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  1. GuillotineTE

    Rancorzillo (suggestions welcome)

    Would advanced coms systems work for extending the range of feeding frenzy?
  2. GuillotineTE

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    I know many people think this, but Star Wars is infinite. There’s so much content that just flat out isn’t explored by IA. Even in the Galactic Civil War era, so much exists that would be a good addition to the game. I know Rebels has already been done, but there were some characters (namely Rex) who I think would be really cool to add to the game and play with. Sadly, it seems as though interest in IA is diminishing. Although many are against it, I think an IA 2.0 would be beneficial to the game, just not in the way most think. The current game needs very little work, as is, other than a few minor tweaks. What would really make this version stand out would be the inclusion of Prequel and Sequel content. Sure it’d be odd for the first few rotations, but it would add so much content to the game: clones, droids, First Order, Resistance heroes. We already have one character (Luke) with multiple forms, so figures like Obi-Wan or Ahsoka wouldn’t be any different. I think this would really diversify the meta for the better.
  3. GuillotineTE

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    Yeah, but “not terrible” is different that meta-defining good.
  4. GuillotineTE

    My attempt at painting IA

    I’ll make a separate topic with pictures so everyone can see has bad they are 😂.
  5. GuillotineTE

    Jedi Luke's Pose

    I haven't seen any Jedi Luke mods, but I know of someone who has put Hero Luke's head on a stormtrooper body in reference to Ep IV's iconic "sheep in wolves' clothing" scene. I'd like to see a mod of Luke in this pose :
  6. GuillotineTE

    My attempt at painting IA

    Ugh, the fact that your stormtroopers look that good compared with mine is making me super jealous. I was a total and complete newbie with 0 experience when I started work on my core set. (I'm about a year in and I've barely made a dent in my collection.) My first minis turned out horrible and for a long time it really discouraged me from doing more, so I didn't. Then I got bored and decided I should finally paint more minis. I still suck, but I think I'm getting there, mini by mini. I blame my horrible products on the fact that I can't get any dark washes where I live (Thailand), but deep down I know it's just lack of skill. My first stormtroopers look like someone vomited white and black paint on them. My second squad is even worse because I tried to make my own black wash 😅. Thank goodness for paint remover.
  7. GuillotineTE

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    @cnemmick what program do you use to make the custom cards?
  8. GuillotineTE

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    I went through the doc (you may have seen my many comments and suggestions) and I gotta say, these are by far the best thought-out and most developed unofficial changes I’ve ever seen for IA. Really good work.👏 I personally really like the attachment upgrades that FFG made for Han, IG, and Vader, and I know in earlier versions you had something like that. I enjoy being able to see the original as well. Oh yeah, you’re not the only one who does this, but I noticed that many people incorrectly “officially” refer to the Mercenary faction as the Scum faction. I don’t mind this much, I just think it doesn’t sound as good as Mercenary. really good work. I’ll be sure to play test all of it soon!
  9. GuillotineTE

    Best expansion to buy for skirmishers

    I’m pretty sure I’ve made up my mind now. The fix cards for Vader, Han and Chewie alone already made me want to get HotE.
  10. So I have the core set, twin shadows, and Jabba’s realm. What would be the best big box expansion to buy next? I plan on buying all of the expansions eventually, but I live in Thailand so I have to be efficient when shipping stuff.
  11. GuillotineTE

    3-player Skirmish Map

    At the moment, the red DZ has a huge advantage. Its east exit is 5 spaces away from a crate, meaning a 5-speed figure could nab a crate in round 1 and stay somewhat protected due to nearby blocking terrain. All DZ's currently have one exit which requires at least 6 moves to reach a crate. The blue and green DZ's other exits are 7 spaces from any other crates. This basically means that red has crates 5 and 7 spaces from it while the others have crates 6 and 7 spaces from them. I would suggest adding a 2x1 desert piece between the red DZ and its easternmost tile and replacing the 2x1 desert piece between the L tile and the + tile with a 2x2 piece. Then, each DZ would have crates 6 and 7 spaces away. Just a suggestion, because doing so would result in red being a very bad DZ, especially since it's on the junkyard tile, which in my opinion is one of the worst DZ tile to start in since there's so much blocking terrain.
  12. GuillotineTE

    IA in Thailand

    I live in Chiang Rai, so not too far away. What school did you go to?
  13. GuillotineTE

    IA in Thailand

    I am an American citizen living in Thailand. I got into IA in Spring 2017 but only ever had a few sets (core, TS, and JR and several accompanying ally/villain packs currently) because I moved to Thailand in August that same year and it is extremely difficult to ship stuff from Amazon or other sites to Thailand as Thai customs are a nightmare. I really love the game, but there are no other players of it that I know of in Thailand so my miniatures rarely see action. I don't know of any organized play here but I was wondering if anyone else knew of something I do not.
  14. I was introduced to IA through skirmish. My friends who introduced me to it were also introduced through skirmish; they don’t even like campaign. I’m surprised that more people don’t enjoy skirmishes. I personally love both, but skirmish much more. The mat/tile dilemma makes sense to me: mats, being much cheaper and easier to obtain and set up, should be used in competitive play. The set-up time for the tiles really takes a chunk out of total play time.