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  1. okay, thanks tibia, I'll give it a try... if anyone has it already could you please email to me, email = rhuala@yahoo.com thanks, V
  2. Seriously...that really sucks, as I haven't found a decent tutorial video that uses any of the "Heirs of Blood" quests and many that use the "Shadow Rune", plus the ones in "Shadow Rune" seem really good, anyone want to sell me their guide? This is a real turn off for me for buying future stuff from FFG, would be a nice thing for the company to support their customers by either providing the old guides as a downloadable pdf or I'd be willing to buy it on Amazon or wherever... V
  3. Hi All, New to Decent and this forum, just bought Descent - Journeys in the Dark, Second edition and just started learing how to play, found several vids on youtube, I like this one quite a bit: Wanted to now play this with my kids, but I found this quest and many quests on Youtube aren't in my quest guide? I have "Heirs of Blood" Act I and Act II. Is there any way I can download or buy these other quest guides? The vids do a pretty good job of explaining how to play but I can't read the details of the quest, like victory conditions or special rules or even the aloud comments, which look like they add a lot of atmostphere to the game. Thanks, Vanz
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