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  1. I do things a bit more simply. All my Rebel units have medium grey bases, and for units for which I have multiple copies (Rebel Troopers, Fleets, Commandos, etc), I paint each squad with a different color on the edges. The Empire have black bases, with similar different colored edges for squads.
  2. I understand this Hawk, I have done the same thing. What I did with the specialist packs is make one of each specialist match the base of one of my corps units. I will likely do the same thing for a set of these. I guess the only concern with these sets as they each have 2 personnel and 2 heavy upgrades, so you could potentially run one of each in a unit. So, I guess a decision has to be made whether you would ever do so and decided if you will match one of each to a particular corps unit or not. Of course, getting multiple of each set sort of helps eliminate the problem
  3. Nice Jon_DDA! I have used the white cardboard that reinforces the expansion pack boxes in a variety of terrain projects, including using them to build various shipping crates and boxes for scatter terrain.
  4. Possibly, but given they are mixed in with the Clone Wars stuff, I sort of think those numbers will not. I expect they will have both the Clone Troopers and Battle Droids available right at launch of the new Core set (like they did with the Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers at launch of the game originally). It would make sense for them to include other expansions for the stuff in the new core set (Droidekas and BARC). Though still possible they might add one release for both original factions during the Clone Wars release, just seems unlikely. I sort of think that the Rebels and Imperials will get some slower releases after the Clone Wars initial release, with more Clone Wars stuff coming out with some Rebel/Imperial spaced out between them. Guess we will learn more in the next month or two.
  5. There have been a few threads about product number gaps that have appeared in the Legion expansion announcements over time, the last being one I did on SWL30, which turned out to be the Downed AT-ST. So far there have been no number skipped over, so no reason to believe there will be now. So, with the BIG news today, we have several number gaps: SWL35 Occupier Tank SWL36 Landspeeder SWL37 Sabine SWL38 BooskS SWL39 Rebel Veterans SWL40 Tauntan Riders SWL41 UNKNOWN (likely Imperial veterans?) SWL42 UNKNOWN (likely new Imperial Support? Dewbacks?) SWL43 UNKNOWN SWL44 Clone Wars Core Set SWL45 UNKNOWN (likely Clone Wars?) SWL46 UNKNOWN (likely Clone Wars?) SWL47 Phase I Clone Troopers SWL48 UNKNOWN (likely Clone Wars?) SWL49 B1 Battle Droids SWL50 UNKNOWN (likely Clone Wars?) SWL51 Upgrade Card Pack So that is SEVEN product numbers that are currently unknown. I think we can safely say that 41 and 42 will be Imperial units along the lines of the Rebel Veterans and Tauntan Riders. SWL43 might be some other Neutral expansion? Given the original release of the game, 45, 46, 48 and 50 are likely Clone Wars related, two are probably the Droidekas and BARC Speeder. But what about the other two? Maybe some Heavies for each new faction? Or they could get things rolling sooner with a Special Forces unit for each new faction, or an Operative for each?
  6. Nice ON! My 7 year old plays with me, he is excited to see what comes for the Clone Wars. Last time we played he was competitive to the very last turn of the game and just barely lost in Recover the Supplies.
  7. I think they do get their own activation, or else there would not be two order tokens in the box (the picture shows the face up one on top of a second). While it is possible that "detachment" could be a new type of unit, I sort of hope they do not go that route (already a pretty crowded org chart as is). I think the idea that Caimheul1313 had would be the better way to go (that is, "detachment" would work sort of like Entourage and make the unit (whatever type it is) not count against the org chart maximums).
  8. Sure, that makes sense, I could see it working that way. It will be interesting to see if having a "Detached" unit counts as having a heavy for the Corps, or whether you can have both. I sort of think it would be the former, but guess we will have to see.
  9. This is possible. The only problem I see with them as not counting as part of the Force Org slot is that they are still a stand alone unit, with its own unit card and command token, so that seems like it could cause problems with the organization rules. Also, the bottom paragraph of the article seems to make it more likely that it would be a Support (ie emplacement trooper) as the paragraph talks about if you did not want the stationary 1.4 laser cannon, you could deploy the Mark II. If it is not an emplacement trooper, you are not getting the benefit of the Veteran's Coordinate Emplacement Trooper. (Of course, it could be a Corps and still be an emplacement trooper, but I sort of doubt that). Either way, I really look forward to learning more about it!
  10. Also, one thing that no one seems to have mentioned yet, one of the Hoth Troopers (Veterans) is a Sullustian!
  11. Totally happy you got what you have been waiting so long for Tauntan! (As I have said before, I have always been totally willing to buy these units as well and will be) One thing for thought I might note though: Right now we have only minimal information about the Mark II Medium Blaster. We know it is a separate unit (there is no heavy upgrade card for it and we can sort of see the second unit card under the main unit card). But we do not know what type of unit it is (cannot see enough of the unit card, nor can we see the second command token). So, the Mark II could be a support (emplacement trooper). If so, you will only be able to use so many of them and/or Tauntans. (not accounting for any homebrew rules for casual play)
  12. Yeah, the Tauntauns are very nice. But, the Speeder Bike is basically unhindered, has a compulsory (ie free) move, and throws more attack dice (if limited in the front arc). Edit: And as ScummyRebel pointed out, have Cover 1 and Impact.
  13. Yeah, it might be interesting if they went the other way with the Empire getting a cheaper Corps (in which case Mudtroopers or Naval Troopers would be the logical choices). The only balance problem I could see (and it is minor) is that one of the reasons the Hoth Troopers are "Veterans" is they have a training upgrade slot, currently the only Corps unit to have one! So, it would make sense the Empire gets a "veteran" unit as well to have the same access to that.
  14. Yeah, Dewbacks for certain. I think the Corps will be Shoretroopers, as they make sense as the Imperial "Veterans" (the Navy Troopers do not fit that in my view).
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