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  1. Thanks Khazadune! Do they all have the Force Rating Talent? Does Juyo have Reflect?
  2. Colossus is my Juggernaut, I am truly happy!
  3. I think I love you. ? What are the Specs?
  4. I had look up what Jar'kai was but I agree, a two weapon style along the lines of gunslinger for Melee/Lightsaber would be great!
  5. I'd like Vapaad to have Reflect, and a Juggernaut spec. Other than that I'm not fussy
  6. What? Seriously? That's fantastic Maybe they'll give us an article this week then?
  7. There are multiple examples on the very first page of this thread (Developer answered questions) where the developers explain that you only get to count one weapon for the purposes of defensive qualities. In Star Wars (but apparently not in Genesys) the sources do not stack. This applies to using weapon and weapon as well as weapon and shield. So, according to the developers, weilding two weapons with Defensive +3 gives you a total of +3 to your Melee defense because you only count the defense on one weapon. You don't get Defensive +6 for carrying two Defensive +3 weapons in the same way that you don't get Accurate +6 for weilding two weapons with Accurate +3.
  8. Nice, I didn't realise the Noghri were canon again. Guess I should get around to watching Rebels. I'm sure this has been suggested a thousand times before but an old republic era book would be great. A natural place to put in species stats for Sith Purebloods, Rakata, Massassi and so on.
  9. I would like to see the Kaleesh species. I'm also hoping for a Juggernaut spec.
  10. A little like the Galaxy Gun from Dark Empire 2 you mean (1994-1995)? Or Mass Drivers (which don't require fantasy hyperspace propulsion). YMMV, but perhaps it's because the Death Star is as much about being a symbol of Terror as it is a superweapon. A Death Star allows you to carry an army with which to capture a planet you threaten. After you've sent a message by destroying a planet it is incredibly wasteful in terms of resources to keep destroying them, far better to subjugate the population under the threat of destruction if they resist. It also seems that it could be difficult to get the 'hyperdrive asteroid into a planet' thing to be very effective given the relative mass and the difficulty of charting an accurate course (at least the movies seem to imply it is tricky to astrogate). That's just my take though.
  11. It also gives you a lot of flexibility if you have other force powers that you might want to be able to use. You can boost that one important stat, or you can have the option of adding a force die to a whole bunch of skills and your core Lightsaber ability (say Draw Closer for example). So I'd say it's all about giving you options.
  12. I really enjoyed the Taoist subtext and the Kurosawa shout-outs. Funnily enough I went into the movie thinking that if they killed off Luke I'd be mad. In the end I left the cinema with a big grin feeling like it had been a totally satisfying two and a half hours. Looking forward to a second viewing with my sister. My wife loved it, and previously she was totally ambivalent about Star Wars (except Rogue One, she liked that). Now she actually wants to watch the originals with me, so I'm calling that a win!
  13. It sure would be nice to have an old bearded Luke available for a bit of variety. Or even a few pieces from the other SW game lines. Unless they are there somewhere and my search-fu is weak?
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