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  1. Have you tried the RPG sessions server. I know people are lfg and lfp there. https://discord.gg/7TNyp8 hope it helps
  2. I am in the same boat. I would buy a Black Cover styled book that covers the ST and happily make use of the crunch.
  3. I’m glad to hear it worked out for you, and I agree with your assessment. It’s been a brilliant online experience for my group as well. I too, became a patron. The work they are doing is well worth supporting.
  4. I’m probably not the best person to explain it, but here goes... Have all of your players create characters either using oggdudes or manually in rpgsessions. Create a game under the games tab and have all of your players add their characters to that game. Now you’re all set You can manage the game either through the game table or the Discord bot commands.
  5. https://app.rpgsessions.com/ If you can get your group to use rpgsessions it nicely integrates everything through Discord. My group has had a great deal of success with it.
  6. Is it possible that due to the ship being torn out of hyperspace by Maul, that is took some time to find the crash site?
  7. So many great moments in this episode and the editing was amazing! Those smash cuts from just as the lightsabres are about to clash to the explosions from the battle outside... just beautiful.
  8. Ah, I missed that detail. Well there’s still a few episodes to fix it 😀
  9. Mileage varies is absolutely true and my quibble was more something I thought would be fun to discuss (and has 😀), but certainly didn’t ruin anything for me. what was the contradiction with the light sabers? They’re blue in Clone Wars and white in Ahsoka, but we know they’re not the same Sabre’s.
  10. I think that is an unfair characterization of my rationale. While my professional writing is limited to ad copy, I do have a lot of experience designing and I would liken lazy writing to lazy graphic design. After decades of design work I have already created solutions for most challenges I would encounter. My existing toolbox and library is something that I draw upon often and it’s an efficient way to work. Sometimes, however, it’s just lazy to do so. My clients and the project itself are often better served by me ignoring what I already have and exploring something new. Sometimes “lazy” is totally appropriate... short deadlines... leveraging existing material reinforces both the original and the new... new for the sake of new can often confuse audiences, but other times it weakens the work. As Nytwyng mentioned they wanted to make a connection, but I felt it was ground they already covered and nothing was gained by its inclusion. Rather a new connection could have provided more of an aha moment, at least for those who read the novel (which to be fair may be a very small group of people). Again, this was a nitpick! It was mentioned earlier in this thread was there is a perceived need for the Star Wars universe to connect all things. When done well it gives the writing a cohesiveness. I personally don’t think this is one of those times. I regret even implying the writers don’t care, but sometimes we’re “lazy” for reasons we can’t control. Perhaps it wasn’t even the writers idea, but a producer who felt they were being particularly clever that day. Perhaps they care too much and I am wrong about them falling back on existing material because it creates convenient story points. Perhaps caring too much has caused a lack of perspective, which happens. Remember William Faulkner said “In writing you must kill all your darlings.” Again I did suggest that they may have felt that really good writing was left unread in Ahsoka (I have no idea how popular the novel was, but even bestsellers garner audiences that are insignificant in the world of television) and they cared enough to bring those elements to a broader audience where they can big truly appreciated. Hence, mirroring much of the Larte sisters story into the Martez arc and giving a nod to the Fulcrum codename. All just my musings, conjecture and opinion, which is ever developing.
  11. Good point, but I find that those connections can become problematic, and that IMO the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
  12. You’re right. It doesn’t contradict it, but I feel it robs it of its gravitas. Just like how much of the ST doesn’t contradict the OT but really diminishes the impact of its major events. I get the impression the Filoni or other power-that-be feel they wasted good story elements in the Ahsoka novel and so they are rehashing them here. Who know maybe these scripts drive the novel because they never thought they’d get to tell them in Clone Wars. Either way it’s strikes me as lazy writing and is not a practice that I feel bodes well for the stories to come.
  13. I really enjoyed the latest episode, although it wasn’t without its problems. P-47 makes some interesting points about Anakin’s fake surrender. I find that specific element of the scene troublesome for a number of reasons, most of which have already been covered here. What I did like about that scene was the pure arrogance displayed by Anakin and the bold way he embraced the force. Refusing to take cover and walking into the firefight knowing he could evade or deflect all of the blaster bolts, then snatching the tactical droid and slicing him in half mid air shows a level of power that should make any Jedi observing grow very concerned. This is something that I felt has always is missing from characterizations of Anakin, the idea that he feels that the force is power and he isn’t going to leave any of that power underutilized. He’s not the whiny man-child from the feature films, but a bold competent force user who places himself above convention and right/wrong. However this makes the “Oh Ani! Aw shucks.” Attitude that Obi-wan, Padmé and others all the more problematic. While the Clone Wars really drives home the hubris that the Jedi and Republic have come to embrace this lack of reaction strains credulity from my perspective. Another issue is truly a nitpick and I only mention it because it speaks to a potentially big issue for Star Wars in general, and that is Ahsoka’s use of the codename Fulcrum. My issue is that the writers were willing to subvert canon for such a nothing little bit of fan-service. First Obi-wan and Anakin assume it’s Saw Guerrera as if its a code name we’ve heard him use before. More importantly though is that Ahsoka creates that codename in the Ahsoka novel, which Disney has told us is canon. Ahsoka take on the mantle of Fulcrum at the end of the novel because the name embodies her attempt to tip the scales of power towards the rebellion and it marks her allegiance to the rebellion. It was a BIG moment in the novel, now gutted because Fulcrum is now just a codename people have always used. The novel was nothing great, but this was a fun nod to rebels and created a bit of legacy for the Fulcrum name. The use of it in Clone Wars was a bit of a throw-away and like I said my dislike of its use is a nitpick, but it makes me wonder; if the writers are so willing to usurp recently established canon for frivolous reasons it won’t take long for things to get messy to the point of absurdity. I know many would claim that with the ST things have already gotten to that point... maybe they’re right. If their philosophy is that we’re going to only ever focus on the story in front of us and the devil with what has come before, well I feel that’s lazy and shows a lack of creativity. Otherwise lots of great action in the episode and it was fun to watch. I’m hopeful they’ll deliver something really special to end the series.
  14. Maybe we’re referring to different things? The novel titled “Ahsoka” takes place after order 66.
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