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  1. background: In the game, I'm running I have a player that does not want to spend time looking talents. so he is investing all his xp into skills. I think this would turn into an issue long. wondering if any of you have run into this. if so how have you dealt with it? how do you find xp is normally spent by players? was musing about maybe saying you can only buy a number of skills above level 2 a talent above level 2 or something 1 3 talent = 1 3 skill or should I not worry about people maxing out skills early(ish) in their characters careers
  2. this is great..the Shadowrun conversion I saw before seems to be starting shadowrun. whereas this seems starts with genesys then makes it Shadowrun flavored.
  3. I did not get banned but I Think I will leave that group based on how the admin is acting. Thanks for a link to the new facebook page.
  4. againstI'm not even sure you need to have the effect in Genesys as it's not a deadly as Shadowrun. burning edge in Shadowrun is normally only used in rare cases. I'm not sure if we want this the same when it moves to Genesys or modeling as spending all your luck for the moment. It's most common use I have seen is saving you from dying. the balancing of the burning edge is the cost in XP and less luck in the short term(next session). I think it is normally a mistake to make anything besides advancement based off XP as this make the effect that players never want to use. it becomes something that only used if there is no other choice. the other issue I see with burning edge in Shadowrun is for one-shots there is almost no reason not to spend them as its only long-term consequences. here some alt ideas around how to model burning edge without changing how story points works or only changing it slightly (ie group pools). Unless its a bonus to getting xp like how you get heroic abilities. some of these could be changed to last more then one session to model longer term effects. any of these, edge can be spent to auto-succeed or save your life, perhaps other effects. 1) players must spend all story points in their pool (min 2). (shows spending all their luck for the moment) 2) spend a (2?) story point now and declare they are burning edge. next session the gm start with one extra story point(from the player pool or the pool is larger), spending you luck now for less luck later. (trading the effect for now for luck being against you later.) 3) remove story point from the pool till next season or perhaps next time the gm spends a point its removed from the pool (less luck to go around) 4) some sort of system where the spending, receiving between gm and players becomes out of balanced (example, there is an extra pool I will call 'burned' for now between pc and gm, when a player spends a story point, 'burned' is cleared into gm pool. if a gm spend a story point the 'burned' less then the number of edge burned it goes into 'burned' else it goes to players.) (more extream less luck to go around) 5) everyone gets a number of edge points as they earn xp, they can spend them as ie 'burn' them to save their life or auto-succeed, they only get a new one at XP thresholds. (this is more true to how Shadowrun does it.. but the one I like the least) could also be a combo of the ideas listed here.
  5. I did mean Heroic Abilities. that's my dyslexia getting the better of me.
  6. the only community item you would publish that would have exp is premade adventures right. (how much exp to give out) if you put out talents it would just be the rank.. even 'Heroic Abilities'. (just changing the base line of giving out and spending exp should fix this.. and for horrics how much you need to level that up.) does it feel better to get 5 vs 1?
  7. I'm thinking if we start out that way it will be simpler. Smaller numbers being easier to work with.
  8. it seems like all exp is spent and given out in units of 5 is there a reason for this? I'm about to start a new game. I thinking of dividing all exp the values by 5 and tracking it that way. tell me if this is a bad idea and why? examples. raising skill cost the rank of the skill level you going into.. with an extra one if it's not a career skill. stats cost x2 the rank you going into. average human start with 22 exp. talents cost their ranks. So on..
  9. was looking at this today.. they are all missing free skills. my thoughts Disciple - Discipline or knowledge skill(their focus)? Gymnast -coordination Rascal - deception, skulduggery, streetwise? not sure
  10. FYI. the symbols are missing from the barrier addon of reflection. should be "If an opponent makes a magic attack against an affected target and generates threat x3 or despair on the check, after the check is resolved, they suffer a hit dealing damage equal to the total damage of the attack."
  11. here is an idea. base on your numbers thoughts? Summon base -- everthing start with this. Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence 3 2 1 2 2 1 Soak 3 Wounds 6 M Def 0 R Def 0 Size:1 skills brawl 2, perception 2, resilience 2, vigilance 2, attack brawl; damage 4, critcal 4, range[engaged] summon group: +1D summons 2 +1 per 2 advanages. skill replaced with group skill Wounds: -2 wounds. damage: +2. Critical: -1 *Summon Normal: +0D *Summon Small: -1D( can't lower spell to lower then easy) Wounds: *.5 wounds. soak: -1(not sure about this) damage: -1. size: -1 *Summon Medium: +1D Stats: +1 intellect Skill:+1 brawl skill Soak: +1 Wounds: *2 *Summon Large: +2D +1 willpower,+1 intellect Skill:+1 brawl skill Soak: +2 Crit: -1 Size: +1 Damage: +2 Wounds: *3 Vicious 1 M/R def:+1 only one star (size) can be used. size is always done last. this is for wounds multiplication reasons.
  12. if that's the case I think the numbers are off a bit. (there is almost no reason to ever summon a minion based on pure stats (for RP of course, there could be)). you would need 2 advantage for it to have the same hit points, less damage, less soak, higher crit and the same attack skill as your Rival.. only thing it does better is Resilience, Vigilance (with 2 advantage). with 4 advantage it could be slightly better but I still don't think so. also, what happens when you summon without any addons. Minion group of One? summon a group(ie minons) cost +1d. summon a rival cost +1d. perhaps minions should do more damage and have less hitpoint.. or have more soak, hitpoints but less damage
  13. I like this idea of this. how are you handling how many minions they summon and what level (minon/raval/ they summon? do you base it on difficulty dice if so do you have your guideline?
  14. bug: Sneak Attack(Improved) and (supreme). says you need to take sneak attack. That is listed as deprecated in the classic talent list and not at all in the graphical version. these should be deprecated as well or reworded to reference the talent it was replaced by. guessing that is backstab but not sure. Request: as talents are replaced like this can we list the talent it deprecated for. this is handled in the change logs it seems. also, thank you for the work on this.
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