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  1. Or have the best of both worlds with this conversion: From reading the thread it seems like there are two versions being developed concurrently.
  2. Not to discourage anyone, but this is a thing also. It's a Genesys conversion. I haven't played it but it looks very well done. Could be a source of inspiration if nothing else.
  3. This is actually one of the main reasons I am very close to switching to FATE Core. I don't need endless pages of lore that I'm never actually going to use. FATE's World of Adventure series is perfect for my needs: a dozen or so pages on the world and the genre's tropes, a dozen or so pages on any mechanical changes or special rules for the setting, and the rest for an adventure which gives hooks into extending the story into other spinoff adventures if the group really takes to the setting. Now, this isn't the only reason I'm seriously considering the switch, as the two systems are vastly different and I think FATE is closer to what I'm looking for in an RPG overall. And in terms of adventures Genesys may get there eventually, as I gather they did over time with the Star Wars series. But unfortunately the opacity and speed (or lack thereof) of what's coming in Genesys vs. what FATE already has and is doing is pushing me away from Genesys.
  4. Yay! Somebody finally posted an adventure module. (I'm working on a couple myself.) Thank you for sharing, and to everyone else, more adventures please, for this or other settings!
  5. There are some ideas here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/269416-how-deadly-is-combat-in-genesys/
  6. One Amazon seller has it available on July 20 and another on April 2.
  7. You could check out Blowback RPG for inspiration as well. Archetypes are Lifers, Artists, and Civilians. Skills are Pavement, Diversion, Provocateur, and Commando.
  8. This kind of thing is SO much fun. Tell the players something bad happened but they don't know what. Maybe that gang of bandits that's been tracking them found a clue and is that much closer to finding them. Maybe the database back at HQ is being hacked and the despair means they planted a virus. Maybe you get to punch an adversary through a wall, but it's a load-bearing wall and when the players go upstairs the floor will give way. The sense of dread when they realize that there are machinations that they're unaware of, which could be unleashed at any moment, is palpable. Really ratchets up the tension.
  9. I was just thinking the other day how cool a Witcher setting would be. It's like you read my mind.
  10. Except it doesn't say engaged range, it says "one target they are engaged with..." I agree that it's hard to imagine anything than you being at engaged range from yourself, but the question is: can you engage yourself? (Bring on the jokes about marrying yourself...)
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