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  1. Has there been a delay in release? I see most UK stores don’t seem to have received copies this week even though Asmodee UK site showed it should have shipped this week. Also no sign of the expansion on the App yet.
  2. I'd like to see a short bow or similar that would be allowed as a 2nd weapon. It would be less powerful than the Great Bow, but allow characters like Aragorn to take a Sword and Bow.
  3. I've just seen a new listing on some UK/EU game sites for what looks to be a pre-order listing for a new small expansion for LoTR:JiME - titled "Dwellers in Darkness". Price is around £15 (€17) area, similar price point to the Villians of Eriador pack. No images or details listed beyond that. Exciting stuff!
  4. Looks like the B2 Super battle droids will be shipping to UK retailers next week! https://www.asmodee.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2011__-04-03-2020-_-H_WEB.pdf
  5. Demoralize X - where X represents the amount of weeks past an expansion’s release date and it’s still hasn’t shipped to my LGS
  6. Looks a bit beefier / more reinforced around the cockpit area and the support struts on the wings look thicker. Looks like its probably a little more survivable than the TIE/sf?
  7. Yeah same. Its a bit of a 1st world problem though. They could probably bring the cost down on expansions a little if they cut down on the additional upgrade cards and tokens.
  8. So i guess this explains why we don’t see torpedo launchers on the T-85 X-Wing in SW Resistance. Going by that article on the Y-wing, the New Republic prohibited torpedo launchers on their starfighters. T-85 might be built to be tanky but not punchy it seems.
  9. Agree this makes sense. This could have been a boneyard of sorts for Imperial I’s that we’re replaced by Imperial II class. This kind of stockpiling of surplus military equipment happens all the time in real world.
  10. Started watching the 1st season of the clone wars again the other day and thought the exact same thing when Rex and his squad of clones used shock/ion grenades to disable a bunch of B1 droids!
  11. Several reasons. If a product hits its advertised launch date and let’s say you’re in the UK, but it ends up only being released in Australia - That can be quite annoying, usually because you’re left questioning when or if your product is going to arrive at all? Retailers also faces issues of customers complaining, wondering if it was an issue with their local store messing up orders rather than a distributor issue. They can also end up having some pre-orders cancelled by customers who instead decide to not wait and order from an overseas retailer instead which already received the stock.
  12. How good would those tattoine sand skiffs be as open troop transports???
  13. The only thing more annoying than a delay is a staggered release. It sucks when you’re seeing people in other countries getting something weeks before it’s available in your own country. So in a way I’m glad they pushed back the release so that everyone (with some rare exceptions) gets it at the same time. I also don’t see the point in canceling a pre-order for something that you really want. That’s not going to make it come any sooner.
  14. Let’s face it, we get so worked up and annoyed over delayed releases because the stuff they make is so **** good and we just want more!
  15. Don’t trust the statuses. X-Wing wave V was showing as “on the boat” at the start of this week and it was in stores yesterday.
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