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  1. That's incredible. I am using Pages for my Eberron adaptation. How did you generate the trait blocks and such? Copy and paste and then make editable? You have me going crazy now!!!
  2. Yeah, I thought it was a bestiary doc for the system. It looks awesome! Are you using the GMBinder for that?
  3. What is that?!?! ^ And where is it?
  4. I did indeed follow advice and add Soak 1. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! The vision was keeping in line with D&D, but I changed it to Lowlight removes 1 setback, Darkvision removes 2. The Kalshtar were bolstered with: - Quick Tongue: Start with 1 Rank in Coercion. - Fortified Ego: Impose SETBACK to all attempts to attack or harm the mind of a Kalashtar - Bonus XP: 90 HAHAHAHA, good catch on Amy. Ugh, changed to May. Warforged XP adjusted to 100. The Mithril plating for warforged imposes 2 setback to attackers. Thank you for your help!
  6. Ugh, totally forgot about that. I am not much for the video games, but it could also be visualized as a Spirit Warrior with the magical effects trapped on the weapons and armor. Thanks!
  7. That was my first course of action, however, I just was not sure if it would capture the essence and spirit of Dragon Age. Take away the backgrounds and it is just another Tolkienesque fantasy setting with late middle ages trappings. Thanks for the thoughts, def gives me pause.
  8. KosherInfidel

    Dragon Age

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/frbml42vprz2550/Dragon Age Genesys Adaptation Book.pdf?dl=0 This is a sample of where I am taking my adaptation. The Backgrounds of Dragon Age RPG will become the Archetypes, as they functioned as race selection and the bare essence of what you bring to the table. There will then be careers (more than just Mage, Rogue, Warrior) which help flesh out the Archetype and skills associated. Concerns: Selecting Apostate Mage (Elf) and then deciding to play a Warrior. Does that really matter? Warrior only nets you the combat skills as class skills, something one could do anyway in this system if they so chose. Plus, you still ping on Templar radar. Conversely, one may be an Anders Survivor and then choose to play a Mage. They still need to choose if they are living as an Apostate or Circle Mage, but they are not gaining the benefits of selecting either of those Archetypes...for reasons... Thoughts and suggestions, please.
  9. Is there a blank, form-fillable talent pyramid anywhere?
  10. I'd look to Rolemaster/MERP for inspiration on gaming the races of Middle Earth. For magic, and I know this is not overly popular, you could easily say no magic users. Sure, there are enchanted items in play, herbs, etc., but no outright spellcasters. Or, allow a new Magic Skill, Hedge, and they only get Utility spells. They can have Knowledge (Herbalism) as a career skill, etc.
  11. Hello all! Very excited to be here, very, very happy with how easily GEN/NDS allows me to capture the pulp-noir-intrigue-mystery-horror of Eberron! I was using Savage Worlds, but with GEN/NDS, I can push forward with the Eberronesque nature of the setting with story and adventure at a rate and attitude that brings it more alive. I got hot an creating an adaptation guide, taking some cues from others who are NDS and Eberron fans. The link is included so I can learn from the community. It is not perfect, it feels right now as more of a conversion, but that is not what NDS needs. All feedback is welcome. I have not been this excited about a system since '04. UPDATE 7 Jan 2017: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kfberht3wxintn5/GEN Eberron Guidebook Adaptation.pdf?dl=0 Scott Co-Host Manifest.Zone podcast (Eberron with Keith Baker)
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