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  1. A tiny request, but not important, Resistance A Wing Micro-Hanger. Using rebel a-wing, which works fine, but...
  2. Racejoe

    GEN CON and X-Wing

    Well yeah, and obviously the FFG area in general is high on our list
  3. Hey, my son and I are going to check out GEN CON for the first time this year. We can only swing 1 day (Friday), so that will obviously limit what all we can do. We decided this is kinda a scouting mission to figure out how we want to do it next time. So, that being said, from an X-Wing perspective what should we make sure to catch? Thanks!!
  4. Packaging. I understand having the standardized packaging, but there is no elegant way to open a second edition small ship box.
  5. Emptying your wallet at your FLGS when a new wave drops
  6. I have the same issue not being able to place forces, or obstacles, or pan screen. Using Microsoft Surface Pro.
  7. They were better behaved this year.... :-)
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