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  1. I second the question.
  2. Card images have not been uploaded for the released pack http://ffgapp.com/qr/gt49 and are not there in CardgameDB deckbuilder. When is it planned to upload them?
  3. Yes, I also think they will be developed like Freys as neutrals.
  4. I think the most important thing here is to make up the factions identity and themes, like Stark - family duty and honor, pack mentality, using no tricks and so on Lannister - abundance of gold, intrigues, clansmen and so on What could work for Arryn. Their words - As High as Honor. What strikes me about them in the books is neutrality, they are self-contained, rich enough. This has to be turned into some playable game mechanic.
  5. Just interesting in which order the next deluxe boxes will come out. If we follow the books, I guess it would roughly have to be Greyjoy, Baratheon, Targaryen. Was it announced somewhere?
  6. Hello, I had the following game situation. It is Marshaling Phase. My opponent has Lordsport Shipwright on board. I am the 1st player and I marshal Northern Keep. The question is, can I kneel Northern Keep and gain gold or the opponent has the right to kneel my Northern Keep first? I refer to: " Marshaling phase player action window The first player always has the first opportunity to act during this action window. In addition to being permitted to initiate "Action" and "Marshaling Action" abilities (like all players), the active player is also permitted (when it is his or her turn to act) to, as a player action, marshal a character, location, attachment, or duplicate. Action opportunities in this window continue in player order until each player has consecutively passed." but it is not clear for me what a player action is.
  7. There quite a lot of characters in House Arryn in the books. But in the game just a couple of cards. It is interesting, if FGG is going to tap this resource and if so - in what form: as neutral characters or maybe as a new house?
  8. What if my last plot in plot deck is 'Fallen from favour' and I don't have any characters on the board to sacrifice? How is the game to continue? I actually had that situation and did not find way out.
  9. Hello, I'm new to the game. Is there an action window in challenges phase before 1st player makes a challenge? In rules reference book on p.25 there is a diagram of challenges phase. On the diagram there is a red-box action window and 2 grey windows. I understand that the two grey windows represent options within this action window and there is no additional window before the 1st player can make challenges (also on p.27: 4. Challenges phase 4.1 Challenges phase begins This step formalizes the beginning of the challenges phase. 4.2 Active player may initiate a challenge The first player is the first to be the active player in the challenges phase. The game permits the active player to initiate one ?, one ?, and one ? challenge (in any order) while he or she is the active player during the challenges phase.). Practical example. I had a dispute with a player, who wanted to make an action with Nymeria Sand with keyword Challenges Action. The other player said, she could activate the ability before any challenge is made from 1st player (me). Is it so or is she wrong? BR Sergey
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