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  1. Hello everyone, Utah players in particular.

    There seems to be a growing community of Arkham Horror players in Utah yet no channel for us to communicate with each other to find other players or advertise events and meetups. We don't want to pollute the general purpose, geographically large channels like this forum, so here's a link to a Facebook group I started for this purpose: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2456916957885600/

    Hope to hear from you!

  2. Hey folks! I'm looking to start an Arkham Horror group at Oasis Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday evenings. (I'm already part of a group that plays Tuesdays at Mind Games in West Valley, Utah, that could always use more players.) If anyone is in the area and interested, please leave a comment! I want to start a four-player campaign that plays weekly, and I already have one person willing to play.

  3. A few weeks ago I asked you all to participate in a survey  about which Arkham Horror classes you preferred. Here's my results:


    (In a week another post will come detailing how this analysis was done.)

    I also discuss the issues I have with the cards in the Survivor class.

  4. Hello guys,

    In the Arkham Horror LCG Facebook group, a meme prompted a big discussion about the Survivor class card pool, and I made a comment that alone got a big discussion. I now want to write a blog post about this issue and for that post I want some data about what card pool is players most/least favorite. When I have some data, I will share it (along with my own opinions).

    Please consider filling out this survey (a Google form): https://goo.gl/forms/oscdlmoBOAF2zfrK2

    The blog post will appear here: https://ntguardian.wordpress.com/blog/ .

    Please limit yourself to one response. (I cannot enforce this without also requiring people to sign in to Google.)

  5. I recently wrote a blog post about Henry Wan, who was recently spoiled in a mythos pack announcement. Here's the article:


    Long story short, he sucks. Unless you have a combo out helping you, he can't even beat (in expectation) just drawing a card or gaining a resource the normal way.

  6. I wrote a blog post where I developed R scripts for simulating the Arkham Horror LCG chaos bag and for simulating Olive McBride. This is also a review of Olive McBride. See the blog post here:


  7. (X-post from Reddit)

    There's no way to write a "Letter to the Editor" to FF, so I'll post it here. This is in response to the "State of the LCG" blog post on FF's website.

    In particular, I read this in the L5R section of the post:

    Q: Why did you choose to use the “six packs, six weeks” format for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game and what are the benefits of this format?

    Andrew: The six packs, six weeks idea was about turning the release of a new LCG cycle into an event. It’s exciting when a new cycle is announced, but it’s challenging, in the case of our competitive LCGs, to maintain that excitement eight or nine months down the road when you’re waiting for that sixth pack to be released. Changing the release of a cycle from a slow burn to a six-week extravaganza of unbridled enthusiasm seemed like something worth trying out.

    As for the benefits of the pattern, one of the criticisms I’ve heard levied against monthly LCG packs for our competitive LCGs is that if you’re a player devoted to a single faction, there’s not a ton of content for you in a single LCG pack. We saw the potential for this to be exacerbated in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, given how strongly players identify with their favorite clan. Now, at the end of six weeks, you have an entire cycle of content to play with, as opposed to having to wait six months to build that deck you’ve been dreaming about.

    Lastly, having the packs release closer together allows the themes of the cycle to flourish in the metagame right away. The developers do a great job of creating cohesive cycles that feel great thematically and mechanically, but with the six-month release model, it can feel like it takes too long for those themes and mechanics to really sing. Getting the cards into players’ hands quickly gives them more time to experiment with everything the cycle has to offer before the next cycle drops.

    I play in L5R tournaments but I'm not good at the game and can't really call myself a competitive player so I'm neutral to the six-week release schedule's effect on L5R (for those games I honestly don't mind having something new to look forward to every month). That said, all of the concerns Andrew lists for the one-per-month schedule apply doubly so for Arkham. My understanding is that most people don't bother playing a new campaign until maybe a couple months before the end since weekly play would quickly overrun the release schedule and people will need to wait months until the next scenario is available. It's an awful shame for a brand new campaign to be sitting on the shelf like that, waiting for the rest of the scenarios to be released months away.

    All the anticipation and speculation surrounding a new cycle and campaign would be hightened if Arkham would be on a six-week schedule. Everything the designers do would be better on that schedule. Spoilers and narrative work better on a weekly schedule. Unidentified cards (the most recent being Ancient Stone) are basically useless and not put in any decks because it could be months out until the identified version of the cards are released, and people often play (or want to play) more frequently than once a month. You can tell that the designers want people to be putting that card in decks without knowing where the card is going, but no one's going to do that when the campaign is ended before the card is released at an unknown date months in the future.

    Even Matthew Newman's comparison of the speculation surrounding Arkham to popular television shows (see the blog post above for the quote) would make more sense if Arkham were on a weekly release schedule; after all, when Game of Thrones comes on HBO, a new episode of the season is released weekly, not monthly. This is the case for most shows on television.

    Arkham's episodic style makes much more sense on a weekly rather than monthly release schedule. I for one would be willing to wait longer between cycles if a cycle's release were on the more rapid schedule. I hope the Arkham team talks to the L5R team and adopts their release schedule.

    tl;dr: AH should be released weekly, not monthly, even if it means waiting longer between cycles. A weekly schedule fits AH better.

  8. Mostly I just wonder why there is no mention of TFA and RtNotZ AT ALL on the Upcoming page, and I'm just flabbergasted that there is nothing new at all about LoL since DECEMBER!

    Apparently the Spanish and French FF pages say that TFA is releasing Friday, April 6th, in Europe in those languages. I think that if it were releasing in English I would have heard from my store's owner about it, so... weird.

    I did see a catalogue in the store from the owner's supplier and there's a tentative release date of May of this year for TFA.

    Nevertheless this is all very strange and at the very least I'd like to see the Upcoming page updated with TFA and RtNotZ.

  9. Here is a link to the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14848150

    When I say "solo" I do not include playing two-handed; there is only one investigator.

    I play on easy. When playing multiplayer I usually play on standard, but for solo it seems like there's a severe action disadvantage that other mechanics do not compensate for well, so standard is actually harder than advertised. Thus I scale back to easy.

  10. You have some really good reviews. I ended up binge watching your stuff over the Christmas weekend. I learned a lot and look forward to more of your content. Keep up the good work!

    As someone who does a lot of audio recording though I have to admit the extra noise I hear in the audio drives me nuts. Maybe consider getting a good mike (I've got a Blue Yeti and it seems to work well enough for me) and a plosives filter.

    Also sometimes the mouse appears in your presentations. I rely on the enter button when transitioning between slides, and for those times when it does accidentally appear you should edit those parts out.

    Humble Bundle has a sale on software for video that you may want to consider purchasing. There's a whole bunch of professional quality video and sound software on sale for $20. (Vegas Pro is apparently extremely good and there's software that helps remove unwanted noise in audio in the bundle.) The sale ends in 21 hours. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom

  11. I'm a brand new player to Twilight Imperium. I played one game against myself and then two in my local game group. Given the game's reputation we were surprised how we could finish the game within four hours. It was a lot of fun, too.

    The objective system is surprising. I won the game while another player completely dominated the board militarily, and we discovered that when those Victory 2 objectives start flipping the game can end very rapidly. It seems strange the objectives, especially the Victory 2 objectives, are so easy to complete.

    We've never played with more than three people; it's hard to get that many to meet at one time. I can tell I'm going to want to play a lot more of this game to learn how to play it well, more than I can expect to get, so I'm hoping someone releases a Vassal module soon so I can play remotely with others.

    In any case, great game! I remember being memorized by the box of TI3 when I was a teenager and it's great to now be able to play TI4.

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