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  1. Title is question. What sort of archetypes do you think would work best with this sort of setting? I was looking at the heroes to break them down, because an archetype per hero seems like too much work and i think would get a bit bloaty, since there are 15 in total. But I wanted to try design some archetypes that match the games tone and are a little more flavourful than 'the smart one' or 'the brawny one'. So far i could break them down into these groups, do you think these would make decent archetypes? And im not worrying about anything to mechanical or stats at the moment, I'm mostly looking for distinct tone while still allowing players to have a bunch of creative freedom when generating their own careers. (character types in parenthesis are not careers, just the heroes from the original setting and where I would place them in these archetypes). This is the current breakdown I hashed together. The Pious (Crusader, vestal, leper, flagellant) The Damned (abomination, occultist) The Veterans (Man-at-arms, housemaster, arbalest) The Opportunists (Bounty Huner, Grave Robber, Jester, Highwayman) The Travelers (Antiquarian, Plague Doctor, Shieldbreaker, Hellion)
  2. jcarhat

    Hyrule Legends

    Oh the Sheila are definitely a 'race' in the Zelda world. Serveral Sheila across various games refer to the Sheila bloodline. And you can get into some massive theory crafting and even suggest that the Sheila are lorule versions of hylians (Sheila refered to as the shadows of hylians). But lore wise they did hold a special role tied to the royal family so it's easy to see why you might think anyone could become one in the same way anyone may become a knight.
  3. This is so awesome and so useful. Thank you! =] quick thing on the holy water card i noticed the last 'just' is spelled 'jsut' =]
  4. jcarhat

    Hyrule Legends

    I've already added some numbers and toyed with this idea. The sheika slate ITSELF seems like one of these legendary items that are quest worthy/campaign worthy. But I have been bending the rules a bit and have been assigning sheika runes to specific, individual pieces of gear that function like magic (a stasis slate, magnesis slate etc). Been toying around with augments and so far a lot like magic, but its tied to a seperate skill that deals with sheika technology. Nothing stops other species from using this techm but a certain sheika career gives a starting bonus to this skill.
  5. jcarhat

    Hyrule Legends

    Hey everyone, I've been toying with the idea of a Zelda sourcebook for a bit and have starting writing up a rough draft and have started adding numbers to some ideas I've had. My sister is also doing the illustrations for the book. I don't want to how anything just yet as its mostly placeholder numbers and stats, but i'd like to give a rough outline of what will be in the book. This also gives me an opportunity to gain some insight into what the community would like to see, and also happy to credit anyone that inputs stats or ideas that make in in the final product (The main reason I chose Genesys as the system for this source book is because of the great community i see here, and i'd love it to be something that many people contribute to to make it great). The supplement will also focus on BotW (Breath of the wild) era style of world. Which is high fantasy, with advanced ancient tech that focuses a lot on exploration in a world in the process of being rebuilt. Its a great world that avoids some of the slightly... i wouldnt say sillier but different stuff thats been in zelda in the past *cough* trains *cough*. So the supplement will contain: [spoiler] 6 playable species, each with haveunique species abilities AND drawbacks: Hylians - The 'humans' of the world. Gorons - Brawny, large, heat resistant golems, Zora - Aquatic fish like people, and the more i think about them they really are like the elves of the Zelda universe Rito - A bird like humanoid species, fragile, but they have the ability to fly and are adept at archery Gerudo - An all female, amazonian like species that resides in the desert. Tall, strong and lean, they make excellent warriors. Sheika - Ninjas and scientists. That pretty much sums up the sheika. A list of setting specific careers as well as SPECIES specific careers. A generalized "Traveler" career available to all species that follows a slightly different character generation format (think lifepaths from torchbearer/burning wheel) A comprehensive list of talents, which includes species and career specific talents. Setting specific gear, adversaries/bestiary New cooking/crafting system. A section of the book detailing interesting locations and locales of Hyrule with a brief history on the society and cultures of various species. Legends - A section of 'legendary' items, artifacts and locations that are statted out. they are for all intents and purposes 'game breaking; but are designed to be used as plot seeds for campaigns and quests. [/spoiler] Is there anything people would like to specifically see?
  6. Ah some good ideas there! The weight penalty also makes sense (lore wise talking, the species prefers bows and arrows due to there lightness and also make a living by delivering mail (letters specifically). But carrying a whole person would be extremely difficult.. and you know what just because one player can fly past a river, doesnt mean the rest of the party can. Can't believe I missed that. Good stuff!
  7. I'm constructing a setting at the moment that has 6 distinct species, for zelda fans its a botw inspired one. So you have your Hylians, Gorons, Zora, Gerudo, Sheika and Rito. / Each species have some species related bonus' and a drawback. eg; zora can breath underwater and get a boost to athletics skils while in water, but need to be constantly /doused/hydrated. Gorons are stupidly strong (higher brawn than usual), can withstand volcanic level temperatures but are prettty darn* dumb can cant use particular weapons/armour. etc. I'm also toying with the idea that certain species have unique careers, and certain talents are unique to species/careers. Which makes career choice a bit more interesting. The one im struggling with is the Rito, whitch are bird people adept with bows, that can just straight up fly. Flying seems like the obvious bonus, but im not sure how to balance this, what exactly it would boost and any drawbacks to the species. Any ideas?
  8. jcarhat


    Hi Johnny, I’m afraid I don’t have any published guidelines for this idea. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from limiting talents and careers to certain species in your own setting. I would recommend spelling this out very clearly for your players, then adding a bolded or italicized sentence at the beginning of the career description or talent description explaining that only species A, B, or C can purchase this. Also, if you want to do this, I would recommend making sure that all of your species-specific options feel balanced with each other. This doesn’t just mean that each gets the same number of choices (although that is very important), but also that all of the choices feel equally interesting. They don’t have to all do the same thing, but they should all get players excited to try them. For that, you’re probably going to have to rely on playtesting with your group! Hope this helps! Sam Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  9. Careers are more important in two settings im writing up atm (one is a hyrule conversion and another is something more original) Because certain careers are locked into a certain species, and certain talents will be locked to a certain career. Makes them function a bit more like specializations, I guess, but helps differentiate each of the settings unique species.
  10. Okay so I wanted to ask, because the CRB makes it seem like talents are this broad thing that anyone can buy from a shared list. Would it be a bad idea to make some talents exclusive to particular careers, and even have those careers specific to a species? I'm writing up a homebrew for a Hyrule and have 3 of the four species (hylian, gerudo, Zora, Goron) written up. Each have 2-3 careers. And I was writing/ adapting talents and thought it would interesting to have talents specifically available to specific careers to make the players feel like they have unique characters. Example: Goron miner talents selection would be different to a Hylian Knight's talents, particularly at higher tiers, Gorons may not even have access to the knight career. Thoughts? Not sure how to interpret CRB stance on talents.
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