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  1. 6 - seems alright. 7 - while this would be very useful, feels too close to lancers... and not that thematic 8 - removing boons would be good and pretty unique, though only situationally useful. Adding panic seems alright. 9 - not sure how I feel about this one. At the very least I don't like it as much as most of the others. 3 is still my favorite thematically.
  2. 1 and 2 seem pretty good. Would Lethal 1/Protected 1 be too much? 3 is my favorite. Giving nearby units resistance to morale tests seems very flavorful for a leader type unit, and would be new. I actually think it could even be stronger though.... What if it gave nearby units "Steadfast [Doubt, Fear]". This wouldn't be too much stronger as most of the Waiqar units are already steadfast Doubt. 4 feels too close to Hawthorne. 5 is interesting... Not sure how I feel about it... It does support panic for Waiqar... which is useful.. but it's conceptually weird. It is probably just simpler to give a panic to all enemies at range 1-3, which starts to feel a lot like Spined Threshers.
  3. Bah, I think I was probably being a bit too sensitive... If conversation were in person I likely would have taken it a lot better... Thank you for the apology though...
  4. I realize you are kidding, but I find this remark to be a tad aggravating... In case it wasn't clear from our earlier discussion, I do agree with you that Ardus is the worst of the heroes in the game. I also agree he could use a bump. I also think that bump is best focused on his skill. I just disagree with how bad you think he is and how big a bump he needs. I don't think I implied at any point that he was as good as the heroes you listed... That those heroes show more value on the table is exactly my point. The value of those heroes shows in thier dials and abilities. The value of Ardus shows in his army building ability, which is probably the best one in the game, when you make use of it. . Apologies if I've become needlessly defensive... that comment rubbed me the wrong way...
  5. Keep in mind that it is ok for certain heros to be better against certain Armies... Vorun'Thul is the guy you want to bring against Uthuk more often then not. If you are like me and are just an Ardus fan boy, then you have to find other ways to make him work against them. At the very least I've found an Ardus list that performs pretty well against Uthuk and Latari (haven't put it against Daqan yet). I get wanting a fix to Ardus to be very reliable... but I'm a little worried that he could get out of hand with the number of synergies and benefits that he brings, especially if Uthuk get nerfed and other Waiqar units get buffed. He really does bring a lot, even though some times it's not apparent...
  6. Yeah Uthuk is definitely the scariest match up, not just for Waiqar, but for Ardus specifically. Ravos and Kethra both eat his lunch pretty efficiently. I still have had success against them but usually that success revolves around the list that Ardus enables me to bring. The Deathcaller reanimates for example are a huge threat to Kethra. The Death Knights handle Ravos pretty well too (though you typically have to sacrifice them in the process). I also find that I get a lot of use out of blight archers against them because they don't rally or bank inspiration well. So yeah, this doesn't help as much against Uthuk, but I think that's ok... especially if Ravos and Spined Threshers get some nerfs. I don't view Latari or Daqan as needing any nerfs currently so getting him a slight bump in those matchups while bringing Uthuk down slightly seems correct to me. Also, I think giving him an auto stun would be too good. Plus I want to see Ardus just stare some **** down Clint Eastwood style...
  7. I agree that adding a wound is too much now that Vitality is a thing. Rune Golems did get quite a bit better having one more wound. I would like to see something that gives them a bit more utility for their cost, similar to what you get out of Lancers and Scions. How about this change: [Skill] Choose an enemy at range 1-[Natural Runes] and in line of sight. That enemy receives a stun token. This way they would be utilizing all three rune types, which is both thematic and balancing. If you have no red runes and only one blue rune, you have at least 2 green runes. If you have no green runes, then you have at least 2 red runes and 2 blue runes. This creates a sweet spot for the Golem at around range 2-3 where if you can't out-charge the thing you are squaring off with you can potentially still get a stun on it at init 3, making their charge fail. Not sure how to scale them up though. I honestly think a points change for the larger formations is the best option here. Making abilities that give banes scale up is a slippery slope. Especially with stuns which can be devastating to units that have rally on the second dial, which is most units. The only other option is to add a useful upgrade slot on the larger formations. The only thing that I think would be good on them is Training... what's good for them there... Maybe if they could take Training upgrades at 2 trays and up? This opens up Rank Discipline, Coiled Stance, Simultaneous Orders + an equipment upgrade, Moment of Inspiration... Could get pretty good.
  8. While I do agree with a lot of the proposed changes thus far I do think that the "baby steps" approach is correct. Even Ardus is a little bit better if Ravos can't move into him and THEN wound him at the end of the round. That said, I do share some of @Maktorius urgency for keeping the community engaged. I think a small change to Spined Threshers and the order change on Ravos are the only changes that should be made for now. Then we should agree on a time frame of testing (3 months or 100 game reports, whichever comes first?) during which everyone should commit to posting as much feedback on those changes as they can. I'm going to pitch testing these changes to my group tonight (our first normal game night since the bad news...) and see if everyone agrees. If they do I will post our feedback on the forum every time we run a game involving one of the changes. That said, have we agreed on a small, reasonable, change to Spined Threshers? I like the scuttle exhausts whenever you use the shift idea (I think it was @Church14's). It keeps the rest of the card in tact while limiting the amount of value you can get out of those 3 points.
  9. I agree that Ardus is a bit weak, but I think most people are undervaluing/under-using Host of Crows in particular. When you maximize it he is pretty close to worth his cost. I think this is the important point where we disagree. If he is close to where he needs to be then the Horn of the Legion is too strong a bump, especially if it's for free. Now as a 6ish point artifact upgrade... I have experienced the same problems you describe of him being difficult to keep alive or being an overpriced blocker. However, I have found (especially recently) that not only is his army building ability seem more valuable the farther I push it in my lists, but that he can be a wrecking ball when used very carefully. These two things together start to justify his weaknesses in my mind. To answer your questions about how I use him: I typically use him to protect the flank of a more valuable unit in my list. Lately that's been this one: Reanimates [35] 3x2 Deathcaller [5] Raven-Standard Bearer [3] Marching Drummer [2] Support Carrion Lancer [6] Simultaneous Orders [2] Total Unit Cost: 53 Then I screen Ardus with one (or both) of two units typically: Wraiths [24] 3x1 Trumpets [2] Raven Tabards [2] Total Unit Cost: 28 Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 15 The wraiths typically actually screen from the side. They can be deployed a reasonable distance to Ardus flank and wheel to in his direction in such a way that they can pin anything trying to square off with him leaving that unit open to a charge from Ardus. The Carrion Lancer can screen Ardus pretty well by lining up nearly right next to him but slightly in front. That way it can typically engage something while still leaving an opening for Ardus to get in after it. It's init 3 rally march also works very well for jamming up things trying to get to Ardus. Additionally, I've often been putting a 2x1 of RAs with CI and MCWs behind, or a bit to the side and behind Ardus. This gives Ardus some blight cover and some great surge synergies. Finally, I've been running a 2x1 of DKs with Obcasiums and Dispatch Runner. This unit has, more than once, allowed Ardus to swing 3 times against a unit before they can retaliate. It also becomes a great threat to heros like Ravos getting in to take Ardus out before he can get his value in. Note the high amount of synergy and heavy use of Host of Crows here. When you go all in on this stuff it pays off a lot and you start to see a lot more value from him. Is this a limited strategy? Kind of... but it works very well. And a large amount of the strategy with Ardus comes from the list building aspect, not the dial. Once I've gotten the value from Host of Crows, I'm trying to muster as much value out of him in gamplay as I can. With this strategy I've had him be the MVP of my list more than a few times. When it's not him it's the Wraiths with Raven Tabards or the Deathcaller Disco Reanimates carrying. Or the DK's dispatching the Reanimates. All three of these units only exist in the same Army with Ardus in it. So the skill I proposed for Ardus, again was this: While your dial is revealed with a skill on it, any enemy unit within range 1-3 and in line of sight of Ardus must make a severity [Stable] morale test before revealing their dial. OMG I think someone just asked me to do Runewars math! (rubbing hands together) Let's look at it in the vacuum of no cards have been pulled from the morale deck and a single, non-steadfast unit with no banes/boons is facing off against Ardus: There are 30 cards in the morale deck: 7 Severity 3 8 Severity 2 15 Severity 1 When there is 1 Stable rune: You have a 50% chance to get a severity 1 morale test. You have a 10% chance to get Frozen with Dread (3/30). You have a 13.3% chance to get Disarray (4/30). You have a 16.6% chance to get rising panic (5/30). You have a 10% chance to get wavering Resolve (3/30). So even with 1 blue rune you have a 23.3% chance to jam them up for the round. If you don't get the stun or immobilize you have a 26.6% chance to have 1 to 2 panic tokens on them which could potentially net you a large morale test next round. Note also that if you get a stun (the best result) your opponent will end up failing their charge and getting a panic, giving the possibility of a severity 3 morale test next round as well. With 2 Stable runes: Odds get a bit funky here because the first card you pull changes the odds of what you will pull on the second. Additionally you have increased odds to get a particular card because you are drawing two. All percentages are approximate. You have a 75% chance to get a severity 1 morale test. You have a 40% chance to get a severity 2 morale test. You have a 15% chance of getting Frozen with Dread. You have a 20% chance of getting Disarray. You have a 40% chance of getting Rising Panic or Wavering Resolve. You have a 10% chance of getting Uncertainty (2/30), a 15% chance of getting Loss of Faith (3/30), and you have a 15% chance of getting Communication Breakdown. You have an overall 92% chance to get a severity 1 or 2 morale test at all (granted some are obviously much better than others). So with 2 stable you are often probably hoping for a stun, an immobilize, or a reform. The odds of catching one of those 3 is 45%. If you don't you have a decent chance of removing a tray, putting panic on them, or getting inspiration for yourself or an ally. So there is the math in a vacuum. Outside of a vacuum it is obviously not as good against steadfast units, especially steadfast fear. Note that getting a severity 2 is still pretty good against those units though as you can still get a decent chance of a stun, immobilize, or removal of a tray. It is also worth noting that units coming into Ardus, in my experience often come with either a bane or a boon, or both. Carrion lancer spit, archer blight, and panic from failed charges while trying to predict an aggressive move are all pretty normal. All of these situations change the math as well as what makes for a good result. If a unit has a blight and an inspiration token, then remove all boons is pretty decent as it means Ardus is much more likely to survive the charge and punish them back. If I am dispatching Ardus, or I have Dimodian Blades on him, an inspiration token is also pretty good. Additionally, outside of the situation in which Ardus is staring down another unit, sometimes he doesn't have the opportunity to get into a position on his own and the ability to generate a couple of morale tests on units engaged with his allies could be pretty **** good. All of this is not to convince you that this is a better upgrade to Ardus than the Horn you propose. It just isn't. I just don't think he needs that much improvement and I view this upgrade as something that is both flavorful and helpful, while not being overbearing.
  10. Yes I would. You don't usually have the option to attack/march/charge in the situation you would use this. Usually you have to eat a charge at initiative 4 or 5. Swinging will whiff. Disengaging typically means getting out charged next turn too. You want to be engaged anyway so you can swing at init 3 next round and dispatch him for the double swing. I often find myself dialing in skill defend in this situation anyway. If it could potentially help turn that engagement to my favor that would be amazing. Yes... Uthuk does morale tests more effectively... not sure how that is relevant... Panic is still part of Waiqar's flavor as well. I've been playing almost exclusively Ardus lists for the last 6 weeks. I'm getting a lot of value out of Host of Crows and Ardus Fury. I have gotten better at screening for him to prevent long charges getting into him. I make him hard to approach while using him to cover flanks. I've had multiple games where he demolished something bigger and costlier than him. Sure he's not as good as Vorun'Thul right now, but I don't think he needs a very big bump to make him viable. The games where he doesn't produce value are usually because he got one-shot in a charge that he just had to tank because there was nothing else he could do in that situation... I like the idea of the Horn as an artifact as you pitched it in your older thread. I think it should come with a decent cost though. Giving it to Ardus for free seems crazy to me. I think his value right now is around 34 points, so to me he's only about 3 points off the mark.
  11. On the proposed changes to Ardus: I think that giving him something to do with his skill is the right idea. However, I think giving an inititive 2 activation to any unit with anything dialed in is too strong, even with a stun token. The idea I had a few weeks ago when thinking about the Ardus dial problem was to give him something I think is more flavorful and interesting. Death's Gaze: While your dial is revealed with a skill on it, any enemy unit within range 1-3 and in line of sight of Ardus must make a severity [Stable] morale test before revealing their dial. This has the interesting effect of making units think twice about facing off with Ardus. They could end up face planting into him or not moving, or worse. Or nothing could happen. Suddenly he doesn't have to out-charge anything... he just stares them down. It's flavorful, interesting, and not too overpowered.
  12. At least a couple of our group out here in Phoenix were planning on going to worlds this year. We talked about going last year but none of us were able to make it happen. After seeing how much fun people seemed to have at this past worlds a couple of us basically committed to going this year. Then the announcement dropped... ouch! We were hyped and already talking about tuning our tournament lists. You, however have given me hope. If you hold a Worlds tourney this year you can count on at least two of us from Phoenix coming (and I'll likely try to convince more). I do think this game, as it is now, is well worth playing for the next several years. Here's hoping the community continues to grow due to efforts like this one.
  13. This is my take as well. When it says 'each other "Ventala" ally' they are referring friendly units with Ventala in their name who are not the active unit. They are not implying that the active unit must be Ventala. If that were the case they would likely have just put "Ventala only" on the upgrade card as they have done with other unit specific upgrades.
  14. This is a bit contradictory... You are saying you agree it would be less confusing to have straight charge on the second dial, but then saying straight charge doesn't belong on the second dial because he can always straight charge. Presupposing that it is correct that he can stack his movement shenanigans with the charge modifier on the second dial, obviously there would be an opportunity cost to dialing in a straight charge (were one present) as you can't also rally/defend/skill. However that cost would come at the benefit of choosing to turn charge which he can't do without dialing in a charge. This is exactly how it is now if you believe that the turn charge modifier should work with his movement passive. It would just be less confusing. I don't know that what's in the FAQ makes it any clearer. From the FAQ: "A unit equipped with this card that performs a march (march symbol) with a turn (turn symbol) or wheel (wheel symbol) modifier treats that (mach symbol) as modified by a charge (straight charge symbol) in addition to the other movement modifier." From Aggressive Cornicen: "When you perform (march symbol), treat it as modified by (straight charge symbol). You do not receive panic tokens for failing to collide with an enemy during a charge." This only makes it clear that under the correct circumstances a wheel CAN be treated as a charge. It does not address what happens when two different modifiers to a march come into play at the same time. It does not say you get to pick which pieces of two separate, mutually exclusive modifiers you want or that you have to replace one modifier with the other. So to me it is still unclear. My take at this point (after staring at the rules and cards involved for some time now) is that there is nothing in the rules that seems to prohibit it, but nothing that allows it either. I don't see a reasonable Rules As Written (RAW) argument for or against it... which is frustrating. However, I do see a Rules As Intended argument (RAI) against it. I believe they put a turn charge on the second dial, not a straight charge because they intended that in order to get the charge modifier you must also take the turn modifier. EDIT: I sent a message to FFG in the hopes that they might actually weigh in here. I agree with @sarumanthewhite that FFG should at the very least support the resolution of discussions like this one. It is silly if we have to wait for the next FAQ for answers to these questions.
  15. If they meant for the charge modifier to work with all his movement shenanigans then putting a straight charge modifier on the second dial is effectively the same as the turn charge modifier but less confusing.
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