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  1. Went 5-2 in the swiss. Placed 15th. Won the first round of top 16, and lost to Brett Kelly in a super close top 8 game. My list was unshakeable Vader Vader with driven by hatred 2x ejets Riot troopers with cross training 2x officers Zillo Rule by fear Unshakeable Cc deck Take initiative, negation, tough luck, planning, intel leak, grenadier, fuel upgrade, call the vanguard, dark energy, looking for a fight, 2x parting blow, urgency, element of surprise, and face to face
  2. I think it has quite a few use cases in the current meta, so it could be good, but id rather just take Brace for Impact as it is less situational.
  3. I can totally see your logic and reasoning with R riot troopers. The reasons that I like force surge is that both Vader and Palp can use it, it is unmitigatable damage that can't be blocked, and it allows you to reposition for the end of round action if necessary. As for Force Jump, I really appreciate the flexibility it provides allowing Vader an extra movement and can ignore difficult terrain. It also allows Palp to move into position when you need a force lightning and get off an Emperor. I also think Tough Luck is super useful because so many units are rerolling right now.
  4. @Cloud 123 Glad you liked it! Great to hear from The Netherlands. I think your list is a bit more durable than mine as BT can be a bit swingy at times. I also wanted that insurance with unshakeable, but since I went with BT I want to ask, how do those riot troopers do? BT has more damage output and range, but two figures have slightly more defensive capability, and their area control is better. The issue I found is that most units in the meta right now are doing 5 damage in one attack pretty consistently, so they can go down in one shot. The brawler card synergy is nice though. Parting Blow is a great card card for Vader, especially if you are facing Ahsoka, or another Vader, or can get close to a unit. I'm not sure what I would lose to include it. Any thoughts?
  5. @Darth evil Hey, it's Scott So I'll post the Command decks for the two Vader Palp lists I'm running and experimenting with. For the Vader, Palp, 2x E Jets, 2 officers and Zillo Take Initiative, Negation, Blitz, Armed Escort, Fuel Upgrade, Grenadier, Force Jump, Force Rush, Dark Energy, Prepared for Battle, Officers Training, Face to Face, Looking for a Fight, Force Surge, and Brace for Impact. For my Vader, Palp, 1x what, BT, 2 officers, Zillo, and unshakeable Ive kept most of the same cards but switched out Grenadier, Fuel Upgrade, and armed escort for Tough Luck, Stealth Tactics, and To the Limit.
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