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  1. Where can I get a copy of these?
  2. Hey: The link is not working for some reason.
  3. Has anyone done any custom cards for Legion in Strange Eons or any other custom card maker? Thanks Jorge
  4. @Bohemian73 To each his/her own! Thx for looking! @oubobcat13 Thank you! Since I have 2 core sets, I painted them both up and can use either. Or alternatively, As Vader gets damaged, I replace him with the modded one. Win-win!
  5. Jorge69

    Rebel heads

    I bought the Shapeways heads. They are nice and clean with crisp details. Cant wait to slice, dice an put them on. BTW, fun fact, they smell minty fresh!!!
  6. @ OccasionallyCorrect: Thanks! I made a mold of Vader's faceplate and made a greenstuff copy; I cut that down and curved it to fit the head. I used more greenstuff to fill in the gaps. For the left leg, I did the same , a mold with greenstuff, I cut out the calf area and added a bit of plastic rod and a paper clip as pistons. more greenstuff to smooth out the joints. Also cut down the left hand inner cloak to fit the new leg in and made it flap more. I also did Vader's head scar. Left hand is a cut down Space Marine hand, just cut down fitted to the rest of the arm with greenstuff.
  7. Some more photos comparing him with the normal version: Thanks!
  8. Hello: Thanks! The head is a Space Marine with respirator.
  9. Hello everyone. Here is my version of the Battle Damaged Darth Vader: Hope you like him!
  10. Hello: I am looking for 32mm Bionic or Cybernetic Arms, preferably the left arm and leg. I've looked at the ones from Anvil Industries, Kromlech, Mantic, Corvus Belli and Mad Robot Miniatures, but they are unsuitable for the purpose I need them for. I need more "terminator-like" arms, like Darth Vader's in Ep III. I've tried the terminator arm from Warlord games, but it is way too small. I've checked other sites but can't find a right sized one with an open left hand and a left foot. Alternatively, I would like to ask any sculptors out there and do some work for me. Please help. Thanks! Jorge
  11. I'm going to use Hera as a stand in for Leia and Ahsoka as a stand in for Luke.
  12. Wow, I am amazed at the skill of the people here. Great work.
  13. I love how smooth the painting for the stormtrooper is! Did you use a wet palette? Did you thin your paints as well? Thanks!
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