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  1. Thank you very much, that helps a lot.
  2. Hello all, just did my first practice run of the game with some friends and a couple of questions arrived during play. First, when a quest becomes available on the board, all players are able to complete it or advance it right?Second, at the end of the turn when monsters are activated or moved, can monsters move outside of their hex to another. We had a situation where a sentry bot was hunting down people across the entire map as well as two monsters existing on one space.Third, what do you do if you gain a companion from loot but already have one. Can it go to your inventory? If you try to sell it do you get caps? If it can go to your inventory and you exhaust your current companion, can you swap an exhausted companion with one in your inventoryFourth, If a companion pops up in the shop from the assets pile, how do you buy it? These are the ones with the special points at the top right.And finally, how do you normally gain caps? We were having a situation where after a decent amount of play, we still couldnt buy anything from the shop. Thank you in advance.
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