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  1. wedge event 4 fate action: during a military conflict target a participating character you control. This character and cards within this unit cannot be targetted until after battle resolution. If this unit is still at the resolution of the battle it contributes double the force of the units current military skill. This unit is then discarded after battle resolution. " I can do this alone! "
  2. Can anyone post the following template images please Crab character Crab attachment Crab holding Crab event Only asking as I can't find any templates that I'm able to use because they have white backgrounds and don't allow images to be used underneath them Regards Hida terrai
  3. I'm probably older than you. ? Just curious as to the software being used. Would like to post some cards on here aswell. Ok looked up gimp. Haha.
  4. Hida Yakamo * Crab clan bushi - hero 4 military 2 political 1 glory 6 fate cost Whilst Yakamo is participating in a conflict with Hida Kisada or Hida O-Ushi he gains +1/+1 and gains the ability. Action: copy an action or trait on another participating friendly ?card in the current battle, You may then choose to take that action. "Together we will overcome"
  5. Hida Terrai Military 3 Political 0 Cost 4 Glory 2 Crab clan bully - bushi Once per conflict. Target an opponents participating character to a duel of force. Bow the loser of the duel - and permanently give the winner +1 force. "You talking to me!?!?"
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