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  1. Had to entice imperial players because any true imperial would never allow a Traitor!!! into their force hehe.
  2. aaand there goes your super battle droids lol.
  3. Sad I have to wait till Feb to play a full droid army that isn't just a swarm of b1s.
  4. Man I hope they can go into legends like the did for X-wing. I want Durge so bad and wish they had put him in the CW show for another antagonist. Cade Bane is cool and all but Durge was awesome.
  5. I like that droid E-5s even if it might mess with AI attack but I really wanna know how many dice the radiation gun gets. It's like the droid version of Ion. take that meatbags.
  6. B2's are 48 points and only range 1-2 with black and white so basically a black then a surprise every now and then lol. They have more health but they'll take more damage going in cause they're shorter range. armor 1 will help a little but I don't know if that's enough with a white defense with no surges. the blast gun is basically a auto include just so you can hurt units in cover. I think they'll be good against empire and droids but not very well against the republic and alliance.
  7. Just let the imperials use the AT-AT's from rogue one. Those weren't as heavily armored.
  8. I'll just load up on suppression token removal and run this guy all the time cause he's one of my favorite characters.
  9. One round of shooting from clone troopers or a BARC with side car armament will usually take out most if not all of the shields then you just need another unit to finish them off.
  10. snowtroopers appear to be either a few points cheaper or a few points more then stormtroopers. stormtroopers are 44 and snowtroopers look to be either 40 or maybe 46-48?
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