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  1. I’m looking forward to the interview. Unfortunately all of my questions would be about forthcoming product, and we all know the answer to those questions 😁
  2. Thanks sfRattan, I’m going to check that out.
  3. WOTC just reported another year of 30% growth for D&D, again crediting live-streaming for the game's renewed popularity. I'm amazed how few other RPG publishers have delved into the world of Twitch and live-streaming. The production costs seem minuscule compared to traditional marketing and surely they could pull a couple of employees together for a regular game. Seems like a real missed opportunity.
  4. I’ve been messing around with my wife’s embroidery machine, and made this patch. I’m always looking for unique geek-gear so I decided to make my own.
  5. Came to post the very thing Zszree said. Take a look at the Leverage RPG, which does a good job outlining those roles.
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  7. While I appreciate people’s hunger for new Genesys material, I find it funny the 3 weeks feels too long to hear any news. FFG probably hasn’t even gathered its initial sales data. Sure based on its scarcity online we can assume it’s selling well but FFG probably won’t receive retail figures til next year. FFG Is notoriously conservative with its output. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it even count the sales of this initial run and instead look to how well the next run sells to determine how much they invest in the line. Remember that this is the company that way underproduced Star Wars Destiny, and failed to meet the obvious demand for an incredibly popular IP. I know there were production issues that contributed to the slow rollout, but they didn’t seem overly concerned with increasing the output. Add to this that the front runner in RPGs is crediting a glacial expansion plan for their unprecedented sales. Anyone who is publishing RPGs would at least be considering a similar strategy. I’m not endorsing this strategy nor saying I think it’s smart. They pretty much kneecapped Star Wars Destiny with this approach. Perhaps they’ve learned from their mistakes and we’ll see some support material sooner, but I’m not holding my breathe. If/when they do publish supplements, my wishlists would be for big books of crunch. Bestiaries and volumes of adversaries. I don’t need lore, but rather stats for features/creatures that I can reskin for my purposes. I’m new to the narrative dice system so perhaps I will find these things easy to create on my own, but as I make my way through the book this is what my instincts tell me I’ll need. So far I like what I’m seeing and hope the system sees lots of support. Hopefully even if FFG abandons Genesys they’ll open it to 3rd party developers where it can live on.
  8. I’m reading through the Core rulebook and giving serious thought to making the Stormlight Archives my setting. I think the magic system in the Core book would work for surgebinders. Rather than have Arcane, divine, and primal magic, I would list the 10 surges and the appropriate powers for each. The PC could choose 2 surges to gain powers from. The trick is how to track the consumption of Stormlight without creating a slog of resource management. My initial thought is to use Stormlight infused gems as a sort of ammo. For ex: Soulcast 1 cubic ft of material uses 1 gem. 3 cubic ft uses 2. The number of difficulty dice and strain cost would scale in conjunction per RAW. Perhaps there can be a talent that allows you to burn strain in lieu of a gem. The same would go for the Lashings. 1 gem per level of Lashing. I know that surgebinding doesn’t have such a simple correlation in the novels but I don’t think you can just hand wave the relationship of Stormlight to magic. Fabrials would just be equipment that emulates powers from the existing lists, using gems at the same rate. As far as shardblades and shardplate, I’ll just have to play test to determine damage and soak respectively. They are OP in canon so I would have to walk the line of them being awesome but not gamebreaking. Any thoughts from those familiar with the setting?
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