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  1. I'm playing this two handed solo. I'm at 49 threat and 48 threat. I have the black serpent engaged with 6 damage and the quest has 6 progress. This is going to be my last turn and I have two enemies engaged with player 1 and three other enemies engaged with player 2 who also has the black serpent with the serpents garb attached making him immune to player card effects. (The worst possible combo as I'm playing tactics spear of the citadel and gondorian spearman combos) So in this quest phase during staging I draw two encounter cards. They are both Chaos in The Night and I have no cancellation. Card reads- when revealed: the first player must choose: either raise each players threat by 3,or progress cannot be placed on quest cards until the end of the round. I choose the second effect on the first card, and I believe I had to choose the first effect on the second card as each choice has to change the game state where possible. Did I do this correctly? That's how I understand the FAQ reads on this sort of situation. Thus losing the game. That's twice now this card has lost me the game on threat 49 when victory was within my grasp in that turn. The previous time it was the shadow effect of this card. Which removed all progress from the current quest.
  2. Just watching an online run through on YouTube and I've noticed I've been treating side quests that are the current quest as the main quest and so not placing progress when off track. So I could have been clearing craft remedy even when off track. This side quest is the only side quest that crops up in all of my games so far. And it crops up a lot and always when I have damage on my characters from forced off track treachery which always hits me multiple times in the game. I've never read the other two quests as they've never come up other than shadow cards. I guess if I had read them I'd have realised I was making a mistake. ( in my defense though, the sands of harad rule book doesn't explain the difference between side quest and main quest. It just explains about the current quest. Researching further I found a reference to the main quest vs side quest on the ffg blog for the release of the lost realm. ) I've also been missing that blocked passage only triggers when on track which is a big thing to miss. Going to have another go now with these two decks
  3. So I've played the two decks that Grandspleen kindly posted and I cant break the synergy that the encounter deck throws at me. It's so tight. Every thing I get out from the decks that starts looking promising for me then the encounter deck goes nope! Smacks me down and then punishes me for it. I've played the duo deck three times now. You got anything else? 🤭
  4. I started with the Noldor Mill declines recommended playing solo one handed. I played 3 games and lost them all. 😖 The deck itself was amazing with really good synergy. The twins were powerful and could hold off the brood spider with caregiver healing. Game one started grinding at the 3rd quest when I couldn't get the on track to flip. Lasted about 4 turns before I ran out of allies and that was the end. The second game again got stuck trying to flip the on track at the 3rd quest and lasted about 8 turns and went through the entire encounter deck but the on track cards would only appear for everything but the track test. Had to scoop to stop the inevitable grind to death. I had run out if cards in my deck and was just getting light of valinors back to use them on the imladris caregiver tonheal ellohir to defend against the brood spider boss. 3rd game I got a spider nest on the quest 1 reveal and a spider nest on the first encounter card for quest attempt one. I scooped with having only two spider nests in the staging area and only 3 heroes out. 6 threat if i dont travel and a brood spider boss if I do which would kill a hero turn 1 combat. I'm going to try the other two decks later in the week
  5. Cheers guys. I'll set up the decks and have another go. Loving the game but I don't always have a lot of time to sit and ponder what decks to use. And i do find deck building the hardest part of the game in terms of getting everything in like card draw, resource gen, healing, threat reduction etc. I have 3 cores and everything to date. There's too much selection. I often get analysis paralysis when deckbuilding. 🙂 I'm not sure what Noldor Mill looks like. Can you post a link to a good example. Cheers Phil
  6. Hi. Try as I might I cannot beat this quest. I've played all sorts of decks 2 handed solo and single solo. I really want to beat it 2-handed but have no idea what decks will work. I've used decks of my own and from rings DB. I think it's harder than difficulty rating 5. Can anyone give me some pointers or list decks that are successful against this quest for me to try? Thanks PHIL
  7. Hi. Really struggling to beat this quest. I've seen the pippin sailing deck in rings DB and am trying to hold off from using it. However I have a question regarding the Dol Amroth objectives. And the guarding card effects of Battle in the Bay side 2a and the Heavy Cruiser: can an enemy or location guard more than one objective? This is cropping up in every run through of this game and I'm thinking the answer is yes. Also if the Raider Flag ship ends up guarding the Beacon is it pretty much game over without having the extra warships already in play?
  8. I had Defender of Ramas + Spear of the Citadel + Vigilant Guard which was great but I was waiting to defend and exhaust with the ally to use Narya. However it was always a difficult timing window to get Narya to trigger with any effective meaning to the state of play. I always ended up thinking: that was useless as I've got no more enemies but a really good magic ring on Gandalf that's nigh-on-useless. Then I had my ephiany and used it on the ready defender to give him 5 defense off the bat. I also had Gandalf's staff to remove any nasty shadow effects from the Defender of Ramas. It was a game changer for me. Then just to be sure I hadn't missed anything I came looking here for clarification.
  9. I just beat the Dread Realm by doing as much as I can with Narya. At first I was only ever using it on allies that were exhausted but after really reading it carefully I thought huh... it says choose and ready up to 2 allies. And I started thinking about that. I can certainly choose 2 allies exhausted or not and it's curious that it doesn't say choose up to 2 exhausted allies and ready them. So I came to understand that the card was basically saying: the cost to run this action is to exhaust the weilder and Narya and the benefit is to provide the player with two readied allies +1 def and +1 att. If they are already ready then that part of the card doesn't trigger you just give em the buff. Or you could say the ready benefit was already fulfilled. Playing this way made Narya a pleasure to play. Before I'd always skirted round putting it in my decks as I thought it was too conditional only being able to use it on an exhausted ally. Or I'd play it and then not get the use out of it I needed due to the readied state of my allies. It always felt like the weakest of the rings. It seams odd now that I thought the ring of power only gave power to exhausted allies... and not give power to allies ready for action.
  10. I heard wizards of the coast are to release some new settings for D&D 5th edition. For example Spell ammer... it's not too much of a stretch to think they might want to release a netrunner campaign setting.? This announcement is very similar to the Games Workshop licence dropping where GW wanted excusivity on their IP. Same with Wizards maybe wanting control back of a succssful IP to develop their own games. They have more board games too.
  11. Relating to theme... I think theme shouldn't get in the way of deck building too. I love theme. For me the game itself is the theme, that what differentiates it from the Arkham Horror lcg, for example. But not having Bifur in a sylvan deck style of choice ,in my mind, is counter thematic to the theme itself. Tolkien story centred around a fellowship of men, elves, dwarves and hobbits. They collaborated with eagles, and ents too. There are always exceptions too, so elves may generally mistrust dwarves but not all do. Legolas and Gimli case in point. I guess my point is play how you want but it isn't necessarily thematic by Tolkien's or the game designers standards to always create mono sphere or single trait decks. The designers put the most powerful combos across spheres which is why the basic mechanics of the game (card draw, healing, resources, battle, questing and threat reduction are split a cross the four spheres) This is a lesson I've learned the hard way and am still learning it on the Wastes of Erriador which I haven't beaten yet despite playing it solid for two weeks and changing my deck about 10 times ?
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