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  1. Watch Burn Notice, all of your questions will be answered
  2. one thing that may help is not having the obligation be the focus of the story, but rather an element that affects the larger game. For instance, one of my players has the Ob for criminal, in that he is the leader of a (very) small gang. During a game where his OB was triggered, the group needed to make a deal with a large crime syndicate, however the boss refused to work with the group, because he didn't want to support a potential rival. So the group had to find a way around this. his obligation was involved, but the larger story was the focus so the rest of the player were still active. I would also suggest not letting the group know who's obligation is triggered. Roll it behind the screen or a head of time, and incorporate it into you story.
  3. This whole endeavor is nothing short of amazing. It's going to be very cool to use with my group. do you have any plans to add stats to NPCs? You could have more skilled characters cost more to hire.
  4. the last image makes me. Wonder why the empire switched from Turbo-Tanks to at-at's. Similar size, better speed, more fire power, better center of gravity, can't be tripped. Everyone in imperial logistics needs to be executed.
  5. Because I love 'Pencils and Parsecs' and if you're not watching it on YouTube you should. I would suggest using a Togorian as a Species, they're 9ft tall bipedal Cat creatures. Base characteristics are. 3 brawn, 1 intelligence, the rest are 2 Increase brawn, intellect presence and will by one. Force rating either 3 or 4. Make the PCs do a fear check Durable 2, adversary 2, add defense depending on the PC dice pool If the PC weapons have high damage make sure to add Parry and reflect. I would avoid giving the NPC ranks in lightsaber because the damage is already high, and ranks will lead to more crits. Use move and bind to limit the PCs to attacking one at a time. Most importantly, don't tell the PCs the wound threshold, make it fluid, the fight Should last as long as you feel is right
  6. Lol, well it's less scribbling on paper and flipping through a book, so maybe that's what they all mean. I just love how everyone keeps saying that these characters with almost 1000xp each are being lazy. I checked the characters over the weekend, the lowest spec someone has is 3 and the lowest FR is 3 (about to grab 4th with Sage tree) . But yeah, these players haven't "earned" their ratings
  7. you gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers
  8. I like that Idea too, that was how they got the initial +1 I mentioned. Plus they would be able To spend the xp on skills and powers. The only downfall, which isn't a big one, is that it's dependant on the situations I put them into rather than their own choice.
  9. This campaign has gone for almost 2 years, playing 2-4 times per month so like 50-70 sessions, that is hardly "fast forwarding to higher Force ratings" This is more along the lines of end game characters wanting to further progression without adding unnecessary fluff and clutter to their character sheets.
  10. how is 3-5 sessions of 5 hours each little or no effort? In the last 6 months they've essentiallly completed the knights of the old republic main quest... I thinks that's more that earned one or two extra force Rating. I don't Understand how buying a needless specialization That Won't be used by that player, just to get the force rating some how constitutes more "effort"
  11. that makes sense for a mixed party. But you also need to consider that the actual gains of adding force dice are marginal after a certain point. There's another forum post were Absol197 calculated the probability based on the number of dice. also, this system, as people have pointed out, is already more costly (with less reward) than the books system in my situation in particular though, everyone in the group is a force user (25 years after ROTJ as part of the new Jedi)
  12. apparently I had a stroke while I posted that comment. I edited it to be actual coherent sentences. I get what you're saying, but I personally think that option is too expensive. Especially when trying To get to higher levels.
  13. doing it that way would make it way to difficult to increase, the minimum a player would pay right now is 200 based off that. We only meet like 3 Times a month so it would take almost two months if I was being super generous
  14. It's not everyone, if it was I'd Do that, I gave them an initial +1 already. But I see what you're saying.
  15. that is a good idea, I've considered having the group share the cost of the new books, but the issue is who gets them if we stop playing
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