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    250 Points

    We’re playing a 2v2 300 pt game tonight (we make the big lists for each side and then divvy up who wants to run what). Interesting idea to go with a 3x9 battlefield Chaoticus - we’re using a 4x6 mat but may need to find a way to go wider next time.
  2. alexbratton

    Larger than 200 point games

    Good timing. Our group just played a 500pt battle last week. It was on an 8x4 table with 5 players. We used a custom scenario (had 6 rune crystals on the board that gave the unit the fire rune ability when picked up, each worth 30 points) and a central pillar that gave units within range 1 Protected 3 from its aura. We used a 4 deep deployment zone the full length of the table for each side. It was 2 players running a Waiqar army (2x3 DK, 2x2 DK, Big reanimates x 2, 2x2 carrion lancers, 3x1 wraiths) vs Daqan & Latari (2 of us pooled an allied army played by 3 people) including 3x2 crossbows, 2 4x1 archers, 3x3 Spears, 4x1 Darnati warriors and a good sprinkling of heroes on both sides. It was a lot of fun to have so much rolling in a single game. It also took a really long time (8 turns ran almost 6 hours). We normally play 350 points and have found that to be a good sweet spot for manageable longer battles for our group on weekends (for weeknights after work it’s still 200 on a side). Our couple house rules have worked pretty well including a custom terrain deck that includes the 3d terrain in use (lots from the old Warhammer days). 1 on 1 the bigger battles might be much slower but we usually play 2+ people per side and it flows well.
  3. alexbratton

    Sharing our RuneWars HouseBlend rules

    Thanks! I was actually thinking an even more severe consequence for spitting blight into melee like all engaged units receive the blight (maybe a little too harsh).
  4. alexbratton

    Legion Envy

    Yep, we play with a variety of GW and other terrain/buildings and they work great. We created some custom rules on the number of units for each and which block LOS, give extra defense to occupiers, etc. Not tournament legal by any means but lots of fun.
  5. A group of us have been playing RuneWars for about 6 months now and have been slowly 'enhancing' the base rules to bring a more high fantasy feel to the game (as well as some variety and story telling). Some of us previously played Warhammer Fantasy and just love the dial based faster games of RuneWars. We typically play 2 on 2 games composed of two 100 or 150 point armies on each side (so 200x200 or 300x300 pts). Our gaming table was originally created for Warhammer games so it’s a little larger than normally used with RuneWars (it measures 4’ x 8’). We typically use a 4’ x 6’ game surface (unless we’re playing 400 pts a side and want to spread out). HouseBlend is a collection of the rules, options and upgrades we’re trying out to continue our enjoyment of the game. I thought it was about time that we shared our current version of things here to see what other ideas it generates and for others to have fun with things too. You'll see quickly our biggest change is the handling of terrain based on the 3d terrain we have and the inclusion of new special rules and magical terrain affects. Here's a link to our current RuneWars HouseBlend Rules. Let us know what you think and any ideas you have for expanding/tweaking things. Alex