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  1. I totally agree. I think the film has done its justice. It is def my top 3 movies !!
  2. To this day I think rogue one is underrated. I think it has not only brought armada back.... hammerheads .... raddus... mc75... but injected Star Wars into the people. also it is a great movie.. i find very little flaws in it, and I hope the rise of the sky walker can learn from it.
  3. With the release of the hoth units, I thought I would do a funny video . hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Hi, What Space Battle from any movie, comic, book or tv series would you like to recreate in armada, you can even include possible clone war expansions!!. Here are my top 5 favourites: Please let me know what you think. Many thanks.
  5. I just played armada again tonight for the first time in a bout 3 months, i have just built an imperial fleet since i have been playing rebels for the last two years. And i just love the game, and don't understand why FFG just wont promote it. I have played legion, i have played x wing. They are both good games. But armada is by far the greatest and relives all the great moments from star wars space battles. Why oh Why FFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi, I really enjoy legion and obviously imperials are my thing. So i have made a video on my favourite 3 Darth Vader scenes. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know your favourite Darth Vader moments. Thanks
  7. I have recently just bought 2.0 for x wing and some expansions. And yes the models look cool, the game is simpler to play, a lot of fun and easier and quicker to set up. But i prefer armada by a long way and i think due to the nature of the length of setup and game play is the only reason the game is not as popular........ As long as I can find someone to play i will play armada for as long as i can !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My issue is the same with timing. I have a 45 mins travel to my local shop. Then a good 30 mins to set up. Then lets say 2 hours to play. Then a 30 mins to pack up. Then a 45 mins to drive home. that is 4.5 hours to play just one game. and the travelling is tiring enough, especially if its not a competition!!!
  9. Hi, there feels to be a lot of negativity around armada due to the lack of positive communication from ffg. So for fun I have produced a list of the Admirals and their screen appearances. If you can find a better screen appearance shot, please post and a funny comment would be even better. Many thanks
  10. AfMk2. Just canโ€™t find a build where it fits for me.
  11. I agree empire at war brought us some great ships and is still a great game.... but it is definitely not a remake of Star Wars rebellion ๐Ÿ˜€.
  12. It is a shame they cant make a modern version of the game. But somehow they would probably ruin it. I easily put over 100 hours into many games of Rebellion. ๐Ÿ˜€ Its the reason i bought the board game.
  13. Hi, Thought i would just do a quick video of all the ship classes from the Pc game starwars Rebellion ( Or Supremacy in Uk). There were some great ships in that game, it is an utter shame some of them cant be made for Armada. https://youtu.be/1euEOu9Wx0k
  14. Hi, I've been playing rebels for about a year now. So thought it was about time I tried the mighty imperials. I so far have an arquitan, interdictor, vsd and isd (chimaera). Also about 6 tie fighters. Thinking 3 activations would be the only way without a gozonti. Anyone had any good builds with these ships ?
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