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  1. I believe there will be supplements in the near future. Look at Savage Worlds. They repackage anything they have already done into the system, the generic source supplements and then specific world's. I am sure FFG will follow suit. Plus, like some other companies maybe they will just sit back and let the fans do the hard work and the charge us $20 for a spot polished .pdf.
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    They mention bands of smugglers now and again. Would be a good hook. It would also be appropriate for players to not be up front. All of the factions always had ulterior motives. Very rarely did anyone ever stray to far from their loyalties. Party tension knowing that the bene Gesserit in the group may be a plant or that the smuggler could be a face dancer or the fremen in the group could call you out for offending the honor of their sietch.
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    I am still learning the system do forgive me. But I would say you would have to treat shield penetration as a called shot or only allow advantage count to penetrate at all.
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    I think with that response I have too! I would stick the original books for the most part. Depends when you set your campaign. I might pull from the trilogy that has the Butlerian Jihad and battle of corrino. Mostly because I like Errasmus. My problem with dune has always been trying to figure out why a diverse group would work together. There are some ideas like trying to overthrow Paul or Leto. You could have one party member actually be a face dancer mimic <depending how much you like hostile party dynamics that could be fun>. You could even cross Paranoia and Dune and have a whole party of gola who were raised separately and are working together to find out there past while doing dangerous jobs for a crazed mentat. In all seriousness it would depend on what your planned campaign is where you would pull your genre. It is stated that people with powers are very, very rare. Also the difference between a pranu-bindu trained fighter and a rank and file shoulder is like the difference between a slingshot and a howitzer.
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    Has anyone tinkered with the idea of a Dune setting? Would be interested in seeing some people's thoughts on it.
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