might not do the same. Mortality (history, finance, politics) Natural (sciences). Occult (anything super natural) Systems (like identifying patterns or knowing how a pattern works - like Math or Philosophy)
  10. I'm pretty excited for this! Totally going to slap it in my generator for all the craft rules and such....
  11. Skyjedi, if you would add http://afterseven.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/#/gen/pc as a item, race, career, talent creator as well as catalog.
  12. I'm with the others in this thread, it seems you're focusing on attacking the law making session rather than the various conversations that happen prior to the law making session. I think if you focus on those conversations, with the out come swaying a voter on your side, would be perfect for your campaign.
  13. I noticed that on page 199, where it talks about the prices of items, melee weapons get a call out on 50% bonus where the printed book I have does not specify this. So which is it?
  14. Thank you very much for this, I knew I was forgetting to implement the backpack! Both are fixed now @gilbur Appreciate it, I'm still marveling at your generator.
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