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  1. corrections have all been applied to gear, weapons, weapon mods, armors, armor mods. Uploading, 30min. So these should be good now, hopefully without anymore erratas I might move the gear arround to fit better their category....later this week
  2. I've went through FFG index Armor list, Weapons and gears Here is the list of errata I'll most likely fix next weekend.... I've also email them a bunch of errata for themselves as I had some right too! ^^ Creshaldyne Survivalist Armor -> Rarity 6 Kamperdine Custom Tailored Armored Jackets -> Encumbrance 1 Karflo Thinsuit -> HP 0 Tracker Utility Vest -> HP 0 TX-3 Combat Flight Suit -> Rarity 6, Encumbrance 4 Koromondain SVT-300 Stun Cloak -> Brawl Weapons 'aKraB Clip-point Vibrodagger -> 550 credits, Pierce 3, Vicious 1 Combat Knife -> Crit 3 Rarity 1, Enc 1, 25 credits Czerka "Czerhander" VX Vibro-Greatsword -> Pierce 2 Gaffi Stick -> 100 credits Vibro-Ax -> Enc 4 J-10 Dual Blaster Cannon -> Rarity 8, Enc 7, Crit 2 VX Sidewinder ->Rarity 8, Enc7 Disruptor Rifle -> Cumbersome 2, Vicious 5 Heavy Blaster Rifle -> Dam 10 Weequay Blaster Lance -> Dam 8 ACP Array Gun -> Stun Damage DL-7H -> Dam 8 Variable Holdout -> Crit 4 Brennkeyes Syndicate Knockout Mine -> Stun Damage, Limited Ammo 1 Malaxan Z50 Grenade Launcher -> Full name Merr-Sonn G2 -> Concussive 2 Wipe3 -> DAM 0 Explosives/missile - to 0 Imperial Heavy Repeater -> Innacurate to Cumbersome 4 Salus DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle -> Encumbrance 3 DH77 Headcomm -> reverse Enc and Rarity Cybernetic Limb -> 4,000 rarity 7 1.4 FD P-Tower Light Anti-Vehicle Battery -> - to 0 Golan-> same Bpea cascader Field equipment, encum to N/A Corchemco Beasmaster change picture Sleight Box -> Rarity 6 Fabritech CX-2000 -> Title dash sign and Rarity 8 Fasclean, dimish size of Enc Saladar -> dash to 0 Survival Equipment add space between the two Synthetic Anesthetic -> remove rarity (R) Bag and Tag -> lowercase and Electrobinoculars -> Enc (recorder) 1 Macrobinoculars -> Enc 1 Specimen container Medium -> Credit 50 Specimen container Large -> Credit 150 Enc 5 Rarity 3
  3. I'm probably gonna take a moment to compare with ffg index see if there are other errata like this... so far i was living on the hope that people would let me know trying to limit those mistakes...but the sheer quantities increase the possibilities of those mistakes...
  4. Yes, I've fixed it (was off on my datasheet itself...when I wrote it....probably copy past the previous entry and forgot to update that line) and apparently, thanks, my computer went to sleep right when I was uploading....uploading the rest
  5. Thanks, i'm reuploading the entire list of cards as i've made a few corrections, picture changes and somewhere arround 100-150 new cards should be completed within the next hour I'll try to work on adding pictures to card that don't have any....i've done alot this weekend but i feel that i can do a little more...NPC's and a couple of gear for instances...got some pictures that should fit right in...
  6. Mefyrx

    Pommel Cap

    Attaches to: Lightsabers and Melee weapon with a hilt Base Modifiers: When attached to a lightsaber hilt, the weapon gains the Stun 2 item quality. In addition, a single small item with an encumbrance value of zero may be stored in the pommel cap, with GM approval. Potential Upgrades: OO Item Quality (Stun +1)
  7. DOH 51 Says it can be attached to " Lightsabers and Melee weapon with a hilt " Although the base modifier bonus is specified that it applies to lightsaber beside the option to hide an item... I guess it means that the Stun quality also applies to Melee item as well?!!
  8. SoF 100 During the description, it states " Small, portable hypertransceivers are also available, with ranges up to about 25 light years." What would be the stats for that Does 500 credits, rarity 3, encumbrance 1 be reasonable for a "Cirenian Communications Pioneer Portable Short-Range Transceiver"?
  9. great work there....especially finding the proper picture and proper stats well the people who intend to print them would want the sheet, while the ones browsing them on their computer would most likely prefer individual page....but it works also as a sheet...
  10. Happy new year eveyone, i've uploaded a couple of new NPCs couple of hours ago
  11. I was talking about the overall Some adversaries have armor or ..., I just wanted to know if the base value included anything that was already define.... so it is
  12. would have been good if it would have been a game used as a test (or a quick game with character already defined wihout backstories) where characters would be discarded at the end of it regardless .... if its to be a game for the long run, i would favor coop and building a story together.....not to say that things cannot happen between character, but nothing set in motion by the GM that would lead to the death of characters...
  13. I wont get into details or anything, we all know where this eventually lead...well I've left before the eventual blockade of the thread. But ill explain something to the few who are still wondering why would someone (in this case; me) use peoples opinion/facts against a movie that they never saw. (Previous comments here directed at my behavior from the last post) First, i care about star wars....because it was part of my universe when I was a kid or a teenager...not to the crazy extend....I haven't seen star wars as many time as other movies...but it's the games, the imagination that comes with it.....it is the glimpse of the universe that M Lucas has shown us (and no we don't need lightsabers to have a good story) Second, I've seen TFA, and I've hated it in all aspects....no need to debate, I've seen the movie Conclusion, im going to inform myself from those who seen the next movie in the sequel because if i knew what TFA turned out to be, i would have chosen not to see the movie...I wishes that I never saw TFA... So I've asked people around about Rogue One, then I've read reviews and they've all seen fine to me...most people gave insight that I've liked and finally decided to see the movie and then buy the blu ray Did the same toward TLJ, I've informed myself in the same way I did about Rogue One....the conclusion is I'm not going to make the same mistake twice... I would have love that they would have made what I would consider great movies but we all have our own opinion So this hate that i have toward TLJ really all starts from TFA I guess im not alone to have the same feeling I'm going to say something, but to understand to a second degree, it is not perfect but here it is: Whoever feels the same way as the majority will lead to favor democracy and the light side of the force Whoever feels different, the outcast, will lead to favor dictatorship and the dark side of the force