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  1. I had always bypassed Dalan to and then got teased so hard when I played his quickbuild at new players escalation night... they gave him the illicit Contraband Cybernetics! It's not on him otherwise! (Caution about accumulating to much stress though) Thanks for this discussion group!
  2. @redneckrampageOther than Vador I can't find anywhere it says we can use force for actions... so he's not able to Coordinate using the force. I thought it worked that way but can't find it. Do you remember?
  3. L3-37 card states : If you are not shielded, decrease the difficulty of your bank (left bank and right bank) maneuvers. • Reverse Bank: The ? ( left reverse bank) and ? (right reverse bank) bearing moves the ship at a shallow curve to one side, changing its facing by 45º. This bearing uses the same template as the ? and ? maneuvers. ◊ Reverse bank maneuvers are reverse maneuvers, not forward maneuvers. Please tell me that applies to reverse LEFT BANK and RIGHT BANK LOL I'm think I know the answer to this one
  4. I love the name of the thread! Since it's a quote from the villian The Joker i was expecting a scum list :p But I do agree with the potential the Y-wing has. Scum Y's with Ion turrets and Vet. Turret Gun. gives it a possibility of double taping
  5. if you can get Hawk Title then your potential for Paylob to do his worst increases. You could have 180 degrees of token management. On Ketsu you could try Seasoned Navigator ensure you get into the right spots if the board has changed... but everyone says if you fly well you don't need him lol. Lancer has a great dial. Seasoned Nav says : After you reveal your dial, you may set your dial to another non-red maneuver of the same speed. While you execute that maneuver, increase its difficulty. Or if you can afford it Maul would be great because his re-occuring force charge can <** removed double as a coordinate or **> dice mod. That way your mobile arc is free to point outside of you front arc and then when you want it forwards you can do and still take a TL or Focus for more efficiency. <** I don't know why I that force charges could double as an action. currently it's only for dice mod or specific abilities **>
  6. I think Maul is a great crew in certain situations. Being a force user it gives your ship a re-occurring force token that doubles as a co-ordinate or dice modification. Pairing with Jabba wont make sense unless you fill out your squad. Jabba's use is going to recharge Illicits like Contraband Cybernetics, Cloaking Device, or Rigged Cargo Shut. I read there is some strange shenanigans you can do with Cikatro Vizago and switching illicits to ships that can't normal take those illicits. Like Rigged shut on a Z95 or Cloaking Device on a large base ship! Then Jabba could recharge a lost Cloaking device kind of thing. But it's investing points that might be useful else where. Maybe someone will come up with something interesting at some point.
  7. L337 will help with 4-lom's stresses. Nice.
  8. I don't usually see many Conor Net's in play but this might be an example of a wasted Conor net. I think it's ioning affect is wasted both if the Net is placed on a ship or if a ship while ionized moves thru the Net. So turn of events goes: Planning Phase System Phase: Ship A drops Conor net on top of an already ionized Ship B, ionized Ship B receives 1 damage and 3 more ions (which fully ionizes even large based ships) Activation Phase Ship B activates in turn of initiative with it's original ions plus 3 more and performs the ionization maneuver (it's not assigned or revealing a dial). Step 4 says to remove all ion tokens... so the original ions plus the new ones from the Conor net are removed and therefore wasted. (there's no mention of creating a secondary pool of tokens) As this scenario isn't mentioned in the ion rules, it's either missed or done this way to prevent Conor from doing it's worst... which is unlikely because a ship can become re-ionized by other means. What do you think? Ion Rules state: 2. During the Execute Maneuver step, the ionized ship executes the ion maneuver. The ion maneuver is a blue [1 ?] maneuver. The bearing, difficulty, and speed of this maneuver cannot be changed unless an ability explicitly affects the ion maneuver. 3. During the Perform Action step, the ship can perform only the ? action. 4. After the ship finishes this activation, it removes all of its ion tokens.
  9. Maul's force charge will let me also change a dice result taking him off would help to add another ship for sure though.
  10. I don't think so. You can't Compose because of a stress token from the red action... Action, link action (usually red) and receive stress -> fail , Composure (and no green tokens) triggers but one can't "perform" actions while stressed.
  11. I've taken out Boba and put in Latts... I'm a little worried 2 ships won't be enough to be competative over all. It might be better to take out Morralo and put in either a Firespray or Lancer with an escape craft or jakku gunrunner. Asajj Ventress — Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft 84 Sense 6 Latts Razzi 7 Ship Total: 97 Moralo Eval — YV-666 72 Lone Wolf 4 Cluster Missiles 5 Maul 13 0-0-0 3 L3-37 4 Ship Total: 101
  12. Latts is good with Asajj for sure! 3 more points so swapping BobaFett would make the list 200.
  13. I was playing with jumping around the board and this setup feels pretty scummy. Granted in this case Boba Fett might have a hard time flanking ships (predictable attack run) and another crew might be more competitive. One could use Morallo to Flee/Flank instead while Asajj draws them in. Having Maul on the YV-666 can give him another action (especially useful if changed to Proton Torps for TL and Focus) or be used for dice mods. Either way I'm totally going to try this list out Asajj Ventress — Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft 84 Sense 6 Boba Fett 4 Shadow Caster 6 Ship Total: 100 Moralo Eval — YV-666 72 Trick Shot 1 Tractor Beam 3 Maul 13 Chewbacca (Scum) 4 L3-37 4 Ship Total: 97 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  14. @ArbitraryNerd Good question about Beckett on the escape craft. It's not in play yet but has an ability that happens at start of match. So Hoffburgers above suggestion to start in play then Dock might be the only option. His card reads: "Setup: After placing forces, you may choose 1 obstacle in the play area. If you do, place it anywhere in the play area beyond range 2 of any board edge or ship and beyond range 1 of other obstacles." From Rules referance 1.0.2 Reserve section • The abilities of a ship in reserve are inactive unless the ability explicitly allows it to be used while it is in reserve. • A ship that is docked is placed in reserve.
  15. lots of ion! i liked the y-wing ion turret swarm a little better for damage output and potential double tap with vet. tur. gunner. Nice build though.
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