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  1. Braddock76ie

    What is the best Star Wars quote to state when playing X-wing

    She’s gonna blow!
  2. Braddock76ie

    Resistance and First Order in the Extended Meta

    Lovin’ the resistance bomber in 2nd edition.
  3. Braddock76ie

    T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being

    Yeah the SLAM would be a nice addition but I just don’t feel like those 4 small extra engines are SLAM material. They seem more like compensation for the larger ship frame. With luck we might see more of it in future Resistance episodes or even an episode 9 appearance. At the moment details are just too scarce.
  4. Braddock76ie

    T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being

    As we’re not likely to see an official T-85 release any time soon, I’ve been giving thought to possible stats for the T-85 and have a couple of theories based on the limited info available and what we’ve briefly seen in Resistance. Its possible that the T-85 has completely done away with any ordinance slots. So far we have seen no evidence of any torpedo launchers and after the defeat of the empire it’s feasible that the New Republic took a less aggressive approach to their new military designs as they shifted from the role of insurgents to a defensive/peacekeeping role. The ship frame definitely appears larger and more robust than the T-70 and the bulbous nose could be indicative of improved sensor capabilities which would fit with a defensive/patrol role. I’d imagine Hull value of 5 and shields remain as 3. I feel that agility should remain at 2. Add a system slot and possibly even a 2nd tech slot. Also in the 1st episode of resistance it appears that the FO tie interceptor is ionized by Kaz’s hit, so could this suggest a kind of dual purpose cannon? This could either be represented by having a cannon upgrade slot or baked in ability that allows you to substitute hits/crits for ion tokens. This would also fit in with the ‘peacekeeping’ doctrine of the New Republic. For the T-85 s-foil ability I am thinking similar to the T-70 but when s-foils are open, also allow a stop & rotate 90 or 180 degrees maneuver similar to the U-wing. Lastly, from the Poe quote, there’s a suggestion that the T-85 supports cloaking device. Still not clear if this would be a standard feature (baked in special ability or cloak added to action bar) or a modification (illicit slot perhaps?).
  5. Braddock76ie

    Upsilon - Why?

    I think the stats are fine and thematic. It is a shuttle, not a dog fighter. It’s essentially a fancy looking bus with some big cannons. Having 3 crew slots makes it interesting and we need to remember that this is a relatively young faction with a lot of potential for new crew upgrades post episode 9 or updates from other Star Wars shows like Resistance or the Mandalorian.
  6. Braddock76ie

    X-wing 2nd Edition plug-in for Strange Eons

    Great work! Been waiting for this.
  7. Braddock76ie

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    Agreed. Think about how often we see a capital ship ram a small fighter in any sci-fi show. I can’t think of a single instance unless the fighter was somehow disabled. Instead what if only ionized ships could be rammed? That would give Ion weapons a whole new threat level in epic matches. Any other ship run over by an epic ship could just be repositioned at range zero, similar to how it works in Armada.
  8. Braddock76ie

    Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition

    Any stats coming for the gr75?
  9. Braddock76ie

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    I want to see Ion weapons have a greater impact on epic ships. Not just restrictions on movement but also weapons and other actions. We see the ion cannon cripple a star destroyer in Empire Strikes Back and more recently the gold squadron Y wings cripple the Star Destroyer in Rogue One. If they can do that to a star destroyer, they should be able to make light work of a Raider or Gozanti.
  10. Braddock76ie

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    Love epic and more ships would be great, like the hammerhead corvette for one. Hopefully the new animated series will also introduce some possible epic ships for the resistance and first order factions.
  11. Braddock76ie

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    Any word on when we can expect news on conversion kits for Resistance and First Order factions? This is a great opportunity to fix the tie silencer which could do with cannon and missile upgrade slots now that we have official specs confirming the ships armament. Resistance bomber suggestion: Get rid of turret primary and give it forward and rear facing firing arcs along with a turret upgrade slot (or 2) and the new gunner crew upgrade slot. Official spec has this ship with 2 pairs of fixed forward cannons and a pair facing the rear along with 2-3 turrets. Seems mad that it didn’t even have the crew slot in 1st edition.
  12. Braddock76ie

    AT-AT Card

    In Empire Luke mentions that the Armor is too strong for their blasters. Not shields. So I don’t think adding shields is a good approach. However, in the context of x-wing, just having a large hull value with no shields means a group of small fighters could still easily wear down a walker. My personal approach takes inspiration from mission 7 (imperial aces). The imperial facilities have an agility value of 4. Not to represent them being agile but rather to reflect the difficulty in actually causing them damage. Giving these walkers a lower hull but raising agility (I’m thinking 3 agility and 8 hull) would still make them very difficult to damage for low attack value ships, but still give the ships with big guns or ordinance a chance to do real damage. Also means you could savage them with bombs.
  13. Braddock76ie

    Can you get Harpooned multiple times?

    I agree that these should stack. The intention is that the missile has struck but not detonated. It makes sense that multiple missiles would create additional damage when detonated.
  14. Braddock76ie

    please DO nerf harpoons

    Imperial Raider with ordinance tubes and harpoons. Can spam harpoons turn after turn. Get clever with your list and you could spam multiple missiles each turn