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  1. I have painted 3 sets of doom for customers so far... here are some links to each set i have painted so far... I am not a professional photographer so forgive the pics please XD https://imgur.com/gallery/0INXJ https://imgur.com/gallery/pPuvu https://imgur.com/a/8rtdX2b
  2. DAAANNNGGG thats a lot of minis! I hope you post some closer pics
  3. Dont be afraid to push the contrast. You cant go wrong having a strong but gradual highlight
  4. Why wait? Look at the colors that come in the set and go pick them up from your FLGS... i think the army painter guide booklet is also free on the army painter display rack
  5. I get what you mean about selling unpainted minis especial KS exclusive ones, but i have actually sold some painted zombicide black plague guest artist expansion minis for about $25-35 each so there is room to make a profit. And people trying to sell zombicide core set for $500 better be painting each hero and zombie mini to a high standard or it will never sell ...and going off what you said it doesn't sound like they did XD EDIT: I forgot to mention 1 key part in selling painted minis... The biggest difference between a board game like Zombicide and a table top war-game like RWMG is that some tournaments require your minis to be painted or they might not let you compete and that makes it an easier sell than any painted board game IMO
  6. Who knows maybe i was lucky... but i still think the OP can sell his army for a good amount of money. His army is really nice looking and there are plenty of people that want painted minis but dont have time to paint and play and would rather pay someone to do a service.
  7. I dont know if i should say the exact amount (i dont know if the buyer would want me to say) but lets just say it was a good amount more than any price mentioned in this thread
  8. Sadly yes... but i can always paint them again also the guy i sold them to wants more painted.... so i might be busy doing that. XD
  9. I know this thread is long dead but i just had to say that painting them at a high quality DOES increase the value.... anyone who says otherwise just doesn't know better or is being a hater. I recently painted my uthuk set but i wanted to buy a larger set so i sold my painted minis and now i can buy WAY more than i originaly had. If you still need the money i am sure you can find a buyer for more than what these others have told you it is worth.
  10. I use army painter and both the gold colors i have seem to go on in 1-2 coats almost every time.
  11. I am finally done! ... I know its not a 200 point army but i didn't have enough money to build the full army....yet Ravos:
  12. Thanks! For the minis i used Army Painter Dragon Red in the spray can. For the trays i used a brush on primer.
  13. Sorry for the double post but i finished more minis More Berserkers: The Witch: I only have one more mini to do and it is the big boy Ravos
  14. I just got a couple pluck foam trays and cut them so they fit into the box... but i had to remove the cardboard that came with the game and the lid stick up by about half an inch. I am ok with the lid not fitting perfectly. I would much rather protect my painted minis XD
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