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  1. Hi, we had the same problem in our game today. But in our game we had slighty another layout and we found powder in another room. In our case, we had missing explore token from classroom 2 to the north (in layout was on left edge just next to the Library). Version 1.6.0 (810) for Windows.
  2. Scenario: Altered Fates Version: Steam App 1.6.0.(810) Interaction with the Old Journal is unlimited (and still the same).
  3. I just played 4th scenario (Rising tide) of Mansions of Madness 2nd edition on steam. I played CZECH language version and I lost at the end of game. The written text of epilog was OK, but sound didn't match the text. UPDATE: Today we played the same scenarion (Rising tide) and we won. Again in CZECH language. The written text of epilog was OK, but sound was in english language.
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