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  1. That's great news.... they are a year and an half late since I've started to make those cards....but if they can do that, would be much better....

    1) Book with NPCs

    2) Book with vehicles and planets

    3) Book with gear, armors and weapons

    (including the mods for them)


    would of saved me lots of time and trouble...


    Anyway, this book is for people new to the game (me) and to compete with DnD strategy which is way better...

    I like better the concept of "range" rather than "tiles and figurines" but how the book were design, DnD have the upper hand ...having a GM handbook, a Player handbook and a Monster manual ... about 30$ each.....  you don't end up buying 3 core rulebook for twice the price and having 3 time the same information....and then stuff scattered across all the books...

    So I understand for people who played the game since the beginning, it isn't as anticipated as other book, but I think it is a step in the right direction.....that is if they can add a lot more generic adversaries.... ....the DnD Monster manual is about 400 entries after all....

    I don't like the cover that we can see as preview...I would rather have a close range fight between characters (aggressive theme) or a list of characters standing next to each other (casual theme) (like the MTG planewalkers (all of them) artwork).... but the cover as is really doesn't feel like it is about "adversaries" (witch can range from rebels to empire to gangster to senator to just about anything)

    Can be something as simple as that:




  2. Corellian Mining Corporation Digger Crawler -> HP 5

    Arrow-23 Landspeeder -> Speed 2
    AV-21 Landspeeder -> HP 3
    Oduran Luxury Landspeeder -> HP 0
    SoroSuub Seraph “Flash Speeder” -> HP 2 Rarity 4
    Ubrikkian Industries Luxury – Class Sail Barge -> Handling -2
    Incom T-16 Skyhopper -> Rarity 2
    Nebulon-Q Racing Swoop -> 350 meters and landspeeders
    Aggressor Assault Fighter -> HP 3
    Delta-6 System Defense Starfighter -> Speed 4
    Delta-12 Skysprite -> AFT 1
    JM-5000 JumpMaster Long Range Scout -> Rarity 5
    Tallanx – Class Stealth Fighter -> HP 2
    SoroSuub Luxury 3000 Space Yacht -> 120,000

    Armos Modular Transport -> Wrong profile
    L-2783 -> Wrong profile

    C-ROC Gozanti – Class Light Cruiser -> Handling -3
    MC40a Light Cruiser -> HP 4
    Quasar Fire – Class Escort Carrier -> Handling -2 AFT 1
    Imperial I – Class Star Destroyer -> Rarity 7
    MC80 Liberty – Type Star Cruiser  -> AFT 3
    Consular – Class Light Assault Cruiser -> Silhouette 5


    All the vehicles errata's I could find have been fixed, uploading now


  3. I've went through FFG index Armor list, Weapons and gears

    Here is the list of errata I'll most likely fix next weekend....

    I've also email them a bunch of errata for themselves as I had some right too! ^^


    Creshaldyne Survivalist Armor -> Rarity 6
    Kamperdine Custom Tailored Armored Jackets -> Encumbrance 1
    Karflo Thinsuit -> HP 0
    Tracker Utility Vest -> HP 0
    TX-3 Combat Flight Suit -> Rarity 6, Encumbrance 4

    Koromondain SVT-300 Stun Cloak -> Brawl Weapons
    'aKraB Clip-point Vibrodagger -> 550 credits, Pierce 3, Vicious 1
    Combat Knife -> Crit 3 Rarity 1, Enc 1, 25 credits
    Czerka "Czerhander" VX Vibro-Greatsword -> Pierce 2
    Gaffi Stick -> 100 credits
    Vibro-Ax -> Enc 4
    J-10 Dual Blaster Cannon -> Rarity 8, Enc 7, Crit 2
    VX Sidewinder ->Rarity 8, Enc7
    Disruptor Rifle -> Cumbersome 2, Vicious 5
    Heavy Blaster Rifle -> Dam 10
    Weequay Blaster Lance -> Dam 8
    ACP Array Gun -> Stun Damage
    DL-7H -> Dam 8
    Variable Holdout -> Crit 4
    Brennkeyes Syndicate Knockout Mine -> Stun Damage, Limited Ammo 1
    Malaxan Z50 Grenade Launcher -> Full name
    Merr-Sonn G2 -> Concussive 2
    Wipe3 -> DAM 0

    Explosives/missile - to 0

    Imperial Heavy Repeater -> Innacurate to Cumbersome 4
    Salus DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle -> Encumbrance 3

    DH77 Headcomm -> reverse Enc and Rarity
    Cybernetic Limb -> 4,000 rarity 7
    1.4 FD P-Tower Light Anti-Vehicle Battery -> - to 0
    Golan-> same
    Bpea cascader

    Field equipment, encum to N/A

    Corchemco Beasmaster change picture
    Sleight Box -> Rarity 6
    Fabritech CX-2000 -> Title dash sign and Rarity 8
    Fasclean, dimish size of Enc
    Saladar -> dash to 0
    Survival Equipment add space between the two
    Synthetic Anesthetic -> remove rarity (R)
    Bag and Tag -> lowercase and
    Electrobinoculars -> Enc (recorder) 1
    Macrobinoculars -> Enc 1
    Specimen container Medium -> Credit 50
    Specimen container Large -> Credit 150 Enc 5 Rarity 3

  4. Thanks, i'm reuploading the entire list of cards as i've made a few corrections, picture changes and somewhere arround 100-150 new cards

    should be completed within the next hour

    I'll try to work on adding pictures to card that don't have any....i've done alot this weekend but i feel that i can do a little more...NPC's and a couple of gear for instances...got some pictures that should fit right in...

  5. Attaches to: Lightsabers and Melee weapon with a hilt

    Base Modifiers: When attached to a lightsaber hilt, the weapon  gains the Stun 2 item quality.  In addition, a single small item with an encumbrance value of zero may be stored in the pommel cap, with GM approval.

    Potential Upgrades:

    OO Item Quality (Stun +1)


  6. DOH 51

    Says it can be attached to " Lightsabers and Melee weapon with a hilt "

    Although the base modifier bonus is specified that it applies to lightsaber beside the option to hide an item...

    I guess it means that the Stun quality also applies to Melee item as well?!!

  7. would have been good if it would have been a game used as a test (or a quick game with character already defined wihout backstories) where characters would be discarded at the end of it regardless ....


    if its to be a game for the long run, i would favor coop and building a story together.....not to say that things cannot happen between character, but nothing set in motion by the GM that would lead to the death of characters...

  8. I wont get into details or anything, we all know where this eventually lead...well I've left before the eventual blockade of the thread.

    But ill explain something to the few who are still wondering why would someone (in this case; me) use peoples opinion/facts against a movie that they never saw.  (Previous comments here directed at my behavior from the last post)

    First, i care about star wars....because it was part of my universe when I was a kid or a teenager...not to the crazy extend....I haven't seen star wars as many time as other movies...but it's the games, the imagination that comes with it.....it is the glimpse of the universe that M Lucas has shown us (and no we don't need lightsabers to have a good story)

    Second, I've seen TFA, and I've hated it in all aspects....no need to debate, I've seen the movie

    Conclusion, im going to inform myself from those who seen the next movie in the sequel because if i knew what TFA turned out to be, i would have chosen not to see the movie...I wishes that I never saw TFA...

    So I've asked people around about Rogue One, then I've read reviews and they've all seen fine to me...most people gave insight that I've liked and finally decided to see the movie and then buy the blu ray

    Did the same toward TLJ, I've informed myself in the same way I did about Rogue One....the conclusion is I'm not going to make the same mistake twice...  I would have love that they would have made what I would consider great movies but we all have our own opinion

    So this hate that i have toward TLJ really all starts from TFA

    I guess im not alone to have the same feeling


    I'm going to say something, but to understand to a second degree, it is not perfect but here it is:

    Whoever feels the same way as the majority will lead to favor democracy and the light side of the force

    Whoever feels different, the outcast, will lead to favor dictatorship and the dark side of the force


  9. see, it all comes down to opinion (like ive said again and again) even though you've criticized some because because i havent watched the movie.....although ive dones my research...it isnt perfect...not like if people could just shared every video footage...nor that i realy want to see it....like i said ive profoundly hated TFA and TLJ was considered bad compared to TFA by the same people (~50) that liked TFA

    I've done the * myself as it is a quote from the youtube video ive shared....

    Mark Hamil backed done because he is under contract with Disney and hes not allowed to say whatever he wants... gotta read between the lines here....


    This is not the link i wanted but i think it will do....


    not the same writers etc


    Roman empire is not the Romulan empire....i suggest you watch the movie Gladiator if you do not want to go back in history...... clothing and stance doesnt make you the 3rd reich...it doesnt make you beleive in the same thing....when you look at Hitler speech and decide make something similar in your movie....then the conotation is much more prononounced...


    now I'm really out... im definitly not changing my mind about it nor proven that it should...there has been argument...the same that i could find online within the youtube chat....for the most part.....and as ive stated previously....it came down to exactly that but i felt like having a civilize conversation just to prove that i can be civilize about it

    so i guess, we no longer need piloting skill to fight in our game session, we will just hyperspace into every ship on front of us......until i become the gm, at that point you will just hit a brick wall....(sarcasm for those who dont understand it)...a movie should self explain itself and not have to people explain it after the fact... its like wanted to go out with a girl and you always make up excuses and self explain for why she may decline until one day it gets to you, it is simply because she is not interested...


    good bye from this discussion....






    Right now I'm not sur which badass character you're referring to

    The scene with Anakin and Padme where she talks about democracy and Anakin talks about a dictatorship...


    Well sure, a movie can use pieces of history, he didn't say I'm going to make the 3rd Reich as if they've one the war... in the movie 1-2-3, we come to learn how all of this unfold.... but what you're talking about is the uniforms and authority like.... yes that fits an empire …


    The thing is you're answering part of my comments, as a whole you're leaving apart what you're conceding...


    1) Leya flying like Mary Poppins, your finding something that could work within the SW Universe.  I feel uncomfortable with this behavior understanding that at the last movie, yes it was a while back, she had no Force usage and of course nobody left to teach her anything.

    2) You seem to concede that Ren and Snoke are not charismatic characters

    3) Good point about the dress up and military like with the 3rd reich but to me, this is simply an empire and they've chosen to model their canvas toward what the German did.... it doesn't make them the 3rd reich…. the scene in TFA is pretty much that though

    4) Phasma could have been used better, to you it is a could of, to me it is a must....or just don't put it in there and first of all, don't put her in any preview

    5) About Disney making good movies... of course they do.... Indiana Jones, loved all 4.... National Treasures, love both..... Rogue one, I loved that too..... but if you Wikipedia the movie, TFA, TLJ, Solo was made by the same producer, write etc

    Rogue one was made by another team that got fired by Disney.... last time I've checked...

    6) About the actor who play Luke not being happy about the development of his character for good reason, you've left this blank...

    7) Miss understood on the Kelly Tran situation.... well many have said that she was more annoying than Jar Jar Bing who was surely less annoying that C3-P0.... C3-P0 was enough....having to put him back together all the time was just enough, don't need more than that.....otherwise it becomes annoying...

    8 ) and lastly, the youtube movie I think by itself says it all... you can fast forward to 9min if you want to skip the non explanatory part....there is so many valid stuff being said...that its nothing compare to what I've said so far...even though he has some hard feeling about the Asian *****….lol  ….not sure he talks about what I've head....going hyperspace to destroy a ship in front of you even though that's not how it works at all...

  11. 4 hours ago, Daronil said:

    See, this is what happens when you don't watch the movie and then try to comment on it. You take stuff out of context and just get it flat-out wrong. 

    **Leya surviving space and moving back**

    Leia has clearly demonstrated Force use on a couple of occasions. Obi-Wan and Yoda point to it. Luke points to it. She uses it at least twice during the original trilogy (hearing Luke, and killing Jabba). 

    (And incidentally, throwing Vader in there is a bit disingenuous - you want to discount all the other references but bring in Vader who didn't even know she existed until about ten seconds before Luke kicked the crap out of him??)

    1) People can survive in space until they die from asphyxiation - it's not an instant death, and she survived at most a minute or two

    2) We've seen previous examples of people using the Force to stay alive. Anakin springs to mind - even with catastrophic injuries he kept himself alive. Maul is another. 

    3) Her moving through space is the most easily accounted for - she used telekinesis to pull on the ship. Her mass being miniscule in comparison to the ship, she was pulled toward it instead. She didn't "fly through space" as much as pull on a tether made of the Force.

     **Luke doesn't want to be found or train anyone but left a map to him**

    He didn't "leave a map to himself". R2-D2 had it embedded in his memory circuits and was shut down.

    **A person more annoying than Jar Jar bing (or C3-Po from someone else comments here) ….that she is being bullied on the internet... (M. Lucas did learn not to continue with this character and Disney comes up with anyone one but worse?)**

    I can only assume that you're talking about Kelly Tran, here. I'm not really sure what you're saying, but she received death and **** threats because she played a character some people didn't like. This is a result of toxic fandom where some pathetic, whining fans so identify with what they want from a franchise that they are willing to threaten a person in real life. Rose - the character - is most definitely not nearly as annoying as Jar-Jar Binks, and had Ahmed Best received those sort of threats for playing him I would have been condemning those wastes of oxygen as well.

    **A villain that dies stupidly and last few minutes**

    Ah, see, again it would help if you watched the movie. 

    1) It's not in the "last few minutes" (as opposed to Palpatine, who did die in the last few minutes)

    2) "Dying stupidly" is incredibly subjective. I thought the sequence where Snoke's overconfidence betrayed him and how it resulted in his death was extremely well done. No worse than being thrown down a reactor shaft, anyway...

    **The real villain that is as charismatic as an old shoe (Darth Vader, The Emperor, Count Dooku, That droid, Darth Maul all were)**

    So who's the "real villain"? Snoke? Ren? General Hux? Honestly, I can't tell from what you're saying. 

    **Rey who just seem to know it all**

    This has been done to death. Rey far from "knows it all". You keep saying you could rebut all the arguments people are making, but all you're doing is repeating your statements, despite the fact that you're being shown to be demonstrably wrong on points of fact. Not the opinion bits - nobody is worried by that - but you keep stating stuff that's just flat-out wrong, and then pride yourself on having not watched the film that you're getting stuff wrong about. 

    **Just the fact that they are turning the Empire as clowns....I've had enough when I saw the parody of the 3rd reich and the girl stormtrooper featured in all preview but used as a ….trying to figure a word to describe what I feel about it but can't from the first movie...**

    You don't think the Empire throughout the original trilogy was an analog to the Third Reich? Are you kidding? And while Phasma could have been used better, I'm not sure why you would have a problem with her in general.


    I'm going to answer to you just because of the Kelly Tran situation.  I didn't watch the scene as you can say.  Regardless of what it is, I can make the difference between an actor and a character in a movie.  Those who can't shouldn't watch a movie...or tv shows...that is why there are so many crazy people especially in the US....and why actors don't mind coming over here... because we're not all crazy about it...lmao.... There was an episode in friends about this exact behavior.....  Now as for who should deserve the blame for whatever she did should of course be the person in charge of the movie...because she was asked to perform the way she did...

    The real villain, I was talking about Ren....Snoke could be added to the list anyway...... and no it never cross my mind to put the Star Wars Empire close to the 3rd Reich.... stating that would implies that any Empire (Roman, Khan etc would be the same as the 3rd Reich) …..although the Orcs in LOTR were mentioned a couple of time to be the German soldier....which I think the author denied, but considering when he wrote it and the parallels that can be made...

    As for Leya, googling:

    How long can a human survive exposed in space?
    After about one minute circulation effectively stops. The lack of oxygen to the brain renders you unconscious in less than 15 seconds, eventually killing you. "When the pressure gets very low there is just not enough oxygen.

    Now of course, this is real life....how it is applied in SW may be different....

    Either way, if she is able to pull the ship close to her and that the size doesn't matter, why wouldn't the Emperor push the Death Star away from him and therefor not fall...or Mace Windu push the planet away to survive his fall....anyway....just quick rezoning that comes to mind

    Phasma could have been used better, well of course, otherwise, don't put her in there...that's the whole point...if you're to make special characters...and that's the biggest issues...the usage of characters.... it really is felt like Disney is pushing their own agenda... the Empire are the bad guys so lets make fun of them, the Rebels are the good guys so lets grant them everything they need to succeed.....(and I do not think that Empire = bad and Rebels = good....I think the best moment was when Anakin and Padme were talking about it on Naboo) that's why Rogue One was so different...it was also made by another crew....and the end was awesome...the whole movie in general was awesome

    But in the end, when the actor who plays Luke doesn't like what has become of his character, this should raise questions...

    As for something you may want to watch or not.... of course, I've look at other videos but I've found this one most funny






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