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  1. If an upgrade card does not specify "exhaust" or "discard", can the card be used on multiple actions? As a concrete example, the Annihilator title specifies that "while attacking a squadron, you may reroll 1 attack die." Does this mean that you may choose to reroll one die on each squadron you attack within that firing arc? And to continue the question, if the SSD play chooses to flack out of three arcs then s/he could choose to reroll a die against each squadron in each of the three arcs?
  2. I would collect a wookie and ewok army. Of course, I would also try to sculpt a porg or two on Chewbacca.
  3. Cutting the hooks? Yikes! You all are more courageous than I am. I guess you then glue the panels back into place during reassembly.
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to hold multiple squadrons for priming via airbrush? For humanoid minis, I generally hot glue a foot to a wine cork. But I need a new method to hold the fighters. Maybe the squadron flight stands themselves? I might paint the stands dark grey anyway.
  5. Are there opportunities to play outside the tournament games too? I'm thinking along the lines of friendly/less competitive games on Sunday to start overcoming the PTSD from the previous day's competitive matches. 😀
  6. I really like the orange tint. Also the subtle use of the orange is great. Did you repaint the base grey too?
  7. I like the minimal use of red against the greys and white on your rebels. The blue and white lighting on the imps is great also. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Not intentionally at least. More, I am a raw neophyte and misplayed a whole lot of stuff. While it had some impact on my games in terms of points differential, overall, my opponents still won each match. That is exactly what I expected, given that those were literally my first ever full 400 point games. Anyway, the NJ Regionals at Highlander Games in Boonton were great fun - despite the nor’easter dumping snow and tossing trees about the night before. The shop even lost power for several hours the night before. Our TO was iced in, but three players stepped up to help judge and as Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work.” We had 22 players for 3 rounds, which seemed to be enough for most of us. Given the amount of traveling required. I have to say that after experiencing several card and mini game groups, Armada has the friendliest and nicest competitive scene I have experienced. My first pairing was with John who was kind enough to talk me through a lot of rules during the game then gave me all sorts of tips afterwards. I even managed to implement some of the tips later in the day such as putting Jerjerrod to good use with my Gladiator and Victory Star Destroyers. Also, general maneuvering to keep the ISD and VSD together well. Another player (I forget his name) helped teach me how to properly use one of my squadrons - though by then we were about 6 hours in and I was mush-brained. Now I have to figure out where to go to get in more games to continue learning. Also, I need to collect some essential pieces to my collection like Imp Squadrons II, disposable capacitors, external racks and the missions from Corellian Conflict. There are a couple of us who live within an hour or so of Highlander, so hopefully we can pull together to get games in regularly. Then like most Armada players, we are going to have to expand our range and look for events in the surrounding states. For me, as a weekend warrior, Vassal and TTS are probably convenient choices too.
  9. I might just shoot primer over the model, though I was hoping to remove the current paint and sealant. I was planning on airbrushing Vallejo surface primer to start off anyway. I am a little hesitant to use a strong chemical like Acetone. I suppose I could just use the FFG's paint job, but where's the fun in that?
  10. The temperature might be the issue. I was scrubbing with a toothbrush roughly every 8 hours (I was lazy this time). However we have had a couple of cold days, so maybe that is the issue. Interestingly I had a raider and an arquiten in the same bath and they are now paintless.
  11. How are you removing the factory paint from the Profundity? Mine has been soaking in isopropyl alcohol for two days and the paint is still intact. This method has worked pretty well on the other models. Hopefully the ship is just as tanks in game as on the paint table!
  12. Hello Admirals, Highlander games & comics in Boonton is having an Armada meetup on Sunday, Feb 18th. They open at noon. Come out and get acclimated prior to regionals being held at the same store in March!
  13. Because fish are better at hide and seek than Jedi. Okay, I have nothing constructive to contribute. I should give up my Star Wars geek card. ?
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