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  1. Gym Kirk

    2.0 release date

    Thanks. Looking forward to this
  2. Gym Kirk

    2.0 release date

    When is 2.0 due to release?
  3. From my perspective, Netrunner was intimidating to get into. One, it is very different than any other game, and two there is a vast pool of cards. The Revised Core offered a new entry point. That coupled with Team Covenants videos made it much easier to access. TC did a great job pointing out some of the subtleties and depth that one would often miss on a first game. I’m not sure how much FFG was aware of this, and probably partially why they misjudged its popularity (ie didn’t print enough).
  4. Like everyone else, I’m feeling cheated. I’m another new player that started with the Revised Core. Everything looked so solid and a good time to get into the game. After reading the cancellation, something keeps sticking in my head. Why would FFG be unable to comment as to why they didn’t renew? Seems to me if it was WotC fault they would outright just say so. There could be a legal reason why they can’t talk about yet until it’s resolved, but I don’t have a clue what it would be. Seems to me it was a decision on FFGs side based on what they think is a good business decision. Also when do these license negotiations happen? I seriously doubt that they negotiate a couple of months before renewal. That wouldn’t make sense in a game that plans a year out on development, so they must have been aware of it for some time. The more I think about it, the less I want to support FFG. Why? Because it looks like they made decisions at our expense. I’d like to hear why they cancelled. I would also be hesitant to get into any game where they don’t own the license... like Star Wars.
  5. Thanks for posting this. I’m on my way to check this out. Have you created any decks which are centered around beginnners with the idea of balanced decks and small card pools? I recently got the Core 2.0 and love it. I am ready to move past the suggested starting decks, and have no clue where to start with deck building. I would like to find some Core 2.0 decklists for the different corps/runners that are relatively balanced. I’d like to get a feel for the different factions before expanding with a big box.
  6. So where do all the L5R people hangout? Is FFGs forum THE forum for L5R?
  7. Thanks for the invite, but I think that it’s a bit too far for me. Redding is big enough where there has to be some players out there.
  8. I’m new to the game, but haven’t tried jigoku yet. Mainly because I know I will be cross eyed tired by the end and don’t want to drop out before conclusion. Maybe they can add features like online FPS games that penalize this kind of activity. Like a 10 minute time out for dropping a game, and the ability to rate other players. Playing in person is definitely preferable, but I’ve yet to find a group in my area.
  9. I’m new to this too. The advice I found that I’m going with is to buy one revised core, and play it a bunch to get familiar with the different factions. After a couple peak my interest, I will get a box expansion that features those factions. Right now I’m leaning towards Order and Chaos as my next. Team Covenant has some great play throughs for the Core 2.0 release which should be very helpful.
  10. My apologies for not searching. I would have never guessed in a hundred years that a company that can print the game isn’t allowed to sell it. In fact my first reaction would be that it’s fake news. This should be a sticky as well and FFG saying something on their website. It shouldn’t say out of stock. I appreciate all the responses.
  11. I’ve been on the fence with this game for some time. The theme doesn’t interest me a whole lot. After watching some things from Team Covenant and hearing their commentary, I’m really excited about this game. This game has a lot going for it, including a mind numbing amount of cards. I’m not looking to play competitively, but I would appreciate some suggestions on what to get beyond the core 2.0. L5R requires more than one core set. Should I pick up a second core or go with something else? Or will the base game keep me going for a long time?
  12. I guess I chose a poor time to get interested in this game. Why is every single item out of stock on FFGs website? Did this game fall out of popularity or something? My FLGS has no IA stuff and it has me concerned that every single item on FFG is also OOS.
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