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  1. Naerytar

    X-Wing disappearing from stores in Germany

    I don't know anything about sales numbers, but I can tell you, that 2.0 has been doing really well in my area of Germany. Our FLGS is well stocked. There are at least two tournaments a month within 1h driving distance of me (all of which are well-attended). There's going to be a huge System Open in Hanover next month. So, yeah. I'm not worried
  2. Naerytar

    Faction identities

    To be honest, I always found these faction identities to be pretty meaningless in actual competitive play.
  3. Naerytar

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

  4. Naerytar

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    Explain the difference, please.
  5. Naerytar

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    If your list can reliably beat Init 5/6 while moving first, then it doesn't matter, if it's 10% of the field or 90% of the field. In fact, 90% of the field would be better for you, since you have a favorable matchup in almost all your games. So my point would stand: Why aren't you playing that list right now? If you can't beat such lists reliably, then "random first player" would maybe make your list viable by reducing it's bad matchups. But that's not what you claimed in your previous post. You said, that it's possible to play around having to move first, if you just play right and build your list right.
  6. Naerytar

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    If you could do that in a "random first player" game, you could also do that right now. So why aren't you doing exactly that? And if you are and you are, in fact, winning... what's the problem again?
  7. Naerytar

    January changes - prepare to be disappointed

    You're being a drama queen. It's not nearly as bad as you make it out to be.
  8. Naerytar

    Informant and Advanced Sensors

    So you're saying, the first sentence of Advanced Sensors is equivalent to "After step 1 of the Activation phase, you may perform 1 action" That makes sense.
  9. I put Listening Device on a ship with Advanced Sensors. When can that ship perform an action? During the System Phase? During step 1) or 3) of the Activation Phase? Only during step 3) of the Activation Phase Relevant rules: I think, the question boils down to the difference between "reveal" and "flip". During the System phase the ships dial is "flipped", but it is not "revealed". So Advanced Sensors doesn't trigger. But what happens during step 1 of the activation phase? A ship "reveals it's dial by flipping it". What if the dial has already been flipped via Listening Device? Does Advanced Sensors trigger?
  10. Naerytar

    Has anyone made Admiral Sloane work?

    I love the card, but I can't seem to find a list, that utilizes her well. The best thing I could come up with, is this: Lieutenant Sai (47) Admiral Sloane (10) Hull Upgrade (3) Seyn Marana (30) Marksmanship (1) Gideon Hask (30) Del Meeko (30) "Howlrunner" (40) Shield Upgrade (8) Total: 199 Unfortunately that didn't work very well. Lack of damage and the shuttle died pretty quickly. Did anyone have more luck with Admiral Sloane?
  11. Naerytar

    Rexler / Redline + X

    Why Barrage Rockets over Proton Torpedos, though? The fully modded 4-dice attack of PT seems pretty good. Barrage Rockets have more charges, but isn't Redline usually the first ship to die in a list like this?
  12. Naerytar

    Rexler / Redline + X

    I'm trying to build a list based on Rexler Brath and Redline. I got two ideas for a third ship. 1) Rexler Brath (84) Juke (4) "Redline" (44) Proton Torpedoes (9) Hull Upgrade (3) "Whisper" (52) Juke (4) Total: 200 2) Rexler Brath (84) Juke (4) "Redline" (44) Trajectory Simulator (3) Proton Torpedoes (9) Proton Bombs (5) "Duchess" (42) Juke (4) Proton Bombs (5) Total: 200 My questions: - In the first list, is Hull Upgrade on Redline worth it or should I take a 3 point bid? Do I even care about player order? Moving last is nice, but Whisper wants to shoot first against other I5 ships, to get a second evade token. - Should I replace Trajectory Simulator and Proton Bombs on Redline with Advanced Sensons on Rexler? - Any other ideas for a third ship?
  13. Naerytar

    2.0 Rexler and Whisper+ ??

    Major Rhymer with Advanced Proton Torpedos? 40 Points for a 5 dice attack at range 1-2 is hard to beat.
  14. Naerytar

    Will there be new 1.0 content?

    I don't think so. If popularity implied quality, Justin Bieber would be a fantastic musician. Michael Bay would make world class movies. McDonald's would be gourmet food. Buzzfeed would be a great news site. On a more fundamental level, I don't think you can ever prove objective facts about how things should be with subjective preferences. For example: If every single human on earth said, chocolate ice cream is the best ice cream, would that make an objectively true fact about the nature of the universe? So if there weren't any humans in the universe, chocolate ice cream would still be the best? I don't think, that's a reasonable conclusion. Just to be clear, we can still talk about single aspects of 2.0 being better or worse than 1.0. So, you could say "the balance of 2.0 is better than 1.0" and that could be true or false, based on tournament data. Or "the variety of ships being played is higher". But a general judgement of "edition x is better than edition y"? I think, that will always be subjective.
  15. Naerytar

    Will there be new 1.0 content?

    "Most people agree, it it is objectively a better game." is an incorrect usage of the term objectively. "It's objectively true, that most people like the game more." would be a correct usage.