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  1. It’s become common now for most of the quick builds to have something outside the tournament rules for casual play. Some other examples are the quick build for the millennium falcon that has Han and Luke gunners at the same time, or Kyle Ren with 2 force abilities.
  2. Hopefully that’s a sign that other retailers will be getting their stock in the next few days!
  3. Is there a delay for UK? No one seems to have any stock.
  4. Might be a long shot but I’m gonna go for MC90 and the Resurgent class Star Destroyer.
  5. So now that the new resized tie silencer is coming out, I’ve been thinking about the 2 1st edition minis I have in my collection. Rather than retiring them, I’m thinking of maybe flying them in casual play as a “heavy silencer” variant, running them on a medium base with maybe a bomb slot or 2?
  6. It would be brilliant if the vulture and hyena droids could deploy landing struts onto a friendly huge ship. Hello instant gun turrets!
  7. Yeah I get the Australia mix up, but they pulled from the shelves. I’m mainly annoyed that they’re now up on Amazon UK but at 2x RRP to try and exploit the haphazard release.
  8. What on earth is going on with wave 4? My LGS which I preordered from back in mid May Just keeps pushing back the shipping date week after week, yet it’s been out in Australia for weeks, on sale from Barnes and Noble in the US for over a week and now they’re currently for sale on Amazon UK at horrendously over inflated prices (£55 for a Resistance Transport or £37 for the Hyena bomber as of this writing). Frustrating.
  9. So many possible heroes! Boromir, Eowyn, Faramir, Tauriel, Bard the Bowman, any number of Dwarfs from the Hobbit.
  10. I think there is great potential here. I’d prefer new pilots over upgrade card packs. Thinking things like Hera Syndulla in a T-65 x-wing, Ezra in a Y-wing, or even a Kaz T-70. Shows like the Mandalorian will undoubtedly introduce new characters flying existing ships.
  11. Expansions are great! I love when you can breath new life into a game and make it feel new again. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the Mandalorian gave us some great content for possible expansions.
  12. I think it’s cool. Now I’ll have some gold dice for x-wing and can also throw in some reds when playing outer rim.
  13. Lovin’ the resistance bomber in 2nd edition.
  14. Yeah the SLAM would be a nice addition but I just don’t feel like those 4 small extra engines are SLAM material. They seem more like compensation for the larger ship frame. With luck we might see more of it in future Resistance episodes or even an episode 9 appearance. At the moment details are just too scarce.
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