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  1. Listening in on the conversation, Padawan Keepf chimes in with a telepathic broadcast. "I personally cannot think of any reasoning for the Gungans to take Miss Valorum." Saul pauses for a moment. "Airgang, however, strikes me as the culprit. He's the type of person that's only loyal to the highest bidder." Saul puts his hand up to his chin in contemplation.
  2. Here is the mechanics check for the scanner. Assisted by Jonus. Mechanics: 1eP+4eA+1eB+2eD 6 successes, 2 advantage
  3. After hearing about the chance of potential sabotage, Padawan Keepf approaches. Anyone nearby could hear the clanking of his tools around his belt after each step. He starts fiddling with his tools and begins to broadcast. "If you think it may have been tampered with, Inspector, I could repair it. Provided it needs to be tinkered with.. Let's see what our companion Elas discovers."
  4. Seeing Commander Anler pick up the girl he gets straight to business. He finds a position that will help his aim and switches his rounds. Once his ion grenade pack is loaded he takes a shot at the group of droids. "****!" He shouts as his grenade lands just shy of his target. He looks behind him at one of his clone brothers and shouts. "You've got this brother! We can't all miss!"
  5. Believe there is a setback for civilians this round. Boom will use a maneuver to change to ion rounds. Then he will take 2 strain to aim as his 2nd maneuver. He will then blast at the droid group.. Missing with an advantage. Which I'll recover 1 strain with. Grenade Launcher attack: 2eP+1eB+2eD+2eS 2 failures, 1 advantage Edit: I'll have my IC post up just after @Kymrel. Since boom is waiting for him to act.
  6. Here is my check on Airgang. Knowledge Underworld Check: 5eA+3eD 3 successes, 1 threat Edit: I'll wait for ooc response and I'll post ic as soon as I can.
  7. Listening in on the briefing from Captain Panaka. The name Airgang strikes his attention. "Do you know know this.. Airgang? Has this bodyguard been in the service of the Valorum girl for long?" Keepf broadcasts in his soft tone. All the while making hand gestures.
  8. I can also help for repairs. I have the manipulate force power that that helps with repairing ships.
  9. I guess this will be my last post to this thread as we transition on to the ooc/ic. The character sheet is completed.
  10. Saul Keepf, a short Polis Massan slowly steps off the rigger. He is dressed in Jedi concealing robes of a dark brown color, his belt is black along with his boots. He gives Captain Panaka and his subordinates a respectful bow. Waiting for his turn for introductions, Padawan Keepf begins broadcasting a message from his mind, anyone close enough would hear his words in a soft tone. "Greetings Captain Panaka, my name is Saul Keepf. Your planet is exquisite, if only we were here on better terms." Anyone giving the the Polis Massan attention would notice these words are not coming from his mouth.
  11. Here is Padawan Keepf's roll. Lots of success, but that 1 advantage is essentially useless haha. Still, glad to have a successful craft. Lightsaber crafting: 2eA+3eP+2eD 4 successes, 1 advantage Edit: Debating on spending the advantage to make the saber 2 handed to increase damage by 1 and increase encumberance by 2.. something about a 2 handed shoto sounds silly though hahaha.
  12. @Sincereagape would I be able to flip a destiny point on this light saber crafting check? And when I do roll it, I'll make sure it's in the ooc thread.
  13. Awesome! I'll definitely roll for my saber when I get home. wayway to bring that up @Tramp Graphics. This is where my character shines! Hahaha
  14. @Sincereagape Here is my character sheet. I'll fill in the blanks by the end of the day (weapons, motivations, etc) http://swsheets.com/c/vihfi3vlb-saul-keepf
  15. Could possibly dual wield eventually. For the narrative it made more sense to me since my character is a bit smaller, around 5 feet tall. He always had a very high respect for Master Yoda, who uses a Shoto himself.
  16. @Sincereagape Just curious.. When deciding on the lightsaber, are we limited to a basic saber? Or would I be able to have a Shoto? Just about wrapped up with my character sheet, missing minor details like background and such.. I'll be coming up with that throughout the day.
  17. Haha thanks for the encouragement @Edgehawk. I'll go with the mute and should have the sheet filled out later today.
  18. Hey guys, I got very distracted tonight playing the new Spider-Man game and did not complete my character sheet. I have the character made in theory, just need to get the sheet completed. I'll be playing a Gaurdian Armorer who will then dip into the Sentinel Artisan spec. I really like the idea of being a Polis Massan without vocal chords, but wasn't sure how the party would feel about that. If the group doesn't want a (mostly) mute in the group i totally understand. My back up species would be a Kalleran. Let me know what you guys think and I'll have the sheet posted as soon as I can.
  19. Once I get home I'll go through my books and get the character sheet filled out and submitted. Liking the characters so far! Excited for this game. Most likely going to end up being some sort of INT build. I'll have it up before I get to bed tonight.
  20. I could certainly shoot an ion grenade into the group. Do we allow blast to affect a minion group? Also, my launcher is loaded with non lethals, would it be a maneuver to switch to ion rounds? If blast doesn't affect the group, I'll just use my blaster. Edit: Boom would allow the commander to make the first move.
  21. @Rithuan thanks for the feedback! I believe this was covered at some point. When I asked the question I wasn't fully aware of using the auto fire rules for when using force move on multiple targets to attack was a thing. Now knowing this it has helped me in deciding the ruling.
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