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  1. Did you reinstall VASSAL or update to a new version? Your system administrators may have made a change to ensure that everything gets backed up on the server.
  2. Is it a violation of forum rules to ask about places to buy single cards, ships, etc.? Trades won't help.
  3. You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have giant space worms with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!
  4. First letter of the Victory-class title is an F or P. Maaaaaybe an R.
  5. Nothing to see here.
  6. People have jokingly said that Admiral Piet replaces officers that Darth Vader kills. Based on the Chimaera's ability to have a "side board" of Fleet Command cards, I can see Piet working just this way. The Imperial player can remove her Commander and put Admiral Piet into play. (Removed Commander gives the opponent points equal to the card value?) Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader probably can't be removed. Of course, cards that aren't in play can't be used, so you need another card to trigger this ability. The Admiral Piet officer card? Or the Darth Vader officer card??? The officer version of Admiral Piet would be removed from play (at no cost) when the commander version is substituted in.
  7. So, the SSD comes with Darth Vader as an officer. Any guesses what his ability will be?
  8. While my browser automatically spellchecks, the best addition ever would be an automatic pop-up for commonly-confused words showing brief definitions. My English teacher mother called them "Spelling Demons." MS Word's grammar checker does a fairly good job on a lot of things (and is very bad in some areas), but I don't know why it doesn't do something along these lines. I think Grammarly might have this feature. Hmmm, looks as though there's a free Grammarly plug-in for Firefox. Probably need to study the T&Cs and Privacy Policy.
  9. It's not the chance of CTE, it's the near inevitability of join damage, ligament and tendor damage, back injuries, and more. Too many players end up with unavoidable long-term pain.the Los Angeles Times published an article years ago by a player who recounted playing with constant pain during the season and the team doctors handing out painkillers like candy--or worse. Probably violating ethics and FDA dosage limits. Concussion and CTE in soccer is grossly overrated. At least it's better than when the leather balls soaked up water in wet weather (is there any other kind in England?) and the sheer weight did terrible damage. Soccer could vastly cut back on brain damage by banning heading, but the fans would hate that. I'd be willing to see use of the fist above the top of the head to punch the ball from below, but I'm not the fan base that FIFA cares about. I do think that American football could make significant equipment changes, and some rules changes, to make players subject to less chance of permanent injury. How to address the ridiculous growth in the weight of the average player, I'm not sure about. Straight up limits by position seem weird and possibly untenable. Maybe a maximum weight per position, and if you're above it, you have to wear additional weight equal to one or two times how much you exceed the limit? Put half of it around the abdomen and half in ankle weights. Sort of a backwards version of what they do with jockeys.
  10. Test carefully before you put this into action. It's easy for unforseen (bad) effects to pop up in systems like this. Consider making the cost the square of the distance. With a 1:1 ratio, it's possible that it may be so easy for the players to jump so far that it would be impossible for the Empire to tighten a net around them! On a semi-related topic, Ken Burnside just previewed a map for a definitely-not-Star-Wars campaign system. He's published a lot of campaign systems over the years a developed a unique philosophy: campaign systems shouldn't be about strategy, they should be about generating interesting battles.
  11. Perhaps, but I envision it as the second player having some special intelligence. In any case, the assymetry is essential in giving the second player a significant advantage. The bonus that the second player receives in Advanced Gunnery is enormously more useful than what the first player gets, especially since there's a good chance that the first player will already have Gunnery Teams on their best ship.
  12. Of course, there are some Interdictor fleets that love Station Assault ... drag them closer together to make them easier to defend ... Drag other obstacles in ... Use both of them as hospitals ... Sure, it removes the problem of the attackers having to turn hard to get the second station after eliminating the first. Making them both armed stations is a nice change, but it definitely increases their value to those Interdictor fleets, since the stations can now provide mutual support. Especially when in mutual support, the Armed Stations really cause problems for fighter fleets. They only have a single blue die, so it's medium range, but the fire in all directions! That's pretty powerful. Sure, scatter aces will laugh, until they're engaged by another squadron at the same time, or by a good flak ship. Then things start adding up, especially for the low-hull Imperial squadrons. (Y- wings, even generics, laugh it off thanks to being cheap squadrons with so much hull. Go, Y-wing!) The risk is making Station Assault identical to the CC Show of Force special objective.
  13. Thematically, it makes a lot of sense. A Rebel second player gets to say, oh, that's the Star Destroyer that we've been ordered to eliminate. Having one of the second player ships as a target was just balancing (the second player still has an advantage). If it's an Rebel assassination strike, having one of their high ships be a special target for the imperials doesn't make a lot of sense. Most wanted worked pretty well until the introduction of flotillas, especially lifeboat flotillas, and then adding Relay. Why not have your lifeboat flotilla run away, while still commanding squadrons from across the board? Even with the ban on lifeboat flotillas and the changes to Relay, flotillas are an excellent choice for a fleet with Most Wanted as one of it's objectives. If you at least have to make a HH or Raider the Most Wanted ship, you're either taking more points and combat power out of the fight, or you're offering up easy extra points. Since both of those ships need upgrades to be efficient, you actually have to put more at risk if you want to put them into the fighting. "Cannot choose a flotilla as the Most Wanted ship" is a good change, unless there are actual combat flotillas planned.
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