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  1. My son and I made a board for playing X-wing (or Legion in the case of this photo) when we are camping. We have big rubber bands on the player sides that hold it down to the table below it and we tuck our squad cards under it to hold them down
  2. Yes, you are right, that is what I was thinking of. Sorry about that!
  3. Fang fighters are in Clone Wars also.
  4. I believe so. The FB event should be updated in the next couple of days.
  5. On Saturday March 14th Freedom Hobby and Gaming will be hosting a Store Championship!Registration for the event will start at 10:00 am and close at 10:30. Targeting first round to begin by 11:00. Freedom Hobby and Gaming is located at 4400 Portage St NW, North Canton, Ohio Here is a link to the facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/181735879593291/ This event will be using the Hyperspace Format. It will run for 4 rounds of swiss play and then cut to single elimination for the top 8.Entry for the event will be $10 with full prize payout in store credit. Also a reminder to go into tabletop.to and preregister! https://tabletop.to/freedoms-pi-day-fly-day-xwing-store-championship
  6. I have a ton of upgrade and pilot cards still left from 1.0. I don't have the TIE Advanced title, but have a lot of stuff that wouldn't mind a good home.
  7. Maybe this has already been answered, but I am scratching my head a little over the second part of R1-J5's ability about repairing a damage card again. Does this mean, I repair a ship crit normally with an action, then if I flip that card face up again for the explosion with wings ability, I can repair it immediately with a R1-J5 charge instead of spending a action? Or, I repair the crit (turn it face down) then spend a charge to remove the damage card from the ship?
  8. You can fit 2 StarFortresses in a single box too.
  9. I have a fairly large collection, and have 3 people playing out of that collection on a regular basis. Ships are stored in Sir Willi's tuck boxes in Plano 3700 style storage boxes by faction and then one deep Plano 3700 box for the bigger ships. Cards and maneuver dials are stored in binders, pilots and maneuver dials in binders by faction and then upgrades take up two binders. Each player has 2 plano style boxes. A medium sized one that has all of the tokens needed for playing and dice, and a large one where you have bases, pegs, maneuver templates, obstacles, damage deck, and then space to store the squads you are taking that night. There is room to have 4 or so squads. Then there is one more 3700 style plano box that has extra tokens, tokens you don't use much like delayed fuses and condition tokens, device tokens, etc. So for game night, we pull our desired squads and put them in our individual large box. Then we take our two individual boxes and the box with the extra tokens and stuff to the game store. We have 2 plano 3700 weekender bags (Amazon Link) available to carry stuff, usually we can fit into one of them for 3 players.
  10. Would would also recommend Asmodee support, they are really awesome.
  11. A tiny request, but not important, Resistance A Wing Micro-Hanger. Using rebel a-wing, which works fine, but...
  12. Racejoe

    GEN CON and X-Wing

    Well yeah, and obviously the FFG area in general is high on our list
  13. Hey, my son and I are going to check out GEN CON for the first time this year. We can only swing 1 day (Friday), so that will obviously limit what all we can do. We decided this is kinda a scouting mission to figure out how we want to do it next time. So, that being said, from an X-Wing perspective what should we make sure to catch? Thanks!!
  14. Packaging. I understand having the standardized packaging, but there is no elegant way to open a second edition small ship box.
  15. Emptying your wallet at your FLGS when a new wave drops
  16. I have the same issue not being able to place forces, or obstacles, or pan screen. Using Microsoft Surface Pro.
  17. They were better behaved this year.... :-)
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