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  1. Thevshi

    What happened to SWL30?

    Well, looks like we have a neutral expansion, which was one of the possibilities some of us mentioned. Well, not other gaps in product numbers right now. Though... I could, but could lightning strike twice?
  2. Thevshi

    Can I skip the big box?

    Everyone has made great points above about the value of the Core set. One thing that may not have been emphasized enough, right now, the Core Set is the only place you can buy the four generic command cards that you will possibly want to have (the 4-pip Standing Orders Command Card is currently the ONLY 4-pip command card and is a requirement for your command card deck). Given the great value you get from the Core set in starting an army and other stuff, there is no reason to not get one.
  3. Thevshi

    So, two bounty hunters..

    The article seems to hint that this might be possible. I suspect it might be tied to one of her unreveled command cards. I also suspect her bombs are tied to a command card (maybe allowing her to drop them as she moves, leaving a string of explosives in her wake.
  4. Thevshi

    So, two bounty hunters..

    Woops, double post!
  5. Thevshi

    So, two bounty hunters..

    I managed to collect a bounty on Leia the first time I played Boba. Have yet to do so again
  6. Thevshi

    So, two bounty hunters..

    I managed to collect a bounty on Leia the first time I played Boba. Have yet to do so again
  7. Thevshi

    What happened to SWL30?

    It is certainly possible, but as I noted, there were two missing numbers in the past, which turned out to be the emplacement troopers. So, there is precedent for their delaying the announcement and release of a product out of the normal order. While I certainly would like to see Echo base troopers and some other Imperial corps, I don't think that is likely for this product number. So far they have developed and announced either two units for the same faction (a commander/operative and corps/special forces) or similar units for each factions (vehicles, emplacement troopers, specialists). So, it seems unlikely they were developing some unit on its own and then delayed it to develop a comparable unit for the other faction. One other possibility is that because the number follows right after the two released premium bases, maybe it is another set of premium bases that contains oddly shaped bases that have not all been reveled yet? We already have seen one for the Occupier, maybe there is another coming down the pipeline?
  8. Thevshi

    What happened to SWL30?

    This has been discussed before, but thought I would bring it back up. Right now we have products released from SWL01 (the core set) to SWL29 (the premium large bases). We have announcements for SWL31 (Jyn) through SWL38 (Bossk). We do not have any information on SWL30 (either by of an article or a release). For the most part, things have been released in order, the main exception being the E-Web and 1.4 Laser Cannon, which were released after Han, Commandos, Boba and Scouts, even though they had lower product numbers. Similarly, Han, the Commandos, Boba and the Scouts were teased before the E-Web and 1.4 Laser Cannon, so many of us noted their products codes were unaccounted for. So, that gets back to the question in the title, where and what is SWL30? As it is the only empty product code among what has been announced/released to date, does that suggest that it might be some neutral release (like Priority Supplies)? I hope it is something like that, would be interesting to get some more mission, battlefield and condition cards to add more variety to the types of possible games. Would also be great if there were some sort of minis/terrain to go with those missions. (I know one suggestion I have seen from people is a "rescued the downed pilot(s)" type mission, would be great if it was something like that).
  9. Thevshi

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    Yes, I noted this as well. The rebel pictured in the artwork does not seem to be Luke or Han either, so, maybe even more of a hint that we could be seeing a Tauntaun rider eventually? A couple of new tokens actually. There is the art work looking token, at least two tokens for the explosive charges she is so good at planting, and then the blue token which appears to be a personal shield (you can partially see the equipment upgrade card for that).
  10. So, was thinking about this some more over the weekend. One thought I had, was that a Rebel player playing Han would potentially be able to time using Change of Plans to delay the use of this card and get another round to try to disrupt the full effectiveness of the chain. Certainly could be one good counter for trying this. Another thought was that in a mirror match, you could have competing Coordinated Fire chains and make it look more like a Civil War reenactment rather than a Star Wars battle.
  11. Crabbok recently did a battle report video where he used the Coordinated Fire card and while he was able to hand out a number of aim tokens, but no where near what people are theorizing about being able to achieve here. In order to reach that level of aim token stacking, you first need a rather specific list (Veers plus 6 Corps) and then will have to maneuver them in the game to get have everyone in position for the chain to work. There are so many variables that can go wrong for you (like others have said, a unit in the chain could be suppressed, or the opposing player could focus on the middle of the chain and break it by taking out a unit or two, the lack of targets later down the chain, etc). Sure it is possible to achieve a crazy result with this card, but it likely will be rare. As for the new Rebel 3-pip, yeah, it does not allow for an increasing chain of Dodge tokens like the Imperial one does with Aims, but it is still possible to achieve some stacking with it. If you have 6 Rebel Trooper units, they could all fire and give each other Dodge tokens (if positioned right). If any get shot at and spend a Dodge token, Nimble gives them one right back. So, in theory the 6 Corps could hand out 6 Dodge tokens and earn back 6 by spending them. Of course, if any additional attacks are made against those units, that would potentially be more dodge tokens spent and earned back. Sure this may not be as much stacking as the Empire can achieve, but still can be over a dozen Dodge tokens handed out.
  12. Thevshi

    Imperial and rebel Specialists 2 (theory and conjecture)

    I like this idea. I could see a use for the T-21 in an Imperial army, as being able to shoot at two Rebel units out to Range 4 could be very good, even if it is only for 2 black dice. Not sure I like another exhaust weapon for the other Rebel heavy, but I do agree that it should not just be taking the Imperial weapon and giving it to the rebels.
  13. Thevshi

    Imperial and rebel Specialists 2 (theory and conjecture)

    I have often thought FFG should make a Generic Operative for each faction. Though, given they way they handle the generic commanders, I would think a generic operative could maybe have the option of being added as a heavy weapons option to a corps unit (or maybe even a special forces unit) in place of the normal heavy weapon options. It would be nice to maybe get some specialists that could be added to commando units, but they do tend to already have a lot going on as it is. A personnel specialist that allows a corps unit to get a training upgrade card could be interesting, representing a veteran corps unit or the like. (Would give FFG a chance to use some of their original characters from Imperial Assault, like Finn Signis for the Rebels or Kayn Somos for the Empire), although, admittedly Somos is indistinguishable from the normal Stormtrooper unit leader). While a training card that provided Danger Sense 2 might seem nice, I think there could be some serious balance issues with it. Could you imagine Han with Danger Sense 2 on top of his Uncanny Luck 3?
  14. Thevshi

    my platforms

    Very nice! Looking forward to seeing them finished.
  15. Thevshi

    Wookiees or Comandos?

    Well, one question is how many points you have to spend, as the Wookiees are rather expensive at 110 points with the Bowcaster heavy added. But, I will say right now I sort of lean towards Wookiees over Commandos (though I have played with a full unit of Wookiees and the 2-man sniper team to pretty good effect). If you are going to play Wookiees, you have to be rather aggressive with them, getting them out where they are drawing fire from other units, can maybe take some shots with their bowcaster and then getting into melee to tear into Imperial units.