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    Where have they shut down third parties?
  2. I'll be honest, don't know how to get an export to your CS. Can you PM me a model schema? I'd love to make integration easier!
  3. Just a follow up on where the project is on this, I'm in the works of developing ability to create settings to share them and make characters for that particular setting. Here's what is on the docket to be available: Actually have a domain name, lol. Have a user account, but can use a google, facebook or amazon account instead of signing up for yet another service. Did this so you can share and save your data about your setting. Creation of races, with the abilities Copy from the core rule book and adjust them on the fly. [New Feature] Dictate if a race gives skill freebees, career freebees or choices from skills. Creation of items Recommend pricing. Specify if weapons are 2 handed or not. Item Attachment. Item Qualities. import from creating your own [new] Lets you customize if the item modifies a trait, such as encumbrance or strain or even a skill at the cost of nothing or another trait. [New Feature] This means you can create your own cybernetics gear or things that are like the Core Rulebook's steampunk Amplimotive Armor Creation of skills for your setting, lets you remove Core Rulebook skills or add to it. Creation of talents Allowing to have specific set of skills turn into a career skill. [New Feature] Allowing to have specific traits being immediately modified upon taking the talent. [New Feature] Allowing to have specific traits being modified upon meeting a condition, such as wearing armor or using a 2 handed weapon. [New Feature] Character creation while importing your own setting or a Core Rulebook setting. Everything will be exportable as a JSON so you can import it to who ever else's super sweet generator or Roll20's API. Be able to create NPCs based with the talents and items you've created or are available for your setting / genre. My questions to the community are the following Am I missing something you'd like to see? Would you use it? I'm pretty sure this would cost me per month, but I'm a-okay with that as I'm doing this to learn more about development and volunteer to help other creative people get their works out the door.
  4. Just wanted to say I made these interactive and searchable on my generator, and a major thank you guys for doing a lot of work with this. I can not express how amazing you guys are.
  5. Here's my thread about the thing. I don't want to take away from this product though, so if you want to chat about the thing I made just do it there. But to answer your question, I'm a terrible promoter.
  6. I love your Arm Chair Tourist talent name. I can't comment on the validity of the tiering, it looks okay to me....I might do once an encounter because it's already specific. I'm not a veteran in the narrative system though, so if the movement is saying session specific then go with the movement. If you're reaching for talent creation and helping out more specifications, try looking at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outline_of_academic_disciplines For example, in my own setting I decided to take the above to branch out the knowledge skill into four different skills.I did this for how magic works, so you might not do the same. Mortality (history, finance, politics) Natural (sciences). Occult (anything super natural) Systems (like identifying patterns or knowing how a pattern works - like Math or Philosophy)
  7. I'm pretty excited for this! Totally going to slap it in my generator for all the craft rules and such....
  8. Skyjedi, if you would add http://afterseven.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/#/gen/pc as a item, race, career, talent creator as well as catalog.
  9. I'm with the others in this thread, it seems you're focusing on attacking the law making session rather than the various conversations that happen prior to the law making session. I think if you focus on those conversations, with the out come swaying a voter on your side, would be perfect for your campaign.
  10. I noticed that on page 199, where it talks about the prices of items, melee weapons get a call out on 50% bonus where the printed book I have does not specify this. So which is it?
  11. Thank you very much for this, I knew I was forgetting to implement the backpack! Both are fixed now @gilbur Appreciate it, I'm still marveling at your generator.
  12. Howdy, I decided to share my generator I made for my players in a game I'm running. Now, it is not as nearly as pretty as SkyJedi's, good lord bro. Talk about good work. With this generator, you export any customization items such as race, talent or item as a json to import it to the main player character generator. I know I needed some help building things when I was making my own setting, so I figure I would share: http://afterseven.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/#/gen/pc Oh, there are catalogs. You can browse talents, races and items and filter down to specific criteria: Items: Thanks
  13. I get the fact that you don't want to have your PC or character be a vampire at first, or wereworf, or whatever your dude is going to change into. It makes sense that you don't pick "Vampire" as a species, because as a vampire you wouldn't have access to those traits. And as page 33 and 36 say, once chosen, the choice is permanent. So, what we have here are two alternatives in how to handle this. Mechanically speaking, your character dies. You, the player, you keep the equipment and skills but must roll up a new character. Now this kind of metaphorically fits as well as mechanically with being a Vampire. Your character is forever changed and there is no going back to being a average joe. You simply just alter the stats wise via XP. Where the racial bonuses are tier 1 or tier 2 talents that aren't really talents in sense of "tiering".
  14. Thanks for the feed back on the font color, I perceive color differently than most and have different sensitivities when it comes to brightness. I'm not too sure how to add chapter bookmarks, but I did put them in a footer until I figure out a way where I can. I had a struggle with this, but I went with Transmogrify for a few different reasons. One of which, when rereading the book, I didn't do a great job explaining the Transmogrify better or capturing the "fluff". But when a spell caster does perform the spell successfully, it is not a pretty sight and makes things worse or weird. Which is represented by the default Inferior rating when that happens. Additionally, it gives this kind of retro feel that isn't a fantasy setting. Anywho, I noticed that whole thing and updated the book significantly with better font color and more pictures. Also made sure the tables in the book looked to be a-okay. Also added Spell Jam spell which is about breaking enchantments and implements which are links between the material world and the magical/spirit world. Again, I can't say thank you enough for your simple feedback. If you want to discuss more, just DM me.
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