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  1. Hey, i've been gming a campaing for couple of months now with this conversion, and i must say it is excellent work. The games are fast and fun, and the quality of the conversion is almost perfect. I did make a few tweaks to the rules and skills, just to be closer to the grimmer Dark Heresy: Skills: If player wants to use a skill in which he does not have any ranks, upgrade the dificulty by one (convert 1 purple->red) This reflects the DH penalty when you are not proficient in a skill It encourages players to actually spend some xp to get basic skills, regardless of their attribute (Brawn 4 char never getting any athletics) If you are totally unproficient with a skill, now you have a potential for despair, which is always fun , and kinda "realistic" because you dont really know what you are doing Knowledge skills: I added a new skill called Knowledge common (so there are 3 skills as in DH: common, scholastic, forbidden) I use DH specialisations, there are 22 common, 13 scholastic and 13+ forbidden (13+ cause xenos is multiple) I copied all the skills and put them here in this doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mEBZlth5gc4l4oVBygQ-HCkAapFu3KklD03PXx0ddY8/edit?usp=sharing If you have a specialisation you know and can roll your skill, otherwise you cannot Everyone starts with Knowledge common as their class skill, and everyone gets 2 common specialisation for free on char creation For every new skill point invested in Knowledge Common you get new INT+1 specialisations from the Common list For every new skill point invested in Knowledge Scholastic/Forbidden you get new INT specialisations from their respective list This way INT characters can spend xp on lots of specific knowledge specialisations, but sill they will not know everything, which is better character and lorewise imho Other characters can invest points to know something specific, so it reflects their background / expertise, but are otherwise ignorant, as per grim dark where knowledge is truly valuable and dangerous Let me know what you think.
  2. Hi, first of all - amazing job! I plan to start dh with your modifications in january/february and will give you geedback. Only thing i currrently dislike is that melee weapons dont sedm balanced very much. For instance chainsword has crit 1 (that seems very op) and it is better than chainaxe in (almost) every aspect. I was hoping that there would be axe/sword balance where sword would have defensive, but axe would have more dmg and (1) more pen. Currently i dont have the time to play with the numbers, but i will send you my proposition to hear your comments.
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