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  1. Sorry for not clarifying. I meant the new expansions, Tyrants of Lothal. My bad... I promise I speak english
  2. Hey, I got into the game a couple months ago, and looked at the expansions. Not sure what to think of it, could someone smarter then me explain? How does this effect the meta and is this a priority buy? Thanks in advance
  3. Ohh ok thx. Will take that into concept as well
  4. Hahaha as I respond someone else chimes in! This is becoming a test of how fast I can type. But @ManateeX, I don’t think I’m going to purchase JR unless FFG stops production and there’s really nothing else to buy. Thanks tho
  5. @buckero0 thx, I have the core and I split the imperial and rebel side with him, currently I’m seeing if the price for HOTE will go any lower, if it doesn’t, then I’ll just purchase it. I think I can pick up Ejets from a friend too. Also my birthdays in early August so I think that’s where I’ll get most of my stuff.
  6. This list sounds awesome. Thanks for your time ??. If I can buy Ejets from a friend, would it be worth it? And if it is, should I just buy one pair of the elites or should I buy both from him?
  7. Dang. Thanks for all the replies and the quick feedback! I’ll show him this topic and tell him my thoughts. I’ll take this all into my tiny brain.
  8. Oh ok. Thanks for the advice ??. Since I don’t have enough money for three dewbacks outright... what’s a replacement for the dewbacks?
  9. Ohk. Even with Blaise having Zillo Technique?
  10. Thanks! An another friend of ours has Jabbas realm, should my friend(the one with the rebels) consider buying the hunter cards from the peep with JR? Ahsoka = good. Got it. Is there a list you could build with Ashoka, C309+R2D2, HOTE, Chewbaca and Leia? Btw thanks for your time!?
  11. Thanks so much! Now I’ll tell him to buy Rebel troopers... Jk . Lol when I was reading the middle paragraph I got really confused. What about Alliance Rangers? Heard those were ok. What do you think about them?
  12. Hi, I’m saying this for a friend, but which expansions should be priority for the rebels? He currently only has the core set(which he shares with me) and the Leia small box. More specifically, how can he build a semi-meta list for the rebels? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I’ll tell y’all when I crush them?
  14. Thanks a lot! That’s awesome, now I have a set goal in mind ??. If the price for HOTE drops, then I’ll pick that up, but if not I’ll get Agent Blaise and the ejets. Sweet
  15. Hey all! People have been giving advice left and right, and I almost can’t believe how helpful these peeps are. Amazing. People have given me tips on what to buy, but my empty brain coudnt handle it, so yeah... but what should I buy? A friend has Ejets, should I buy them from him or buy Jabba's realm altogether? I’m ? broke, so won’t pick anything up till the end of the summer. Which big box? My brother and I are sharing the core set, but looking to purchase more. Tips?
  16. I’ll take that into thought. My strategies haven’t been too hard to figure out, but next time I’ll put more brain power into it.
  17. Ok. Thanks for the info, I was unaware of this. I’ll definitely check them out.
  18. 2 rebs. Thanks so much. I’ll ask if they could change it, and if not, then that’s fine too. Thanks for your time!
  19. I recently started the game, and got into the community a week ago, but before that I had been searching all over for tips. There is a lot of experienced players in the community, and why not one of them start a YT channel with tips and BR? That’d be super cool and I’m sure many will support. We don’t need high res camera, experience, or anything. Just IA ?. If you think this is a trash idea, please tell! I’d be happy to learn why.
  20. Thanks! I didn’t think about that. Totalnoob and ricope, thanks so much! Problem is, while reading the anti snowball rule, my empty head got confused and lost. What is snowballing?
  21. Thanks a lot guys! The advice is very helpful. What about timing? How and when should I deploy my open groups? With my begining troops, should I lay down the pressure and get killed, or should I stay low, and pressure em when I deploy the open groups?
  22. Really? We’ve been playing the other two players have two activations and the legendary reward card. 1. Yep, we recently started and starting with core. 2. Fenn and Mak, both with two activations and the legendary card. 3. Rebs Mak No escape Fenn Rebel Elite Take Cover Armoured gauntlets Infintry rifle 4. The basic card and Adaptive weapons 5. Can’t remember, but pretty sure I wounded them. 6. No idea 7. I think maybe it’s becuase I take my time, and I usually save my open deployments until one of the end events, so when the end event happens I usually get a deployment, so with that free troop I deploy everything I got so I can focus fire and so they don’t have time to retreat. sorry it took so long to reply. I’ve been busy, and I play on two different houses and sometimes things get confused.
  23. Oh yeah. I’m imperial, have played longer than the other two, been blubbering my mouth off about how rigged campaign is. At the moment, I have to go to school, so I can’t put out the agenda and class yet, but I will ASAP. Thanks for the response
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