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  1. Sorry, I’ve got fcs in QuickDraw, I forgot XD, and I need the EU on vader, the question is that I can only fit or Avd optics with chips or lightweight frame thank you for the feedback
  2. I’m taking nu squadron lrs harpoons vader VI, title, engine, harpoons,targeting computer quickdraw VI, special force, harpoons, advanced optics and chips or lightweight frame
  3. If you had to decide betwen advanced optics or lightweight frame with Would you equip only one enters
  4. If your equip deadeye, can you still target lock and use target lock, or you must treat the target lock has a concentration???
  5. I really think engine is a must have for vader in this meta, he really merda to avoid been shot
  6. Maybe change the deadeye for another VI
  7. I’m been thinking in this list a lot, do you think it’s got the punch to play top?? darth vader VI, engine upgrade, cruise missiles, targeting computer, title quickdraw VI, title, Chips, harpoon missile, fire control system Rho squadron deadeye, harpoon missiles, chips let me know your opinion please
  8. Hello everybody, I’m going to try this list and I Would like to know your opinion Ps2 nu squadron pilot x2 extra munition, harpoon missile, OS-1 arsenal loadout, long ranged scanners ps 9 kylo ren push the limit, title, advanced sensors, autothusters, primed thrusters. 98 points list thanks for the advice
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