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  1. That sequence of the Dauntlesses diving in at the end. That's a Money Shot if ever I saw one. I'm cautiously optimistic. At the very least, from a check of IMDB EVERY named character is a historical figure as far as I can tell, so they definitely did their homework. The only obvious error I see is they used B-25Js for the Doolittle Raiders, but considering that of the 30-odd airworthy B-25s only THREE are early models, that may be a limitation of what they had to work with.
  2. This is LucasFilm we're talking about. It took them something like 20 years to acknowledge West End Games screwed up the size of the Super Star Destroyer and fix it (ironically by make it to TOO big).
  3. Devil's advocate you could claim that it's not Tantive IV, or even a CR90 Corvette at all, but another, similar vessel....which just happened to be commanded by the same captain...
  4. And if it had been Hulk, Stark, Black Panther, Thor and Cap, NO ONE WOULD HAVE COMPLAINED. It's entirely about a bunch of shrunken-******** dudebros having a panic attack over having even the smallest drop of estrogen in their male power fantasy (and I'm saying this AS a guy).
  5. Yes. There's a LOT of people ranting on social media how "Unrealistic" it was.
  6. I did go through it, and I'd say the reaction today is much worse because of the prevalence of social media, and the accessibility of fans to the creators. You also didn't have NEARLY the sort of politics getting involved, which is a major driving factor now. While there was certainly some raised eyebrows over depictions of characters like Jar-Jar and the Nemoidians, you also didn't have the polarization — his has gotten EXTREMELY nasty — you're seeing over female characters such as Rey, and which we also see now in other franchises (IE backlash to Captain Marvel, or the "Girl Power" moment in Endgame).
  7. Sorry, but while End Game was a good movie, much like Black Panther it is NOT Oscar-caliber outside the technical awards.
  8. Honestly, this was a mercy killing. Legacy of the Force SERIOUSLY FUBARed the old EU, with WTF plot points that made no frelling sense (like how was Daala not in a MENTAL INSTITUTION?).
  9. Of all the misfires in the Prequels, this was one of the biggest (up there with Jesus Anakin, Lucas not farming out directing and writing duties to people who are actually capable, and not bringing back the Great Bob Anderson to choreograph the lightsaber duels. Nick Gilliard is a HACK). After they spent the entire Original Trilogy hammering home that the Force is strong in Luke's family, making it abundantly clear that Force affinity is hereditary, they decide to go with the "Jedi don't get married and have kids" (although apparently George came back saying that doesn't mean Jedi are celibate. So apparently they're perfectly fine to hook up, as long as it's casual empty sex with no attachment. Yeah...) nonsense to force a half-assed Romeo and Juliet plot that really wasn't necessary.
  10. The problem is Steve staying in the past CAN'T be compatible or a stable time loop. The scene with him and Peggy dancing appears to be set in the 1940s/early 1950s based on the cars. However there's plenty of other material this would directly contradict. For one, Peggy had an entirely different family between the first Captain America and when Steve woke up in the present day. That couldn't have happened had she been with Steve all that time (I mean I'd screw over causality for Hayley Atwell, too, but that's neither here nor there).
  11. I think the point the Ancient One made is that taking the Stone would break HER timeline, and that's why they had to put them back. The problem was Old Man Rogers turning up at the end makes it clear they DID change their own timeline, and that's where the entire conceit falls apart. And no, STEVE DIDN'T TIME TRAVEL BACK. If he had, he would have popped out of the machine like they did every other time when returning to the present, NOT been spotted on a park bench hundreds of feet away. I'm also disappointed with how they handled Black Widow, considering she broke the conditions for claiming the Soul Stone. In Infinity War Red Skull told Thanos he had to sacrifice something he loved to get the Stone. Nat didn't do that. She sacrificed HERSELF to PROTECT something she loved. That should have been a prophecy twist. Instead they ignored that part and just went with the "Soul for a Soul" (in which case, Steve SHOULD have been able to bring her back by returning the Stone -- A soul for a soul).
  12. The Thrawn Trilogy, without question. Hand of Thrawn was great, too, and I really loved the X-Wing novels. ESPECIALLY Alston's. He may have written some of the flat-out FUNNIEST books I've ever read (Starfighters of Adumar particularly stands out).
  13. Kathleen Kennedy has indicated it's not a fakeout. Palpatine IS involved somehow, and that they had plans to bring him back as early as TFA. Ian McDiarmid is also listed in the credits on IMDB.
  14. McDiarmid was really the only good thing about the Prequels. At least until they turned him into @#$%ing Donkey Kong during the Yoda fight
  15. Observations/Predictions: 1) Threatened fanboys will throw a conniption fit over that TIE Interceptor scene. 2) It sucks they waited so long to bring back Lando. Everyone we really wanted him to interact with is gone. 3) Is that the wreckage of Death Star II? 4) Rey's parentage is about to be retconned.
  16. I'll add #8: You're flying an E-wing and you're out of range to take advantage of anything else.
  17. Someone wasn't around for the "8km Super Star Destroyer" battle of the 90s.
  18. Except 20 years isn't all THAT big of a deal. The last F-15C was built in 1985, and the type is still the backbone air-superiority fighter for the USAF, since there aren't enough F-22 Raptors to replace them. The B-52 is still one of the US's primary long-range strategic bombers, and the last one rolled off the assembly line in 1962, with the type anticipated to still be in service into the 2060s!
  19. I never said it's what they WILL do, just that it's what I'd LIKE to see.
  20. YES. I've been DYING for a new X-Wing. A REAL X-Wing, not some arcade shooter or glorified Battlefield reskin. I want an honest-to-god high-fidelity space combat simulator (preferably modable). I'd especially love to have: * Story Mode as in the original games * Dynamic Campaign a'la European Air War * Quick Mission mode as in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter * Multiplayer support for the Quick Missions and Dynamic Campaign (again, as in XvT) * Story and Campaigns covering both Legends and Nucanon
  21. The crew of RV Petrel has also found USS Wasp.
  22. Incidentally, here's an idea how the E-wing's canon could be compensated for, using a rough HUD mockup. So certainly, in some cases an object might be lost in the cannon. The further away the object, the more it will be obscured. However... All it takes is sensor data to extrapolate and superimpose the obscured object over the cannon on the HUD (in fact this could be applied to other visual blindspots, as well). Frankly, it's unfair to single the E-wing out for obstructed views considering how horrible they are in virtually every fighter in the franchise. A TIE pilot wouldn't be able to see anywhere but straight ahead of him, and through four tiny slits overhead. The Y-wing may have the WORST visibility of any other ship in the franchise, with its heavily-framed canopy, and small forward viewport. The X-wing has almost no visibility aft at all, because of the tiny rear window obstructed by the astromech. The only starfighters in the Original Trilogy that have anything approaching a genuinely acceptable field of view are the A-wing and B-wing.
  23. The closest we see to "shield splash" in the Trilogy are impact sparks, which are consistent throughout: Note that the laser bolts themselves don't significantly illuminate anything, even though several are passing quite close to the X-wing. The shield "sparks" do, but that's something that could probably be filtered out, or at least mitigated, by polarizing the canopy or pilot's visor. TBH, a laser bolt in Star Wars is probably not much different than the tracer round on a real-world aircraft. It's there to act as a visual guide to show where you're shooting. Canonically the dorsal cannon his hinged. However I think a better mechanism would be to allow the canopy to open by sliding forward, and having explosive bolts that blast the cannon clear if the pilot ejects during an emergency.
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