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  1. The one area the core book is lacking on information on is Abilities for Adversaries. Apart from look at some abilities we have on example adversaries in this book. I know some kind souls have done a list of collected Talents from the Star Wars RPG's (which are really helpful for a newbie to the system that doesn't own any of the Star Wars books). Has anyone done a list of collected Abilities as at the moment I'm having real trouble designing my Monsters with whats available in core rules.
  2. Great first episode, easy to find on Podcast Addict on Android.
  3. The only ones hinted at are setting books for Android and Runebound.
  4. Having come from Savage Worlds and FATE I think Genesys can replace both those systems for me. However, after reading the book I thing a bit of work will be needed to get up and running.
  5. My question for the show would be: What advice would you give players coming from non narrative systems to Genesys.
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