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  1. Hi. I haven’t had the chance to play in quite a while. I’d be glad to play when you can.
  2. Hi, Radish. I found myself in a very similar situation. I wanted the game mainly to play with my girlfriend who’s not much of a card game person herself. We played Arkham Horror some times but it didn’t really appeal to her. L5R was more to her liking. Being an Old5R player and huge fan of the game, I went immediately for 3 cores, so I can’t really help much there. Having read the Learn to play guide book and watched a couple of plays on YouTube, I found the basics easy to learn and teach. On the few occasions doubt arises during play, we both go online and figure out the correct rule. On a couple of occasions, we just decided for ourselves what seemed fair and only checked the rules later so as not to spoil the fun. I would highly recommend watching one or two videos of how the game is played on YouTube, it really clarifies the rules (personally, I liked the Team Covenant ones). As for card knowledge, we haven’t felt it to be much of a problem. Of course, we both made rookie mistakes, such as her collecting a bunch of conflict cards on hand and running into my RoB (yeah... almost slept on the couch for that one) or my many blunders against Jigoku players (who were kind enough to put up with my rookie mistakes and help me get better). All in all, to play in a friendly environment, I don’t think you really need to know every single card to have fun. However, as you get to know the cards and get better at the game, enjoyment will increase. We both have had a lot of fun playing the new L5R, with the rage inducing moments of RoB to the frustration of Voice of Honor to the exhilaration of victory over your crushed opponent (kidding...). We don’t play competitively between us and it’s great. Hope this helps. Cheers
  3. Hi. Thanks for your answers and support. I just caught that part of the regulations and they do also state that Expectations are not intended to exclude people from participating, but to communicate the experience that players can expect from an event. I figure, if I get a break from work, you'll find me there, probably losing but definitely having a good time.
  4. Hi. I'll try to make it, if work allows. As far as I'm concerned, just having lots of l5r players battling each other will be enough to make it a great weekend (of course, if Dragon wins, I won't be complaining). I'd like to add that I'm still a beginner at this game and my experience in competitive play is nill... Is this an impediment to having some fun at the Kotei? Is the environment friendly to beginners or would I get kicked out at my first blunder?
  5. Hi. Looking for Portuguese players. All clans are welcome. I reside around the Porto area, but distances are nothing to a proper Bushi (with a little shugenja help). Would like to organize casual game meetings.
  6. From the Rules Reference, Page 27: If my opponent plays Banzai! (Core, 204) and I wish to cancel it with Voice of Honor (Core, 145), can I cancel the whole effect, or just half of it? When your opponent plays Banzai!, they will select a target to receive +2. You may interrupt to cancel this effect, which would also cancel the option to repeat the ability. If you do not, and they choose to pay 1 honor to resolve the ability again, then you have another opportunity to interrupt to cancel the (new) set of effects that give +2 to a character. Thus, you can choose to cancel either the entire card effect, just the second part of the card effect, or none of the card effect.
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