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  1. Thank you. I Had much fun Planing it. Now I like to design the floor with all the markings.
  2. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2814307
  3. I was planning to design my own Black Underground with colored markings for the ships, boxes, etc.
  4. The models are from Revell (with sound and light)
  5. I thought leaving the catwalks nice and clean ´cause the imperial ships and starbases are always tidy and shiny
  6. The catwalks are from thingivers. TabletopOddities/Jason Cunliff. They are modular, so you can design your own scenario.
  7. Here you see my first attempt of terrainbuilding. It is an Imperial Hangar Bay with catwalks, Ties and cargoboxes. Still a lot to do (painting, etc.) I want the floor with marks and signs for the Ties and boxes. Will probably design a mat. What do you think? Anny Tipps and ideas.
  8. Vader is 45mm (head to feet). The base is 5mm.
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