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  1. The sage tree from Consular has the ability Valuable facts; average diffuclty roll, if successful add a triumph to ally's skill check. I think their are other abilities like this. When that is combined with a tech specialist of sorts, you can make some nasty stuff.
  2. Oh boy, i had a min maxer in my group who got other party members to use abilities that give a triumph to an allies roll. Ended up with 3 triumphs and ridiculous amounts of advantage. You could just Homerule something appropriate
  3. All of the kotor soundtracks are beautiful, I would definitely use them.
  4. Siuolis

    Some questions

    Yeah that's true, I usually gives the nemesis a couple ranks in adversary, but I get giving the nemesis more percentage in total actions so he doesn't get creamed.
  5. Siuolis

    Some questions

    In the core rule book it does say at the gm's discretion that force powers, could be used out of turn. The example they gave was using move out of turn when someone was about to fall off a cliff( I can't remember exactly).However I would make them use a destiny point, maybe suffer some strain. I'm a little concerned at the peeling layers thing, it doesn't really make sense to me for digital applications, but maybe for hand drawn things it could work. Pure blood Sith seems pretty cool, but others have said reflect/parry with some force powers taking up multiple slots will make him pretty tough, maybe do some practice rolls or something just to check your group doesn't get wiped, other than that sounds like fun.
  6. What maths did you use for this, I'm guessing you used binomials?
  7. Siuolis

    Q destiny

    Pretty sure it's option 2.
  8. What would be more interesting is if you explored the netherworld presumably as your described force ghost. The campaign would be centred around exploring and interacting with the nether world. Then for the complication, someone might be trying to escape the netherworld, and it is your job to rally the powers of other force ghost alike to stop this person who may be a huge threat to the real word Galaxy. Any way just a thought, sounds interesting though.
  9. Yeah that's true you really need a decent force rating.
  10. I would probably take the advisor tree from the mystic career. I like the mythic tree better because of you want to be able to handle yourself in some rough situations you can take the makashi duelist tree. As stated before having a high force rating will benefit you a lot.
  11. This reminds me of kotor 2 when you try to give aid to refugees but other refugees end up bashing the other one for the goods. in your case if you have some kind of mentor, I would have got the mentor to explain not all help results in positive outcomes and some conflicts are just better left alone. If conflict was to be given, I would have made you talk to one of the gangs to see the consequences of your actions and its repercussions. Maybe one gang does not does trust you anymore, the rebel sympathisers. If so I would give you 2-3 conflict.
  12. Siuolis

    Committing force dice

    To start committing force die you need a pretty high rating of 3-4 or else you won't be able to use other powers. It just depends on your play style.
  13. Obi wan at that point was not the greatest swordsman, he didn't have the experience from the clone wars, also kenobi was great with a saber, but he was not gifted in it, merely he had the 'get good' attitude.
  14. Sorry it's not min maxed enough, though after some reading, you can get my standard blade to about 12 damage. Yes the Mephite crystal gets 1-2 dmg higher but the krayt dragon pearl gets 4 ranks of viscous, then plus 1 from the hilt and that's 5. If you want to min max more, pick artisan as your spec and get good a crafting. Then using all crafting rules from fad and etoe make a lightsaber and spend a triumph on schematics and advantage on boost die. If someone in your group has the talent 'valuable facts' (gives you a triumph), get them to use it on you. Then with various talents and triumphs you can get the saber up to 9 hard points. From there install over clocking( viscous 3, 1 advantage) and some other hilts if you want to.. so on your krayt dragon pearl saber you have Viscious 8! If you want to min max more.. Get another saber but use the kimber stone( turns all dmg into stun , crit rating zero), and then yatta yatta ya with the crafting and you have a saber that can probably wear down most of a nemesis's strain. But the more important thing is you attack with this first, get one strain dmg in, crit for free, attack with other saber which will now add 90 to crit rolls. Even if your opponent survives the first round, they are pretty much dead on the second.