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  1. Per the title, if you setup at range 0 of a rock with a ship carrying Boba, when that ship activates does it immediately have to roll for an obstacle? Or does overlap / maneuver not take place because it occurred in the Setup? Basically, does the ship using Boba crew always have to roll for an obstacle? Related question, does the ship using Boba crew get an action on its first activation if it is treated as overlapping an obstacle, or if you have Boba crew are you giving up that action by starting on a rock? Here is the text for Boba crew: At the end of Setup, place yourself at range 0 of an obstacle and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to figure out which happens first when you run a list with both Boba Fett crew and Tobias Beckett, do you place the ship with Boba onboard and then move a rock with Beckett, or do you move the rock then place the ship with Boba. Or, do they both happen at the same time (at the end of Setup) and as the controlling player you have the option of which you do first? For reference, Tobias Beckett crew says: Setup: After placing forces, you may choose 1 obstacle in the play area. If you do, place it anywhere in the play area beyond range 2 of any board edge or ship and beyond range 1 of other obstacles. Boba Fett crew: Setup: Start in reserve. At the end of Setup, place yourself at range 0 of an obstacle and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship. I think, and I certainly could be wrong on this, but I think the ship with Boba considers itself placed during the Setup phase as "in reserve", so that Beckett's conditions of "after placing forces" triggers first and you move the asteroid and then place the ship with Boba crew. Is there any official ruling on this? Thanks!
  3. I've played miniature games for more than 20 years, and to my knowledge this is the most expensive version change for a player of a miniature game in the history of miniature games. Absolute minimum conversion cost of 1 core set and 1 conversion pack = $100, and a conversion cost for someone with a complete set of current ships 1 core set + 5 conversion packs (includes resistance and first order) = $300. Honestly, has any miniature game ever come close to this type of conversion cost with a version change? New rule books for a mini game typically cost $40, and that's it. I get it, the rule changes seem interesting and beneficial, but so many other miniature games do regular rule updates and post the rules for free online - Dark Age, Wrath of Kings, Infinity just to name a few. These rule changes don't need existing players to pay hundreds of dollars to institute, and the companies that offer the improved rules for free make their profit on adding new players to the game. Why are downloadable files of new pilot cards or dial changes not a possibility? Issue them alongside the nicer conversion kits and let the players make their choice if they want to buy the full production value or the self-printed option. Looking not at the rule changes, but the design changes to the game, it feels that FFG took every opportunity to force current players to make a purchase to continue to play the game. The maneuver dial change and maneuver template change in particular seem to have very thin justification but require substantial additional purchases by players. Was there some uproar over maneuver dials being too small that I missed? A scandal at Worlds with rampant barrel role abuse that required a new plastic flight base?
  4. Can you use the Chopper astromech action to eat the BTL title on a Y-Wing even if you have full shields? I understand that you can’t gain more shields than your max on the card, just wondering if you can use the action to get rid of the title and have the turret back to 360 Arc if at full shields?
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