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  1. The issue is less that there is no way around it and more that it makes the mission boring near the end. It makes a weird cat mouse game, which isn't very fun or thematic. Also, Nexus may catch up a rebel player, but I think it is literally the only unit that can do that (at last the ones I have available), and I would like to avoid having to bring a specific unit to every mission, specially one that doesn't really fit in most scenarios (I like to try to keep my open hand appropriate to the mission). And good accuracy often doesn't help if the revel break line of sight, which they can do easily when moving twice in many maps. By the end of the mission the Empire is often way too weak to compleat with the rebels. Rebels can usually defeat more threat than the Empire can place into the board, if there isn't any events (and by the end of a mission, these usually already stopped). If they are in no rush for the objectives, they can just hang back protecting the uninjured players with no sense of urgency whatsoever. That said, I made these comments after playing only 2 missions, the intro and Scouring of the Homestead. And although both devolved into a silly cat&mouse game by the end, the intro at last had an overpowered empire compared to underpowered heroes, so playing defensively wasn't much of an option. So, really, only Souring of the Homestead felt frustrating to play, so maybe that is a problem with that mission specifically. About the debate on killing heroes. I agree that if the heroes act like the wounded units are invulnerable, they deserve to be killed. My players don't do that, though, so that is not an issue. I do kill heroes sometimes, my problem is with the idea of focus firing in a specific unit every game to take them out of the game as soon as possible. Yes, I could probably kill MHD every mission if I focus on it, which is tempting now he has Bacta Radiator. But that means taking the same person out early every game, so it is not really a thing I want to do. Playing with 3 rebel players is an interesting work around, but that means playing with 1 less friend, which is also less fun in a different way.
  2. Excen't they aren't? That is what "better costed" means. They are costed more fairly based on their cost. Meaning they are more powerful than than older allies/villains of same, or even higher, cost. Like, I wouldn't consider Leia to be weaker than Han Solo, despite her costing 4 threat less. She is more fragile (though she can heal), but she is much deadlier. Similarly, Kayn Somos is not particularly stronger than Agent Blaise, despite costing more. Then the hero activates first and runs away again. Because even a slow hero can move a minimum of 8 spaces without straining or using abilities. No empire figure can keep up with that and still shot Like, that situation literally happened in the last mission. But it was pointless. I didn't had enough threat to place units near them and in their hypothetical scape route. And, anyway, even if I could (I almost got him earlier that mission) it doesn't change the fact that this makes the mission annoying. Again, it is a game of chicken, it wasn't fun by that point. About killing heroes (in particular MHD). The problem is that doing so it is kinda anti-fun in the first place. =/ In particular if I do it early enough to matter. It removes a player from the game, which is a thing to avoid, in my opinion.
  3. But that is the thing, right? The newer allies are better costed, which means Company of Heroes benefit them disproportionally more. Also, as I said, my group is already lowering the cost of the older allies anyway, so pretty much your whole point is moot. At any rate, I started my campaign already. I am playing with Armored Onslaught and the heroes are Davith, Loku, MHD and Fenn. I won the introduction and they won the Threat mission Scouring the Homestead. None of the missions had timer and, in both cases, it was very close. MHD wasn't too much of a problem but, of course, he didn't have any ability yet, so his healing potential was very limited. I am kinda disliking the "wound all heroes" missions for another reason, though: they seem to invariably lead to a game of chicken in the end. When there is only one hero left, they are very incentives to just run away with two moves while the others take care of the missions/enemy figures. Heroes by default have a much easier time moving around them the Empire and, by the end of the mission, the imperial player doesn't really have enough threat of figures to surround it properly. At last with a timer the heroes need to rush to do something, so the game keep moving. Fortunately, it seems the next mission has a more interesting objective, but I worry about the rest of the campaign.
  4. Oh, yeah. We already used Gideon last time, so we will probably experiment with other people.
  5. These 2 points are kinda irrelevant because Murne can just buy the card when the Rebels get the ally. It is just 1 xp, afterall, she can literally buy with the mission's XP reward. As I said, it was recommended to me to not allow that ability. And although I haven't found anyone on this forum "complaining", I've seem some people boosting about its power and how the Rebels would always bring some powerful allies (Jedi Luke and Leia, mostly) to great effect. It just seems a bit swingy for just 1xp. Like, Gideon's mission reward is half the power and just for an specific ally. Sure, it has another benefit, but I would expect a reward to be more powerful than a 1xp card anyway. Yeah, that. It was recommended to me to not use MHD in Hoth. He is fine in other campaigns, I assume. Well, my Rebel's aren't exactly experts. But, then again, nether am I. My biggest fear is that he incentivize a boring play style. Without time limit the Rebels already benefit from going slow, thanks to rest, so I don't want the extra healing to reward turtling even more.
  6. Hello, I am about to start a Hoth campaign (my 3rd) as Imperial and some questions showed up. I've been suggested to not allow Murne's Company of Heroes and indeed, I fear that, with certain allies, that discount might be too much. Even someone not particularly impressive like Lando would become far too cheap, I fear. 2 threat and 1 xp for an extra activation with 8 health? Sound like a sweat deal compared to most other 1xp abilities. And what about heroes who are already good enough on their price? We haven't tested Leia yet, but I've heard she is pretty good, wouldn't she become overwhelming with the reduced cost? So, what does the community think of that? Is Company of Heroes too powerful with certain allies? If so, what is the best way to fix the problem? Cutting it power in half would be good enough? Another thing that was suggested to me was to not allow MHD. Apparently despite coming with the expansion, he makes Hoth too frustrating for the Imperial. Apparently most missions don't have a timer or something like that? So having a dedicated healer would allow the Rebels to turtle efficiently, which not only makes life much harder for the Empire but also makes the game boring overall. So, again, does the community agrees with that? Aside that, I've been also suggested to award the maximum XP when a player loses 2 story missions in a row, to lower the deployment cost of expensive (+10) heroes and villains of the first 2 waves and to use the new campaign rules from the Jabba expansion (about agenda and Rebel upgrade). From what I could tell searching the forum most people seem to support these, but I am always open to hear counterarguments. Or any other suggestion, really. Thanks in advance!
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