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  1. I lost all desire to play this game the moment me and my gameplay partners reread the campaign status phase step 1 and realized the imperials increased threat every round according to the threat level. We play with 3 heros and one imperial. And the second we hit 4 threat level it was over. Everytime we killed something 2 more of it took its place. We lost every round since. The heros in this game are more skilled them the imperial. As one of the heros demolished us as imperial without that rule. Personally I feel like there needs to be a hero advantage that we are missing, or a weakness for the imperials. Because we cannot even make it to a single objective due to the mass of troopers. It's horrible.
  2. A little background, I’ve been playing this game for a long time. And me and my fellow players just read a rule stating every round you increase your threat according to your threat level. It stresses me out because it is extremely overpoweted. With 2 experienced players and 1 noob on the rebel side even with the 3 extra health per hero and extra activation token we lose numerous rounds against the semi-experienced imperial. So that brings me to my question. Are we playing that right? Do the imperials actually increase their threat according to their threat level every round? If so do you play it that way? And are they allowed to use that threat to buy garrison that game? Personally I cannot stand it and it effects the game and makes it less enjoyable, we lose aftermath now fom the overwhelming amount of imperials.
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