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  1. This Looks amazing, can't wait to try it out next session. Thanks!
  2. Depending on the College, they might have access to cutting edge labs, maybe they have connections to a mega-corporation, or maybe they can request a special permit to get into space. Although, for a smaller college, they might have access to discount medical care(nursing program), or maybe a fellow teacher used to work in a plot relevant field.
  3. One thought I had, was to adapt magic to represent nanotechnology. But that is as far as i got.
  4. If you end up needing to adapt other cities I heard that the following are good: city state of the invincible overlord lankhmar city of adventure vornheim the complete citykit Although I have never checked them out myself.
  5. Just a work of caution, the hanger has some AT-STs, we hijacked them and went so off the rails, the GM stopped using the module.
  6. The first character I created, the one this account is named after was a Selonian medic. After we started I learned that Male Selonians were essentially sex slaves and everyone joked that I was kidnapped from Selonia. So the first game I played him as timid, shy, and reserved. Unfortunately, that meant we didn't get anything done; so he allowed us to repeat that session. In between sessions I saw the trailer for Central Intelligence and was inspired, so my backstory went like this: he was unwanted on Selonia, so he set off in to the galaxy to find his purpose elsewhere. But the only one who would take him in was an old farmer. for the next ten years he helped out, got stronger, and because he was so accident prone, trained with a medpac. Afterwards he got bored and hooked up with a group of mercenaries who taught him how to fight.
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